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Air France Claim Compensation

Air France is the flag carrier airline of France. Within this airline passenger gets the best quality service & facilities for their comfort & long journeys. The benefits are controlled well & managed well by the crew members in a significant manner without creating any hustle for the passengers onboard. 

Air France Airline has its main hubs, namely Paris-Charles de Gaulle & Paris-Orly. The cities mainly focused by Air France airlines are Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille & Toulouse etc. the fleet size of Air France is approximately 210 plus aircraft & destinations that it covers is around 205 plus. 

Air France Flight Delay Compensation

If you need to know about the compensation, reimbursement, or for a refund, then getting information & knowledge from this overview paragraph is your best & most convenient option. As compensation or reimbursement is given back to the passengers, if in case of Air France delays or cancels your flight or miss-manage with your property, then in that case you are eligible to get compensation or reimbursement for your mischief by the airlines. Now, if you want to know about Air France Flight Delay Compensation, so the customer should get an overview of the compensation related to delays.

Then here are some points that you must know about Air France delay compensation for your reference;

  • Under the EU law known as EC 261, if an airline causes the passenger to arrive late at their destination (3 hours or more hours late), those passengers will get compensation up to $700 from the airline's side
  • The airlines also compensate the passenger in respect of the situations like bad weather conditions or any issue on airport
  • And if in case the delay is a result of a technical issue or an airline staff strike, then in that case you are owed compensation under the law EC 261
  • Passengers generally have up to 3 years to claim with Air France & get their flight delay compensation.


What is Air France Flight Cancellation Compensation? 

If in case your Air France flight ticket is cancelled, & passengers are in search of the options or are getting confused about the situation that they will get a full refund or half of the compensation for the cancelled flight. Now, to know about Air France Flight Cancellation Compensation, critical key points that this airline follows in respect of flight cancellation of any passenger.

Then here are some of the essential points that you should go through once for your convenience;

  • At Air France, passengers will be getting alternate transport to their destination, or a full refund if that's what you had to prefer 
  • If the passenger is told about the cancellation less than 14 days before you were due to depart, you may also be able to claim up to $700 per person compensation.
  • In general, if Air France cancels flights, they automatically attempt to rebook passengers straight onto another flight at no additional charge. And passenger can also demand the change in new flight & also can appeal for reimbursement if you no longer wish to travel that route
  • And if the new booked flight ticket by Air France lands at a similar time to your original, then they won't have to pay you the compensation.
  • Passengers whose flights are cancelled at the last minute have a valid claim to Air France cancelled flight compensation.


How do I claim compensation from Air France?

After you know all about the cancellation compensation & about delay compensation from Air France, now you should also know about the proper procedure about How do I claim compensation from Air France so that without any hustle or bustle passenger could quickly & smoothly get the payment from Air France Airline;

So, for that, you need to go through these best-guided ways that are quite beneficial for your help & assistance;

  • Get Via Online Support: to claim the compensation from Air France, then you should follow the online process to get your compensation. In this process, you need first to visit the official website page of airline, then you need to login into your account with the correct credentials. After that, you will go to the manage trip section within the website homepage. You can easily fill the compensation form. Instead of that, you can also send Air France customer care office an email describing full about the compensation reason & all the necessary details.
  • Support Via Customer Service Team: The other best option to get compensation or reimbursement is to avail the customer service team, which is fully functional & available 24*7 for the customer's assistance. In this, you only need to dial the helpline number of the customer care service team & the number you can fetch from the support section contact us page. You only have to elaborate the reason & provide the executive with the details as per their requirement & then you will be guided in an appropriate manner.


How Much Air France Flight Compensation?

As for your knowledge & reference, you must know about the Air France flight compensation so that you could easily avail for it in a subtle manner. Now, if you want to know about How Much Air France Flight Compensation, charge according to the kilometres & that to accordance with per person.

So, here are some of the lists of charges that are applied according to kilometres & you should once go through these points once;

  • For all the flights that are under 1500 km, the charges are around $294 per person
  • The internal EU flights over 1500 km have charged up to $470 per person 
  • And the Non-internal EU flights between 1500-3500 km charges up to $470 per person
  • At last Non-internal EU flights over 3500 km charges around $706 per person.


However, there are exceptions & also some exceptional circumstances which impact on the passenger's compensation that how much Air France owes in your case. Therefore, you can also use free compensation checker service within the Air France Airline website page to know about what you owe. Hence, if any further query you have & want expert advice, you may get in touch with Air France that are available 24/7 for the help & guidance of their passengers.

Frequently Asked Question ( FAQs ) Related Air France Compensation

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Air France Provide The Option To Claim A Refund?

If the customer wants to refund the airline ticket, the customer booked a refundable and non-refundable ticket. When the customer booked a refundable ticket, the customer can claim a full Air France claim refund without any cancellation charges. In another case of the non-refundable ticket, the customer will get a refund of surcharge and taxes. Maybe the customer needs to pay some of the cancellation charges depending on the date of cancellation.

How Long Does It Take For Air France To Refund?

It is seen many times the airlines cancel the flight, or the passenger cancels the flight due to some exceptional circumstances. So, in that case, they ask for the refund procedure, and after applying for the refund, they need to know how long it takes for Air France to refund. So for those passengers, here is the answer- After the passenger's refund request is raised and accepted, the airlines will initiate the refund procedure, and usually within Seven Business Days, the refunded amount will be reflected in the passenger’s original mode of payment.

Can I Claim Compensation With Air France?

 If the airline cancels the flight, then they provide its passengers with compensation also. The passengers are eligible to get compensation and the full amount of refund without any cancellation charges. Air France Airlines provides re-booking or full refund with compensation to the customers if the flight got canceled from the air France airlines end.

How Can I Collect Flight Compensation?

If the passenger wants to collect flight compensation, they require to follow the below-mentioned steps-

  • The passenger needs to hold the boarding pass along with all other documents.
  • If the flight got canceled from the airline's end, the passenger either requested an alternative flight or a full refund.
  • Lastly, the passenger is advised to ask the airline to compensate for their loss by bearing their extra expenses.

When Am I Eligible For Flight Compensation?

The passenger is entitled to get compensation if the airlines cancel the flight subject to the below-mentioned conditions-

  1. If the passenger opted for the replacement flight, it is delayed by two or more hours.
  2. In case the passenger’s flight is canceled in less than 14 days before departure. 

Can I Get Compensation If Air France Flight Is Canceled?

The passengers are eligible for compensation if the flight is canceled from the airline's end subject to the below-mentioned conditions-

  1. If the airlines canceled the flight and the passenger opted to go with a replacement flight, delayed by two or more hours, the passenger will get compensation.
  2. When the flight is canceled less than 14 Days before the date of departure.

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