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Booking a Flight Ticket for Physically Handicapped

Travelling is the most favourite leisure time for most of the people across the globe. It allows the person to increase its zone of the horizon, gaining new experiences and changing their perceptions. Although physically handicapped persons may face difficulties in booking a flight with the active help of travel agents or airlines representatives, they can enjoy a safe and fun trip on any airline. The physically handicapped person faces a new kind of challenges while travelling by air and needs special attention and focus. The newer models of airlines are being built to accommodate wheelchair users. Before making a plan to visit somewhere else, it is most urgent to contact the disability services department of your preferred airlines in advance to ensure that all your requirements are met before and during travel. Do some research to find out which airlines offer the maximum concessions to physically handicapped persons? In most cases, airlines will offer faster security checks and boarding times for physically handicapped people. For those who intend to board a plane using their wheelchairs, extra planning and preparation may be needed. Much of the planning of a trip will revolve around the specific disabilities of physically handicapped passengers.

In this blog, we will learn how to book flight tickets for physically handicapped.

  • You have to mention and make airlines know very well that you are physically handicapped. Also, mention the kind of disability to the airlines.
  • Contact (1-805-372-0680) the disability service department of the respective airline in order to obtain the flight ticket at a concessional rate. The Indian Airlines Corporation allows 50% concessional fare to blind persons on a single journey or single fare for the round trip journey on all domestic flights.
  • People with locomotors disability, blind people, and war disabled officers and persons on a stretcher can get a discount on airfare.
  • Simply follow the procedure of booking a flight ticket of respective airlines.
  • You will need a disability certificate issued by the Chief Medical officer of a District or board constituted by the government hospital.
  • If you have a unique Disability ID card, you can also use this card as a document to prove your disability condition.
  • The airlines will make arrangement of a wheelchair or stretcher in advance for the physically handicapped if valid documents mentioned above about the disability are submitted on time.

Travelling With Medications and Medical Equipment:-

Essential medications and medical equipment are required to reduce the tension and potential health problems during the journey. Must ensure that you keep the necessary medicines with you on your carry bag. Keeping health insurance information throughout the trip can get you timely treatment in the event of a medical emergency. Be conscious that some of your medical equipment may be able to keep near you while other equipment requires to be kept in a secure area. You may also consider insuring your medical equipment against accidental damage. You can book a travel nurse also to assist you on a trip if you are having a severe disability which requires constant monitoring.

Hence, these are the criteria discussed above regarding how to book a flight for the physically handicapped people. Certain cities or countries have a reputation of being more accommodative to the physically handicapped passengers.

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