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Everything that you need to know before traveling with your kids on Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines as you might be aware is one of the famous airlines of the United States which is known for providing world-class services. Furthermore, the airline has even introduced various policies for passengers who are traveling with their kids. And for those, who are wondering how to book Southwest flight for the child, here in this article, you will be provided with the complete details.

Before heading on with the procedure to book Southwest Airlines flight ticket for a child, here are the few pointers that you need to know in order to make your travel reasonable and hassle-free.

  • For passengers traveling with lap children, they are required to provide a birth certificate for both domestic and international travel. Further, you can also contact the reservation center in advance for the details.
  • And for traveling with the lap children it is required for the accompanying passenger to obtain verification documents. This document basically verifies that the age of the child for boarding the flight. Furthermore, the boarding passes can only be obtained at the counters.
  • Moreover, the airline has even launched Southwest child fare for reservations booked for kids. The passengers can even enjoy a special discounted fare for the kid’s reservations which can be confirmed by contacting the reservation center of the airline.

How To Book Reservations for your Child:

Note: For booking the reservations for kids, it is required that one adult is accompanying them during the travel.

  • For booking Southwest reservations for kids, the passenger is required to contact the reservation center of the airline.
  • Further, a concerned representative will inquire about your query and provide you with the details of booking.
  • After that, provide the details of your travel like departing and arrival airports for your travel.
  • Thereafter, you might require presenting the birth certificate to the airline in order to verify the age of your kid.
  • After the verification of the age and payment for the reservations, you will be provided with the details.
  • Later on, you can also check the details of the booked reservations by visiting the official website of the airline under my trips option.


Hence, this was the complete information on booking Southwest flight for the child. However, if you still have issues, you can simply contact the reservation center of the airline to enjoy a hassle-free journey.

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