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As Go Rewards is one of the best lifestyle rewards programs that enable travelers to get significant rewards and experience additional information for Go Rewards, you can redeem such reward points over 2000 at physical stores just by accessing the Go Rewards application. Therefore, if you need to learn about How do I become a member of Cebu Pacific Go Rewards? Then you are suggested to follow the below-referred points, and you will get appropriate guidance and you can smoothly get access to become a member on Cebu Pacific Go Rewards section with the help of the official application

  • First of all, you need to download the Go Reward mobile application. 
  • Then, you must sign up for your account with the correct details. 
  • You must purchase the Go Rewards card from any partner retail store.
  • Next, you can participate in any current promotional offer, and then you may easily access Cebu Pacific flight tickets with Go Rewards points.


How would I Link my Go Rewards to my Cebu Pacific Account?

Sometimes, when a passenger wants to use Go Rewards to access Cebu Pacific flight tickets, the account must be linked to learning about How Do I Link my Go Rewards to my Cebu Pacific Account? Then you are required to use the next section details because, with the help of account syncing, the access is much more convenient to use.

  • Initially, you first enter the Go Rewards application. 
  • Now, from the home tab, tap over the merge cards icon. 
  • After which a separate window will open onscreen
  • Here choose the option “Get Go” and therein enter the GetGo 10-digit card number
  • You will then have to select terms and conditions. 
  • Finally, select the confirm button, and then you will have the confirmation message on to your registered email or via text message.


Thus, in any case, if you still have certain doubts about linking Go Rewards to your Cebu Pacific account, then you are allowed to communicate directly with the customer service representative, who is available 24/7 to support you in resolving your queries, which are termed in regards to the Go Rewards account with Cebu Pacific.

Is Go Rewards the same as Cebu Pacific?

Yes, Go Rewards is the same as Cebu Pacific because the earlier name for this program service is known to be “GetGo” Therefore if you need to access this service and are still confused with the features of Is Go Rewards the same as Cebu Pacific? Then connect with the Cebu Pacific customer service team because once you are in touch with a customer care assistant, you will receive genteelly assistance.

How Is It Possible To Get My Cebu Pacific GetGo Number?

Suppose you want to retrieve information regarding your GetGo account number. Then the procedure for such a query is quite simple to follow and get assistance. Now, to learn about How can I get my Cebu Pacific GetGo number? Then there is an online process to follow and accumulate guidance. To learn about it, you should follow this section which is for your reference.

Besides knowing about the GetGo membership account number, it is suggested that passengers refer to the latest statement of account, which they will receive when registering, and verify the GetGo email address with the help of the official website.

How To Know My Cebu Pacific Membership Number?

Suppose you want to retrieve the information for How will I know my Cebu Pacific membership number? Then every prepaid virtual cardholder is allowed to access their card details while they access the payment option from the official application of GetGo, and once you tap over the view card button, you can descriptively receive complete information. In addition, for Cebu Pacific credit cardholders, you always receive, and welcome email when you access the program, and from the referred section virtual account membership number is delivered onscreen.

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