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Delta is well-known for providing passengers with the best help and assistance from the time of reservation to the time they reach their destination. They even make sure that the passengers get the required help at the time of cancellation of their flight ticket. People usually want to avoid paying the cancellation fee, and they can do it if the cancellation of their flight ticket is made on the ground of any medical emergency or in the initial 24 hours of reservation. In these cases, the passengers will get a complete refund of their ticket amount. 

Can Delta Waive Cancellation Fee?

The passengers can waive their cancellation fee if the cancellation of their flight ticket is made online[1-805-372-0680] through the airline's official website at least seven days before the scheduled departure. It will give the option to the customer service representative to cancel their flight ticket without paying any charges in the initial 24 hours of reservation. 

Can I cancel a Delta flight within 24 hours?

Yes, the travelers are allowed to proceed with the cancellation in the initial 24 hours of the reservation to avoid a cancellation fee. They can even make the cancellation 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the airline. Still, the cancellation charges will be higher as it will get considered by the airlines as a last-minute cancellation. 

To make the cancellation online through the official website, the process that is required to be followed is mentioned here for you. 

  • Jump onto the airline's official website, after which you need to look for the 'My trips' option. 
  • Get onto my trip page, and enter the booking reference number and the passenger's surname to proceed further. 
  • Proceed further to get onto the flight details page and look for the option of flight cancellation. 
  • Select the cancellation option to follow the instructions and proceed with the cancellation process. 
  • You may also mention the reason for the cancellation of your flight ticket. 
  • Once you proceed further, the payment page will appear on your next screen. Follow the instructions to fill out the necessary details to make the payment for the cancellation fee, if applicable. 
  • Once the payment is made, a confirmation will be sent to your email account, mentioning that the cancellation of your flight ticket is successfully done. 


Delta Cancellation Fee

The passengers are required to pay up to $90 as cancellation charges. However, the cancellation charges depend upon the time left for scheduled departure when you proceed for the cancellation and the flight class in which you have made the reservation in the first place. For instance, passengers traveling under economy class will not get a refund if they proceed with the cancellation after 24 hours of reservation. 

Delta Flight Cancellation Policy

  • The passengers can proceed with the cancellation for free in the initial 24 hours of reservation according to the 24-hour risk-free period. This rule applies only if the reservation is made in advance of at least seven days before the scheduled departure.
  • The passengers will get a refund after the deduction of cancellation charges if the cancellation of their flight ticket is made 24 hours after the reservation. The passengers will get travel credit on the cancellation of a non-refundable flight ticket. 
  • If the cancelation of the flight ticket is made because of the passenger's medical condition, in that case as well, they will be liable to get a complete refund o their ticket amount. However, the passengers need to submit the documents supporting their issue. 
  • The passengers can also claim a complete refund in case of flight delay. However, the delay in your flight should be of more than three hours. 
  • If the airline cancels the flight ticket due to any technical issue, the airline' is liable to provide the passengers with a complete refund of their ticket amount. 
  • The passengers will only get a refund of their ticket if they attend their flight after online check-in.


How to Avoid Delta Flight Change Fee?

Occasionally passengers may change Delta Airlines flight tickets due to inescapable situations. Delta Airlines provides supreme services to passengers so that they can make traveling more convenient and happy. You can change the flight by using multiple mediums.

How to Avoid Delta Flight Change Fee?

You can avoid the Delta Flight change fees by using the information as per described below:

  • If the passengers have made the booking with a refundable ticket, then you can change the flight without paying any charges.
  • The passengers who purchased the insurance while booking Delta Airlines flight tickets then they will change the flight for free.
  • For the premium members, Delta Airlines gives the mileage point by which the passengers can change the flight without paying additional fees.


How Many Times Can You Change a Delta Flight For Free?

Delta Airlines aims to make your traveling hassle-free. You can change the flight with Delta Airlines as many times as you want. You can change the flight without paying the charges for once. But if you change the Delta flight more than once, you need to pay the flight change charges.

Can Delta Just Change My Flight?

Yes, you can change the flight with Delta Airlines. You need to read the information given below:

  • Suppose the passenger changes the flight due to medical issues or the sudden death of a close family member. In that case, the passengers need to submit the required documents, and Delta representatives will help them with the flight change.
  • If the airline itself changes or reschedules the flight due to air traffic or technical issues, then Delta Airlines will book the new flight ticket, or they will give you a full refund on your ticket. 


Can You Change A Delta Flight in Less Than 24 Hours?

The Passengers can change their flight at Delta Airlines within 24 hours of booking. For further assistance, you can contact the customer service representative.

How Do I Change My Flight with Delta Airlines?

You can change the flight ticket at Delta Airlines by using the online process. It is one of the efficient ways, and you need to follow the steps to change the flight as per mentioned below: 

  • Go to the official website of Delta Airlines.
  • Click on the My Trip option.
  • Enter the Confirmation code and passengers’ first name and last name in the following sections.
  • Tap on the Search option.
  • Now you will get the details of the flight on your screen. Make the selection from the flight depending on your requirement.
  • Make the flight change and click on continue.
  • Once the flight change has been done, then, you will get the confirmation message on your email or mobile phone.


What are the Flight Change Policies of Delta Airlines?

There are some Delta change flight policies under which the passengers are eligible to change the flight are mentioned below: 

  • If the passengers change the flight after 24 hours of booking, then they must pay some charges.
  • The premium members can change the flight by using their miles point.
  • The passengers who made the flight booking with the traveling agents, in that case, they need to contact them regarding their concerns.
  • You cannot change the flight if you have non-refundable tickets.
  • If the passenger changes the flight due to an accident, then they can change the flight by submitting the medical certificates at the help desk.



The Passengers can use the above-mentioned ways to change their flight at Delta Airlines without paying the charges. If you still need clarification, then you can contact the Delta Airlines customer service representative, and they will help you by solving your issues. For further assistance, you can also visit Delta Airlines’ official website.

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