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How To Check SalamAir Flight Ticket Confirmation?

One of the low-cost airlines of Oman is SalamAir. It serves various international and domestic routes. When you travel with the airline and purchase its flight tickets. Afterward, if you have any doubts regarding booking status, fees, passenger details, or schedule, then you can check your reservation for confirmation. But, you have queries about How do I check my booking on SalamAir? Then carry on reading here, although, the methods to carry out the process are displayed at the bottom.

Method1: Online

On SalamAir, you can use it online to check a reservation by yourself, and the ways to carry out the procedure have been stated at the bottom. 

  • Get to the official web page of SalamAir
  • Later on, click on the manage booking option
  • Further, enter the booking reference number with the passenger's surname.
  • On the next tab, you can inspect the details of your itinerary and be able to conduct modifications.


Method2: Phone number

When you could pursue the reservation, then you may have to share a phone number as a personal detail. Further, when you have completed your booking, then, you can receive a confirmation message with ticket details on the same. In order to examine those, you get to open the airline message.

How To Check the Cost of a Flight Ticket on SalamAir?

When you have made a reservation with SalamAir but get suspicion about cost or ticket details, then inspect airline messages on a registered email address, Moreover, when you book a flight, the airline shares two electronic mail containing ticket information and a transaction summary. In this manner, you can conveniently talk about Salam Air Ticket Check Price. If you have any further queries, then approach its customer service team for answers.

What is SalamAir Check-in Time?

When you want a boarding pass from SalamAir, then you get to carry out a check-in within the prescribed durations. Moreover, the Salam Air Check-in Time details are shown at the bottom:- 

  • You can take an online check-in 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • But the check-in counters at the airport are open at least 3 hours prior to flight departure. 


Can I Check-in Online on SalamAir?

Yes, you can check in online SalamAir. Further, you can utilize these check-in modes 24 hours before your flight departure. Now, you can eradicate queries such as Does SalamAir have online check-in? Because solutions are mentioned here, however, you may not use online check-in for special assistance requests or for travelers with pets.

How To Conduct Web Check-in on SalamAir?

When you are competent to pursue an online check-in on SalamAir, then you could be able to have a boarding pass on your device. Hence, the guide for a Salam Air Web Check-in has been mentioned below:- 

  • Visit an authenticated web page of SalamAir
  • Later on, click on the check-in options
  • Now, enter your booking reference number with the surname of a passenger.
  • On the next tab, choose a passenger and click on the check-in icon.
  • After that, you may ask to enter the destination name and then verify the itinerary details.
  • When you have completed the process, then a boarding pass can be received.


How To Use Kiosk Check-in on SalamAir?

When you are traveling to a destination that needs an oriented boarding pass, then use the kiosk for a self-check-in. Thus, the ways to carry out the process have been demonstrated at the bottom:-

  • First, locate the kiosk system at the airport
  • Further, click on the check-in options
  • Now, type your passenger name with the booking code
  • After that, you get to verify ticket details and follow an on-screen process.
  • Once you have completed the steps, then a boarding pass can be obtained.


Gather Information on Salam Air Baggage Allowance

Traveling to your desired destination with Salam Air is always enjoyable as you can save money and get all the convenient facilities. To travel with this airline, you must follow several terms & conditions, including baggage policies. If you are willing to travel with the Salam but do not have details about How many kg of baggage is allowed in Salam Air? Then you do not have to worry; reading below will give you complete information.

What is the Check-in Baggage Allowance on Salam Air?

The maximum weight of Salam Air Check-in Baggage will vary as per your seat type, the route of the flights, and the mode you select to make the check-in. If you do not have check-in baggage details, you have to read below.

Online check-in: If you add your luggage online and make the web check-in, then you can carry 20 kg of checked baggage, and if the weight of the bags is accessed, then you have to pay the charges.

For counter check-in: If you are at the airport and want to make the check-in from the airport counter, you can take 32 kg of checked baggage, and the total dimensions of the bag need to be under 160 cm (W+D+L), including handles, wheels, etc.

How Much Weight of Hand Luggage Is Allowed at Salam Air?

Often passengers of Salam Air need details about the weight of the hand luggage, the number of carry-on bags allowed, or Salam Air Hand Baggage Allowance, etc. Then these passengers will get complete information through reading below.

  • The passengers can carry one carry-on bag without paying any charges, and the weight of that bag needs to be under 7 kg.  
  • The dimensions of that handbag need to be under 56cm x 45cm x 25cm, and if the dimension gets accessed or if the carry-on bag in that space which is not easily fit in the lower seat or head cabin, then you have to send the bag with checked baggage. 


What is the Baggage Allowance on Salam Air for Infant Passengers?

If you are traveling with any child who is less than 8 days or any infant passenger, you can carry one piece bag, which has to be under 10kg/23lbs. 

As per the Salam Air Infant Baggage Allowance policy, the airlines will not charge any charges for one collapsible carrycot, pushchair, stroller, or pet infant passenger.

How To Add Luggage on Salam Air?

If you make a flight reservation with Salam Air when you do not mention your baggage details, you can add it by using the manage booking option. If you need details about adding the luggage to Salam Air, then the below process will help you.

  • Visit the website of Salam Air
  • Then open the page of managing bookings
  • Following this, you must fill out the last name with the booking reference number in the mentioned space.
  • Further, you must choose the add luggage option.
  • Next, you need to mention the baggage details, such as the number of bags, weights, etc., and save the details.
  • After this, if you see any charges, pay them using your card or online.
  • Last, you will get the email to add the luggage successfully.

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