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Alaska Airlines is a chief carrier based in the USA. Flying to numerous destinations, it has earned a place among the best global airlines worldwide. If you have flown with Alaska Airlines earlier, you must be well acquainted with its finest services. The airline is concerned for its customers and thus permits them to cancel or change their flights. If you have to change your flight date for any reason and don’t know how to change your flight date to Alaska Airlines, you should go through the article below. It discusses everything about Alaska Airlines flight date change. 

Different Ways To Change Flight Dates on Alaska Airlines

Customers can change their flight dates online or by contacting customer service. The online process to change flight dates on Alaska Airlines is given below. 

  • Go to the official website of Alaska Airlines through the link
  • Click the Manage tab on the homepage and specify your last name and confirmation code to retrieve your booking. 
  • When the booking details open, click the change option from the menu and select date change. 
  • Shift your flight to a preferred date and make the reservation. 
  • Pay the fare difference and the Alaska Airlines date change fee using a credit or debit card. 
  • Consequently, your flight will be shifted to your selected date. 


The Offline Process to Change Your Flight Date:

The offline process is equally simple to follow. To do so, you should call the airline's official customer service number, 1 (800) 654-5669. Wait until your call connects with a representative, and keep your details ready in the meantime. When a representative connects with you, let them know your concerns and furnish them with your details. They will provide the assistance for the further process. You shall pay the flight date change fee and the fare difference in the end to complete the process.

What is the Alaska Airlines Flight Date Change Policy? 

Every customer who changes his/her flight date on Alaska Airlines has to follow certain rules. The Alaska Airlines Change Flight date Policy is discussed in below points. Kindly read through them to know the policy well. 

As per Alaska Airlines policy, customers must change their flight before the flight departs so as to receive a travel credit for future use.

Passengers can change their flight date if:

  • They have purchased the ticket directly from the airline. 
  • No passenger has checked in for your particular reservation. 
  • Your booking does not involve any special requests, such as pet accommodations.
  • Your booking does not include saver or government fares.


According to the Alaska Airlines change flight same-day policy, the customer can change their flight during the check-in window. 

Customers who have booked a saver fare cannot change their flight date. 

How Much Does Alaska Airlines Charge for Flight Date Changes?

So now that you know about the flight date exchange process and policy, you should also know about its fee. The airline charges a fee of 25 to 50 US Dollars for same-day flight changes. However, flight date change fee varies as per the route, time of travel, and fare. You will get the exact fee at the time you make the changes. To get further information, you should visit the website’s FAQ page. 

How Can I Change My Alaska Flight Date for Free?

Everyone who books flight books it with joy and excitement, but no one knows the future as at the last time you need to change your flight due to several reasons, which are quite common among passengers. And if you want to change it for free, then there are some Alaska Airlines Flight Change Policy you can go through and you will get awareness about that. And to know those policies read the steps below. 

  • Passengers can change their flight for free if they change it within 24 hours of booking. 
  • After the allotted time, if you make changes to your flight, then there will be a certain amount of change that you need to pay and change your flight.
  • For medical emergencies, if you make changes in your flight, then the Airline will demand a certain price from you. 
  • Just in case you lose any of your close family members, then you need to inform the Airline, and then you can change your flight itinerary. 
  • Due to technical faults, if the flight is changed by Alaska Airlines, then Airlie is responsible for compensating you for that, or they will book the next flight for you. 


What is the online procedure to change a flight with Alaska Airlines?

If you have to change your flight, that online procedure will be suitable because it can be done by you and with ease. So, you can read out the procedure as provided below.

  • Browse the official site of Alaska Airlines through your preferred browser. 
  • Then sign up by adding the login id and password. 
  • In the menu bar, there is an option for managing booking. 
  • You need to select that and enter the booking reference number and last name. 
  • You will be able to see all your ticket details and find out the edit option. 
  • Here you can see the change a flight button. Click on that. 
  • And enter the succeeding itinerary and click on the search button.
  • On the next page, all the available flights related to your itinerary can be seen in front of your screen. 
  • Choose the one which is suitable for you and then pay the amount that is required to pay. 
  • And then, you will get the information through the sms or Email that your flight has been changed successfully by Alaska Airlines. 


