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Step by Step Guide for British Airways Complaints

British Airways is at its peak of its industry. Whenever we talk about the airline industry, without a single doubt, British Airways comes to our mind on a firstly basis. Well, one can easily hold the top of market but maintaining it for a longer span is what takes courage and dedication. British airways have maintained it well by giving next level service and also maintaining its pace by handling complaints.

Complaint Procedure with British Airways -

The procedure to make a complaint with British airways is very simple as they have created measures for complaints for various scenarios, like if you have completed your flight and you faced any problem or if your flight was disrupted in between. Follow the below mentioned steps to file a complaint with British Airways –

  • Visit the official website of British Airways.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  • On the bottom left corner, you’ll find the option of Help and Contacts, click on that.
  • On the following page, go to ‘Making a Complaint’ under the Get Help with something section.
  • On the following page, you’ll find options for making a new complaint or checking the status of your previous one.
  • By clicking on ‘Start your new complaint’, you can file a new complaint with british airways.
  • With the help of your case reference number you can get an update on your existing complaint as well.


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With the help of the above-mentioned points you can easily resolve the problem of How do I complain to British Airways.

The Benefits of the Complaint Procedure-

  • You can make a complaint twenty-four by seven, seven days a week.
  • Filing a complaint is very easy, as everything is done online on the official website of British Airways.
  • You are being provided with a resolution in no time.
  • Whether it be your new complaint or your past complaint, they are all dealt with proper measures from the team of British Airways.
  • The issues are being resolved in a span of twelve months from the date of your complaint, so you can add any left over details as well.


The team of British airways believes in satisfying the customers through claims and vouchers so the customers are really happy with How do British Airways deal with complaints.

The information About British Airways Complaints and for Complaints-

  • The complaint can be about the following things –
  • Baggage claim.
  • Flight Disruption claim.
  • Refund for different seating.
  • The beverages provided on flight.
  • The billing for the Wi-Fi.


The above mentioned steps are the ones on which you can easily file a complaint on the official website of British Airways and get better understanding for the topic of British Airways complaints.

If you are not happy about the resolution provided by British Airways, you can fill out the form for Complaints and Claims with British airways and you can fill it out to nationwide European Commission’s online dispute resolution platform service.

You can fill out the request form and wait for their revert, for the resolution to your problem and getting the best possible outcome.

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