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Changing the flight with Philippine airlines is very straightforward. One can change the flight by dialing the complementary number or online by dropping an email. Travelers can also request Philippine Airlines change flight processes online at the airport and via phone. We should see How to change flights in Philippine Airlines and how it works.

You can change your booking in various ways, and these are as follows:

Philippine Airlines Change Booking Online

Follow these means to handle the flight change request online. 

  • Peruse, and click on the "Manage my booking' on the booking tab.
  • Enter the six-digit reference code alongside the traveler's last name to get to your booking.
  • Click on the option of the 'Change my flight' tab, and select the new flight. 
  • Select the flight choice, and pay the necessary Philippine Airlines to change flight cost at the checkout page. 
  • When the changes are done, travelers will get Philippine Airlines to change booking confirmation on the email address.


Change Philippine Booking Over The Phone

To look for flight change help via telephone, dial Philippine telephone number:

  • Ask the Philippine Airlines leader to change your flight booking.
  • Give the six-digit reference code to recover your booking.
  • Give the new travel choice to the representative as they will give you options in light of your travel inclinations and requirements.
  • The specialist will offer you another flight choice alongside the relevant Philippine Airlines change booking charge and fares distinction.
  • Select the new flight choice, and pay the expected expense to change the flight. You can pay with a charge/Visa to finish the flight change request. 
  • When the changes are finished, travelers will get the Philippine Airlines to change booking confirmation on their enlisted email address.


Philippine Airlines Change Booking At The Airport

Travelers can change at the airport or the closest Philippine Airlines office. According to Philippine Airlines' change flight policy, travelers can make the flight demand as long as 3 hours preceding the booked takeoff. All you want to do is: 

  • Make a beeline for the airport at the Philippine Airlines flight change counter.
  • Request that the airport representative changes the booking. Furnish your booking details to continue with the changes.
  • According to your travel inclinations, give new travel dates, or beginning/destination points.
  • The request will offer you another flight choice alongside the appropriate Philippine Airlines change booking expense and charge contrast related with it.
  • Select the new flight choice, and pay the necessary expense to change the flight. You can pay with a charge to finish the flight change request. 
  • When the cancellation is finished, travelers will get Philippine Airlines to change booking confirmation on their enlisted email address.


How Might I Change A Philippine Trip without Paying A Charge?

If you are changing your flight but are worried about the charges and having a query, How can I change the Philippine flight without paying a fee? When you change your flight booking on Philippine Airlines under 24 hours of its buy, you will not need to pay any change charge. Rebooking is liberated from cost when you change a flight around the same time.

  • Additionally, you will expect to pay the charge contrast of the trips alongside the relevant expenses. You can get all information about costs, by calling the Philippine Airlines phone number.
  • The Philippine Airlines flight change cost differs for various flights and relies upon a few variables like routes, fares type, destination. 


So, that is all the information about "How to change flight in Philippine Airlines". If you require assistance, then you can contact the customer service team. 

Can I change flight with Philippine Airlines?

Yes, you can certainly make the changes to Philippine Airlines. You only need to make sure you have chosen the Philippine Airlines "Manage Booking" option. Once you have selected this option, you'll be able to make the changes you have been looking to make. However, if you have purchased the ticket from a third party. Then you would need to get in touch with them regarding the changes you want to make. The other way is to call on the official number of Philippine Airlines. You can contact customer support in several ways. You only need to select the correct option on the IVR to transfer your chat to the right person.

Philippine Airlines Change Its Policy

To make the changes to the reservation, you have made with Philippine Airlines. You need to first go through the policy regarding the change. After that, you'll be able to save the cancellation charges. 

  • In case you have made the changes to your reservation within twenty-four hours of the booking you have made. Then you're not going to be charged with the change fee. 
  • You would need to apply for a refund within twenty-four hours of the changes you have made. Only then you'll be eligible for the refund. 
  • In case your flight was canceled by Philippine Airlines, then you're going to receive a complete refund of the investment you made. 
  • Suppose your flight was canceled because of the Covid. Then you would need to fill up the refund form regarding that and mention the details. 
  • Suppose you were not allowed to board the flight because you were not carrying your Covid negative report. Then you will not be eligible for the refund. 


Philippine Airlines Name Change Policy

There can be a situation that after making the reservation, you would need to make the change to your name. There are two types of name change. First is the minor change, like the change in the word's spelling. Second, are the significant changes like the change in the passenger's surname. If you want to make substantial changes to the name, you would need to connect with customer support regarding that. You can go through the list of documents and the procedure mentioned in the policy below.

