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Can you pick your Seats on Lufthansa?

Just two steps towards booking your seat. To choose your seat, just click on the link "Open seat map" during the flight booking. Your exact seat number is then already determined in the booking. Please note that, in order to reserve a seat, the online booking must be made at least 24 hours prior to departure.

How To choose your seat on Lufthansa Airlines?

As early as 23 hours before your flight departure, you can check in online, select your seat, and conveniently print your online boarding pass or have it sent to your phone number. Online seat selection is free of charge from 23 hours before your flight departure.

Seat selection and seat reservation. Free seat selection during check-in. Add or change seats afterwards. Operationally required seat changes. Seat reservations on flights not operated by Lufthansa,Lufthansa Regional or Austrian Airlines. Seat reservation for Premium Economy, Business and First Class.

Lufthansa Airlines Seat selection and seat reservation

  • Free seat selection during check-in
  • Add or change seats afterwards
  • Operationally required seat changes
  • Seat reservations on flights not operated by Lufthansa, Lufthansa Regional or Austrian Airlines
  • Seat reservation for Premium Economy, Business and First Class.

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