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When you get into the circumstances by that if you have to change the date of your flight, then, by complying with the statutory provision of the date change, you complete the process. While chasing the date, if your grace time expires, you must pay Asiana airline's change flight date fee according to ticket type and location. But then the cost you might get to pay is 0$ to $220. If you need the exact amount to change the date, you can have answers via communicating with customer service.

How Can You Change The Date from Asiana Airlines?

When you are urged to conduct the date change from Asiana Airlines, dial this number at 1-800-227-4262 or use it online to conduct the procedure on your own. And if you need help with online mode, then act by the steps stated below:-

  • Use the search engine and open Asiana Airlines' official websites.
  • After that, click on find my trip options.
  • Now, you get to enter the booking number, arrival and departure city with boarding date, and last name of the passenger.
  • Further, click on the date change options.
  • Then choose your preferred date, and click on the next options.
  •  Later, you get to the payment tab, and if any fare is applied, then make the payment and click on the continue icon.
  • As the process is completed, you can get a message in your email id and phone number.


Can I Change my Asiana Flight Date at no charge?

Yes, you can date change your flight on Asiana Airlines without additional cost. But there are some situations by that you can perform this, and the details regarding that have been available below:-

  • If your booking is made seven days before the flight departure, you do not get to pay any sum.
  • If you have a medical emergency or receive a court summons on your travel date, then the airline does not take any fee.
  • When your original flights get delayed, and you don't wish to travel with them, you can choose your next available date for free.
  • When the airline cancels the booking, you can reschedule your flight for the next date, but you have to pay that if there is any fare difference.
  • When you have purchased the fare that allows you to make changes for free, or you are an elite member, you might get a free date change.

Asiana Airlines Change Date Policy

While changing the date of Asiana Airlines, you should follow the term and conditions laid by the airline. Thus, the details regarding that are available in the date change policy, which has been displayed beneath:-

  • You don't get to pay the change fee when changing the flight date within 24 hours of your reservation. But for that, your booking is to be conducted seven days or more prior to the flight departure.
  • When the passenger changes the date after the expiration of risk-free time, then, according to their fare type and destinations, they might have to submit date change fees.
  • You can change the date if the flight is available for the appropriate reasons.
  • If you have any medical emergency or court summons on your flight departure date, you can also change your flight date without additional costs.
  • If your flight gets delayed by three hours or more than that, you can switch to the next available date for free of cost.
  • You can change the date of your fight before the check-in starts.
  • When the passenger has made their booking through the travel agent, the airline does not take the cognition to change the date. For that, you have to contact them regarding chagrin with your date.


Asiana Airlines Name Change Policy

The airline's rules are a bit more rigid on the phenomenon as traveling is illegal if your name is misspelled on the PNR. as per the department of transportation guidelines, your name on the flight ticket should be the same characters in the same order as it is noted on your passport and government-issued ID. Even a single misspelled letter is enough to add to problems. Asiana Airlines passengers are fortunate too in this matter as they allow their passengers to make changes with their name as per their Asiana airlines name change policy. So if you are wondering about the process and policies of the name change, then read the below information.

What is Asiana Airlines' Name Change Policy?

  • Asiana Airlines passengers can alter name spellings as per the airline policy.
  • Passengers are allowed to make name corrections at least 24 hours before the departure time.
  • Flyers can correct their spelling mistake only according to the Airline policies.
  • Significantly, an Asiana Airlines ticket is non-transferable to another person's name, so you won't be able to give your ticket or travel from another person's ticket with the airline. So the answer to your question Will Asiana airlines let you change the name on a ticket? No, you cannot change your name, but you can correct the spelling and your surname or middle name on the ticket. You need to provide relevant documents demanded by the airline.
  • Passengers can change their name only if it is changed after marriage/divorce. For this, a legal document is needed to provide by the airline.
  • Furthermore, Asiana Airlines enables the passengers to opt for an online or offline procedure for the same name change process.
  • Also, make sure that you perform name modifications within 24 hours after the purchase to avoid unnecessary name change charges by the airline.


How do I change my name on Asiana Airlines?

You can use both online and offline procedures to make changes with your name on Asiana flight tickets. Follow the below procedures to do so-

Via Online-

  • Firstly launch the internet browser and visit the official website of the airline that is
  • Then you have to log in to your Asiana Airlines account using the account credentials, or you can directly choose the Manage Booking tab on the home screen
  • After clicking, fill out your booking reference number and last name/surname in the given fields before clicking the continue tab.
  • Now select the flight trip you want to make changes with and select the make modification option.
  • Now follow the given instruction on the screen to make the necessary changes with your name. 
  • Once you have completed the changes, click on the submit button.
  • Now you will have to pay the change fee, if applicable.
  • Lastly, you will get a confirmation email from the airline to your provided email address.


Via phone- 

This allows you to get things in the right form by sitting at home. Follow the given steps

  • The dial1-800-227-4262 toll-free number on your phone
  • Choose your preferred language
  • Follow the IVR instructions
  • Press 1 for cancellation
  • Press 2 for flight changes
  • Wait for a little while since your call gets connected to the airline representative.
  • Provide the relevant details and ask to complete the process on your behalf.
  • You will receive a conforming mail from the airline after the agent completes the process.


Via Airport Ticket Counter–

If you are not good with the phone or tech and want to have one on one interaction then, You can share your flight details with the airline agents and get the process done on your behalf.

How much does it cost to change a name on an Asiana flight?

The airline does not state the name change fee officially, but if you make changes after 24 hours of the risk-free window, you will have to pay some minor fee for that. The Asiana Airlines name change fee depends on fare condition, fare type you carry, and name change time. If you wish to know the name change fee in your case, you can certainly speak to the customer support team of Asiana airlines.


Read the above information carefully and call the helpline number and discuss it with the representative before making any changes to avoid mistakes and unnecessary charges by the airline.


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