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Wizz Air, an ultra-low-cost alternative Airline based in Hungary, gives its passengers a never-forgettable experience. Suppose you are flying with Wizz air next Sunday, and suddenly you have got a very important meeting to attend that day. What would you do? You would want to change the flight. So read this article below to know more about these.

What is the procedure to change the Wizz Air Flight?

If "How do I change my flight on Wizz Air" comes to your mind, you should consider the following methods. 

You can do it via manage booking or call their customer service to change it.

Via manage booking: To do it via manage booking, you can see the following process:

  • Visit Wizzair's official site,, on your browser.
  • After the homepage opens, go to "Check-in and bookings". 
  • Now enter the details such as Booking no. and Last name. 
  • Select retrieve booking. 
  • Now you should choose one way or round trip. 
  • Then you select the change flight option. 
  • Write down the reason. 
  • Submit it. 


Via call: You can also call them to Change the Flight. The waiting time on the call is around 5 minutes. To know their number and call, please follow the simple steps.

  • Open the browser, and visit Wizz air official website,
  • Now select the 'help' option. 
  • Now Select the call option. Here you can find their phone no. which is 44-203-885-4721. 
  • Listen to the instructions on the IVR carefully.
  • Press 1 to get the booking option. 
  • For cancellation, press 2.
  • Press 3 for baggage issues. 
  • To speak with a customer service representative, press 4. 
  • Tell him your problem. He will sort it out. 


Can I Change an Already Booked Wizz Air Flight?

If you have already booked a ticket and want to change the reservation status then you may think, Can I change a Wizz Air flight I already booked? Yes, you can; Wizz Air gives you the Flexibility to change your flight anytime 3 hours before the flight departure. You should know about the policies to change the flight. 

What is the Charge To Change the Flight with Wizz Air?

If you want to change the Wizz Air flight, you should know the charges you must pay. If you want to know "How much does Wizz charge to change flights," then go through the points: 

  • According to the new policy, Wizz air passengers must pay 50% of their total fees during booking to change the flight. 
  • The range is from $10 - $60


How To Change Flights without Paying the Fee on Wizz Air?  

How can I change my Wizz Air flight without paying a fee? If this is your question, then you should know in some cases, the answer is yes, and in some cases, it is no. 

If you change the flight within 24 hours of booking, you can be certain that you don't have to pay a charge. Otherwise, it will charge you $10-$60.

Wizz Air Change Policy

If you are changing the Wizz air flight, you should know about the Wizz Air Change Policy. These policies are: 

  • If you change your reservation within 24 hours of booking, there will be no charge. 
  • After 24 hours, they will charge you $35 if you have 30 days to departure. 
  • $40 if only 7-30 days left.
  • With less than seven days left, you must pay $45 as a change fee to Wizz Air. 
  • You can change anything in the reservation up to 3 hours before the flight departs. 
  • If you have purchased Wizz Flex during the booking, no charge is needed. 

These are the policies and procedures to change the flight on Wizz air. To know more about the Wizz Air change policy and processes, How do I speak to a live person at Wizz Air or visit the official Wizz air website?

Guide To Reschedule The Wizz Air Flight

When you book the flight, but after the reservations, you need to attend any function or program, you will get the option to reschedule the flight. Rescheduling the flight will help you to make changes in the date or timings of the flight. While traveling with Wizz air, you will get complete packages, a refund after canceling the flight, etc.; if you want, you can also reschedule the flight. To know detailed information about the date change process and policies, you need to read below. 

Can I Change my Wizz Air Flight Dates?

Yes, you can change the flight date only if there are any seat available in seats available; if there are no seats, then you can not reschedule the flight. Wizz Air has its flight change policy; if you want to do that, you need to read the statements below. 

  • If you change the date within 24 hours, you do not need to pay any charges. But after 24 hours, you need to pay the date change fee, which is counted as per the time left on the boarding date and the date of making changes. 
  • If you change the flight due to medical or death issues, you must show the genuine documents, and you can do it without paying any charges. 
  • You can change the date without additional charges if you purchase insurance while purchasing the ticket.
  • You can also reschedule the flight. If your flight is delayed due to any technical issues, you are liable to receive complete care at the airport. 
  • If you make the booking form any official representatives of Wizz air, you need to connect with them to change the flight date. 