How Can I Avoid Paying Alaska Flight Change Fees?

If you change your flight on the same day of booking, then you can avoid paying extra charges; otherwise, as per the Airline’s policy, every passenger has to pay a certain amount for the flight change.

So, I hope now you know the answer to How can I change my Alaska flight date for free? Along with all the related questions and now it will be easy for you to change the flight without too much hassle. 

How Much is the Flight Change Fee in Alaska?

If any passengers think of a flight change with Alaska Airlines, then they have to pay $25 - $30. After that, the cost will be the difference between the current flight and the next flight. But do not worry; the amount is not so much you can easily change your flight. 

All that You Need to Know About Alaska Airlines Name Change

One of the major American Airlines is Alaska Air. Based in SeaTac, you can get to contact the airline and find the appropriate solution. In case, while going through the reservation, if by any chance, you have spelled the spelling of your name mistakenly, then you can contact them and find a solution. You can get to the customer service of the airline and avail of the help you want, or read through the points below to get a solution.

How Do I Change the Name on my Alaska Air Account?

The name on account of Alaska air if is spelled wrong or is entered mistakenly, then you can follow the given steps:

  • Go to Alaska Air’s official
  • Click on the sign-in option and use the details to retrieve your account. 
  • Now go to settings and make the changes. Click on submit to confirm the changes. 


Can you change the name on the Alaska Airlines ticket?

Yes, you can change the name of the passenger on the Alaska Airlines ticket if the same is wrong. Follow the given steps to go through the name change process:

  • Visit the Alaska Airlines’ webpage. 
  • Retrieve the booking using the manage option. 
  • Click on the menu list and choose the change option. From the drop-down, click on the name change. 
  • You will get a form. Fill in the same and provide the required details. 
  • Then, you will receive a confirmation mail to the registered email address once the change is done. 


Alaska Airlines Name Change Policy

When changing the passenger’s name on the airline’s ticket booked, it comes with an addition to certain rules and regulations that the airline asks you to follow. You must abide by these certain policies which shall let you know if you can make the changes. More than that, you can also get to change the name of the passenger if you possess authorized documents. Thus, to find more details, read through the policies given below: 

  • With a booking on Alaska Airlines, you can just make the changes to the same, which means just a few modifications; a complete change is not allowed. 
  • Provide government-authorized documents for the changes you are looking to make. 
  • Change to the passenger’s name is allowed only once per ticket. More than that, you need to pay additional or extra charges or cancel the flight ticket and rebook the ticket.
  • The name change must be done at least 3 to 4 days prior to the departure date. 
  • The made booking cannot be completely changed with the passenger’s name and sold to anyone else. 
  • Changes to the passenger’s date of birth and gender are not allowed. 
  • You can Expand middle name, Add first or last name, Change nicknames to official names, due to marriage or divorce.


Alaska Airlines Name Change Fee

With the changes you are looking to make on Alaska Airlines, you will also be charged with a name change fee for Alaska Airlines. The changes you are looking to make shall cost you between 0 to $100. Pay the said charge and correct the name on the flight.

Alaska Airlines Name Correction by Phone Number

You can also make corrections to the name on the ticket by connecting with the customer service team through a phone call. For that, you have to follow the given instructions to get in touch the contact page and find their helpline number. find contact number and follow the steps: 

  • Land on Alaska Air’s official website. 
  • Click on the Help Center option at the top of the page. 
  • Then, scroll to the contact us section. You will get the number 1 800 654 5669. 
  • Dial it and connect with an Alaska executive to get help. 
  • Once you are connected, you can ask the representative to help you with the issue. Connect with them and get making the required changes. 

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