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A comprehensive guide on how to change American Airlines flight ticket without any fee

For those who frequently travel might be aware that the travel plans don’t always go as per the planning because of multiple factors. Luckily, for those who have booked reservations with American Airlines, they are offered with an option to change and cancel their bookings. Also, there are ways that one can try out to cut out the price and in some cases, one can even change their bookings for free thanks to fee waiver that one can witness currently during the current COVID-19 outbreak.

So, for the passengers who are looking for details on How to change flight without fee American Airlines, they can read out this article and gather complete information and manage their trip accordingly to manage their cost. Besides, if the passenger has queries, one can feel free to reach out to the reservation department of the airline.

Changing Reservations with a fee waiver

Changing a flight ticket that is covered by a travel waiver can prove to be a great way to save additional fees. In general, the waivers are offered to the passengers because of bad weather conditions, natural disasters, and other factors. The best part is that during these situations, the passengers are offered a fee waiver. 

Besides, here are some of the current waiver offered by American Airlines: 

  • For those who have booked flight tickets before 1st March 2020, then one can change their flight tickets free of charge before or until 31st May 2020.
  • And for the reservations that are booked between 1st March 2020 and 31st March 2020, then one is eligible to rebook their flight tickets once without any fee.

Changing paid reservations with American Airlines

Besides, for the passengers whose flight tickets are not covered under the travel waiver and they still require to change their booking, then they can look for the details related to Changing paid American Airlines tickets provided below.

  • As per the airline policies, the paid American Airlines flight ticket can be changed for a fee.
  • Further, basic economy flight tickets are something that can’t be adjusted. However, one can still make changes to the reservations under special circumstances. 
  • And if there is no special situation, then the passenger needs to pay $200 in case of domestic flights and up to $750 in case of international flights. 

Besides, if the passenger has queries regarding the same, one can feel free to reach out to the reservation department of American Airlines. And for the passenger looking for details regarding the flight changing provision for Award flights, one can check out the details mentioned below.

Changing Award flight tickets of American Airlines

For those looking for details regarding the changing American Airlines award tickets, the airline has waived off the fee for the trips booked by 31st May 2020 through September 2020. Besides, if the passenger has any queries, one can feel free to contact the reservation department of the airline.

So, this was the complete details on How to change flight without fee American Airlines that one requires to American Airlines manage booking without any worries and enjoy a comfortable trip with American Airlines. 

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