Name change:

To make the changes to the name, surname, or first name, You would need to show the documents mentioned below to the customer support of Philippine Airlines.

  • Photo ID.
  • Date of Birth Certificate.


Once you have shared the documents mentioned above, customer support will take some time to verify the documents once the verification is completed. Then customer support will make the changes for you.

In case you would like to change the surname because of marriage. Then you would need to show the documents given below for it.

  • Photo ID
  • Marriage certificate. 


Once you have shared the documents mentioned above with customer support, customer support will change your surname after verifying the surname. 

Can I Reschedule my Flight on Philippine Airlines?

You can undoubtedly reschedule the flight from Philippine Airlines. For that, you only need to tap on the "Manage to book" button. After that, your issue will be resolved, and you'll be able to change the flight with Philippine Airlines.

  • Get on the official Philippine Airlines. 
  • Now you need to select "Manage Booking."
  • Once you have chosen the option mentioned above, you would need to enter the booking details and select the search option. 


That is it. Soon you'll come across the booking you have made. After that, you only need to select the option of "Flight change." Once you have chosen it, you'll come across the list of flights. Choose any flying which is suitable for you. Once you have selected the flight, then select the option of submitting. Now you will get a confirmation email on the registered email address with Philippine Airlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does it Cost to Reschedule a Flight on Philippine Airlines?

Many passengers asked, "How much does it cost to reschedule a flight on Philippine Airlines?" Is expected, so we have included its answer in your blog. The Philippine Airlines flight change policy states that any rescheduling or cancellation made within 24 hours of the reservation is free of charge. For promotional fares and premium save fares, a rebooking fee of $150 may be assessed if the passenger changes their flight after 24 hours for any reason, while a $50 fee will be assessed for standard or economy fares. Online or by calling a toll-free number, Philippine Airlines reservations can be rescheduled without any hassle. The cost of a flight change depends on the class of travel that a passenger chooses. 

How can I Reschedule my flight to Philippine Airlines?

The main steps necessary to reschedule a flight on Philippine Airlines are outlined here for your aid and instruction so that you may understand how to make the changes. On Philippine Airlines, a few key steps must be taken before you can reschedule your flight.  

  • Visit the Philippine Airlines' official website. 
  • Find the manage booking tap by navigating. 
  • The passenger's last name should be typed after the booking reference number. 
  • Click on find my booking. 
  • The book reference number is the six-character code called the Record Locator. 
  • Look in the Philippine Airlines booking confirmation email if you cannot recall it.
  • Now you will see your flight details. 
  • On the same webpage, three options will be available: Change flight, cancel flight, and change seat. 
  • Choose the change trip option. 
  • Under the change flight, you will see options' change date' or 'change time.'  
  • Choose your preferred option and make the necessary changes. 
  • A new ticket and a confirmation email for the rescheduled flight will be sent to your registered email address. 

Can I Reschedule my Philippine Flight After Booking?

If you have a query, Can I reschedule my Philippine Flight After Booking? Continue reading. Contact Philippine airline customer service at 1-800-435-9725 to reschedule a flight after booking. You will hear an IVR menu with the following options when you call the specified number. To ensure a smooth and efficient process, make sure to have your reservation details and any necessary information readily available before calling. 

  • To purchase a flight ticket, press 1. 
  • To reschedule your flight, press 2.
  • To hear the menu once more, press 3. 
  • To get special assistance, press key 4. 
  • To speak with a live agent, press *. 
  • You must select the appropriate key from the IVR menu.
  • Once connected with the live agent, ask him to reschedule your flight ticket.
  • Tell him you’re booking reference number and last name. 
  • Inform him of the new travel date or timing. 
  • Once the rescheduling process is completed, you will receive a confirmation email about the flight rescheduling.
  • Pay any difference in fare and service fee. 

How Can I Reschedule my Philippine Flight without Paying?

Do you have a question? How can I reschedule my Philippine flight without paying? Keep reading. Rebook your Philippine flight within 24 hours of booking to avoid fees. Quickly reschedule your Philippine flight without costs. Booking changes are free for 24 hours. Call the airline immediately to reschedule your trip plans. If you delay making changes, fees may apply, or your selected dates may not be available. Therefore, act quickly and make any necessary changes.

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