How Can I Change my Wizz Air Flight Ticket Date Online?

You can change the flight by connecting with the official representatives by dialing this number 09 057 070 000 or by following the online process. If you want to change the date by following the online process, then follow the steps below.

  • Go to the website of Wizz Air in your preferred search engine 
  • Then click to manage bookings option from the left side of the page 
  • After this, you have to fill out the last name and reference number on flight ticket
  • By doing this, your bookings will come on the next page; you need to select the bookings which you want to modify. 
  • Following this, you need to click on the date change tab, and a calendar will come on the screen. 
  • Further, you must choose the new date and select the new flight from the available options. 
  • After this, if you see any charges, pay them using a card or other online modes. 
  • Last you get the message of successfully changing the date on the contact details. 


Wizz Air Change Flight Date Fee

The fee you need to pay will depend upon the route and destination of the flight. If you are changing any international bookings, you need to pay around 200USD to 350USD and 150 to 250USD to change the date of any domestic bookings.

You will get the Wizz Air Flight Change Policy information by reading the above. Still, if you have any issues, you can also connect with the official representatives of Wizz air.

Can I change the passenger name to Wizz Air?

If you have booked your tickets with Wizz Air, but now you are checking your booked details once more just to get confirmation that you have filled in the details correctly. But what you find is you have mistakenly misspelled your name, and you are tense how do I Change My Name on Wizz Air. Then don't worry, as Wizz Air has a flexible policy that allows passengers to undo their mistakes. Here is the policy to change or correct the name with Wizz Air.

Wizz Air Name Change Policy

Making corrections to your name is not a big deal with Wizz Air, but still, it is advised that you must go through the statutes of the Wizz Air Name Change Policy before making any change. The important rules of the name change are given as follows:

  • A passenger is permitted to make corrections in the spelling of her name or change her surname up to 3 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • Wizz Air Airlines imposes name change fees for every name correction you make.
  • The Wizz Air Name Change Fee ranges from US$ 49 to 59  per passenger per flight.
  • If you opt to change your name via the Wizz Air Airlines call center, you will be liable to pay a minimum transaction fee.
  • You can change less than three characters only in your name free of cost if you do that online.
  • If corrections are made to more than three characters in the name, then you will have to pay the name change fee.
  • A name change fee is also charged if an abbreviated name needs to be extended.
  • If you accidentally puzzle up the first and last name, then the Wizz Air Airlines customer care team can correct it for free.


Ways To Change The Name with Wizz Airlines

The Airline has provided several ways to correct your name on your Wizz Air ticket easily. So here is the answer to how I can correct the name on my Wizz Air flight ticket in detail. You can follow any one of these as per your comfort.

Via Website:-- You need a better internet connection to access the Wizz website, where you can make changes on your own for free. Follow the procedure step by step to make corrections.

  • Visit the original site of Wizz Air at
  • Hit the Manage Booking tab on the homepage
  • Your filled detail will appear
  • Click on dit
  • Now make changes or corrections to your name
  • Submit the changes
  • You will get a confirmation on your registered ID or Email.


Via Phone Call:-- You can also opt to make changes with the help of the customer service team of the Airline. You just need to make a call at the Wizz Air customer support team number given at their site, but you will be charged for this. And before connecting the call, you must follow the IVR instructions.

  • You will be commanded to press 0 to select your language
  • You will also be asked to press 1 to make new bookings 
  • You can either press 2 to know your flight status
  • You can press 3 to change the flight
  • Otherwise, you can press # to connect with one of the agents of Wizz Air, who will guide you to make changes.


Offline Method:-- You can also ask, "can I change the passenger name to Wizz Air" at the Airport booking desk. You just have to reach the functional airport of Wizz Air to make name changes. Follow the steps to know the process exactly. 

  • Go to the booking window
  • Tell the employee your query 
  • Fill out the form given to you with the correct information about the passenger.
  • Submit the form
  • And pay a change fee if any



For more information regarding name change or any other topic, you are suggested to visit the official site of Wizz Air.

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