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Ethiopian Airlines is known for its comfort and accommodation. It connects many domestic and international destinations as well. Ethiopian Airlines, like other airlines, do have a strict baggage policy. One individual can carry up to 2 pieces of baggage, each with a maximum weight of 23 kg and dimension up to 158cm. If you are travelling in the premium class, you can carry two pieces of baggage with 32 Kg's each and dimensions up to 158 cm.

However, the bag exceeding this weight limit is not accepted for check-in. However, you can speak directly to the Ethiopian airlines representative for accurate information.

How Many Extra Baggage is Allowed Ethiopian Airlines?

If you travel with Ethiopian Airlines, you must follow strict baggage guidelines and policies. As per the Ethiopian baggage policy, if you travel in economy class, as per the policy, you can carry up to 2 bags with 23 Kgs each and with a maximum dimension of 158 inches. If you travel in business class, popularly known as the cloud 9 section, you are allowed three pieces per individual. Each bag should not weigh more than 70 Kg and have a maximum dimension of 158 inches. Besides, you can visit the airline's official site or speak to the customer support team of Ethiopian Airlines directly to get exact information. 

Ethiopian Airlines Baggage Policy

Ethiopian airline has a very detailed and well-drafted policy regarding baggage. The detailed baggage policy of Ethiopian airlines is as under:-

Carry On Baggage

Each individual is allowed to carry cabin baggage of up to 5 Kg. The items that an individual might carry with them are:- 

  • A handbag or purse, bag, books, etc
  • A piece of clothing like an overcoat, jacket, etc
  • You can carry binoculars or a camera which is small in size.
  • You can carry infant foods or other eatables for your infants and small ones.
  • You can carry duty-free items with you too.


Ethiopian Airline Excess Baggage

If you travel in economy class, you can carry up to 2 bags, each weighing no more than 23 Kgs. The dimensions of the bag should not be more than 158 cm. If you travel in Business class, you can carry two bags with a maximum weight of 32 kg, and the dimensions should not exceed 158 cm.

Ethiopian Airline Lost Baggage

If you have lost your baggage while travelling with Ethiopian Airlines, you can file a complaint with the airline authorities. You should file

For a Property Irregularity Report(PIR), a unique code number. This PIR helps you to track your lost baggage or damaged baggage.

Ethiopian Airline Restricted Baggage

For the safety of their passengers, crew, and the aircraft itself, Ethiopian Airlines restricts many items you are not allowed to carry while travelling.

For checked-in baggage:-

*For checked-in baggage, any item may pose a health safety or property.

*All the dangerous goods that are listed under IATA dangerous goods regulations, such as

1) Lithium batteries

2) Security briefcases or suitcases installed with alarm devices.

3) Power banks 

4) Cigarette lighters and sprays

5) Explosives such as fireworks and flares or firearms

6) Corrosive materials such as acids, mercury, etc

7) Poisonous and radioactive materials

For carry-on luggage

For carry-on luggage, each individual is restricted to carrying the following items with them while travelling:-

1) Knives or sharp objects are considered dangerous

2) Weapons are harmful like nan-chakus, batons, or stun objects

3) All the devices that have spill able batteries

4) All the items considered hazardous by local authorities.

If you want to know more about the baggage policy of the Ethiopian airline, you can directly go and check the baggage policy listed on the official website of Ethiopian airlines.

The above information details you about Ethiopian Airlines baggage allowance and baggage policy. Besides, if you need additional information, You can speak to the Ethiopian airlines representative anytime. 

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