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If you want to Contact John F. Kennedy International Airport: Find below customer care information  of John F. Kennedy Airport, telephone and address that we already provide you  ,now you  can reach the contact for flight status, cancellation, special assistance, baggage assert , car parking, airport transportation, hotels, taxis or other problems or any question on JFK Airport services. Besides contact details, the page also offers information and details and the   links on JFK Airport.

There were lots of  commercial operations of JFK airport  in 1948 as Idlewild Airport. in 1963 that the airport was concreted in memory of the former president John F Kennedy. JFK is one of the world’s leading international air cargo centers. The airport connects to some 159 cities. It is today America's hassled airport and one of the 20th in the world. In 2010, the airport served some 48 million passengers. As a matter of fact, over ninety airlines operate out of JFK. The airport is basically a hub of  Delta Air Lines and american airlines.

There are lots of  major airlines operating from the airport include Air China, Air France, Air India,Aer Lingus, Aeroflot,  ANA, Alitalia, American Airlines, American Eagle, Asiana Airlines, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, China Airlines, Turkish, United Airlines, US Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Virgin America etc. 

John F. Kennedy International is only an airport which is like my home  as a New Yorker and from where nearly all of my trips departed before the pandemic. When I landed back there in February following the trip I never expected that it would take six months for me to return there for a flight and I really was even scheduled to depart from there from Spain the day after President Donald Trump's proclamation that essentially closed our borders with Europe.

Example Flying  with jet blues , United Airlines on Monday  brought me back to Kennedy for my first flight out of New York's largest airport since the pandemic took full force in March. It wasn't the homecoming I had expected, with only a fraction of the travellers passing through compared to what I was expecting and it was the first time I'd have to wear a face covering in the airline . it's necessary to be aware about the guidelines and the norms of the JKF. 

Restaurants Status

There are many like Euro Café, Panini Express,McDonalds  ,Sbarro, Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, KFC, Au Bon Pain, AeroNuova, Subway, Balducci’s, Burger King, European and lots of others.

Airline Status 

Then you are able to check flight arrival or departure status at JFK official website.

For Lost & Found query

Phone: (718) 244-******

(718) 917-39*****

JFK hotels near from airport 

phone numbers of hotels near JFK Airport just go through the website of JFK airline. 

And you also can request for John F Kennedy International Airport Contact Number on the official website.

Transportation of JFK Airport

Taxis and cabs

You can easily take help for Contact numbers of cabs and taxis at JFK Airport from the website. 

For bus services

Trans-Bridge Lines: (718) 962-9135

NYC Airporter: (718) 777-5111

NYC Transit Bus: (718) 330-1234

Airlines customer care:

Qantas: (800) 227-4500

Qatar Airways: (877) 777-2827

Royal Jordanian: (212) 949-0050

Singapore Airlines: (800) 742-3333

Lufthansa: (800) 645-3880

Pakistan Intl: (212) 760-8455

Qantas: (800) 227-4500

United Airlines: (800) 241-6522

US Airways: (800) 428-4322

Austrian: (800) 843-0002

British Airways: (800) 247-9297

Cathay Pacific: (800) 233-2742

Air China: (800) 982-8802

 Point to be noted : earlier  to departure make sure that your real airline will transfer bags to your connecting flight . If not, you really need, after customs transparency , take them with the connecting terminal and  c

Smoking is Prohibited:

Smoking is forbidden in all local  areas inside the travelers  terminals at JFK International Airport. Nevertheless ,  smoking is permitted in lounge   areas within barroms. 

New York Kennedy JFK Airport for international travellers

All those international appearances  - deviation of travellers  of those who went through the U.S. Customs transparency at participating airports which  need to go through passport control, hold the bags  and go with them through Customs transparency  .  If they carry on with  their journey  they need to check again their bags where stipulated , connecting the flight's gate before the preceding .  hallway connections and for the terminals , don't forget  to please refer to the 'Terminal Map' folio.

check them all in at your connecting airline counter before the  procedure  to your barrier.

Mail check Center

JFK gives us  a total service post office which is situated  at Building 255, on North Boundary Road. Tel. (718) 995-3368/(718) 656-6433. 

Pets on airport 

Usually Animals are not permitted in the terminal at the Airport unless they are being used to abet paralysed persons , or are in proper pet barriers .

Consolation areas for pets for each of the terminals are situated  outside of Advent . 

Example :JetBlue travelers  :  they  permit   cats  or dogs only inside the cabin. Call doubt  at 1-800-538-2583; a  non-refundable pet can  apply for each flight fragment.  The Pet check-in is at the full-service counter (no online or counter check-in).

Sumon Someone - If you really need to have a passenger folio , please detain  any of the red-jacketed customer care workers  or use the following numbers, by proceeding the area code 718 will surely help you .

Terminal 1 - 751-1200 ;   Terminal 2 - 704-2473;   Terminal 3 - 704-2473;   Terminal 4 - ask customer care agent;   Terminal 5 - (347) 545-3556 ;  Terminal 7 - call from a house phone x-3590;   Terminal 8 - 487-7300.

Passenger Pick Up and drop off : you also see the "Airport Parking" map. No parking in front of or next to any of any terminals - terminal frontal  area is for active loading and unloading only. Neglected  vehicles will be towed at the owner's outlay . You have the following options: park in the Cell Phone Lot, at a short-term lot or in the parking garage. Or  drop off your passenger at the Kiss and Fly at the Lefferts Blvd. AirTrain Station.If You enter the terminal with a customer , you should note that only ticketed passengers will be allowed past the security turnpike.

Now take relief from How do I Contact JFK now we gave you all the details.

For Personal Care:

Terminal 1 - XpresSpa at gate 6, and gate 3 .

Terminal 4 - XpresSpa at Mezzanine West and gates A2, A4, B24 & B25 & merchandise HaWelcome Center: at Arrivals of Terminals 1,  5, & 7.ll.

Travelers Aid: At Arrivals of Terminals 1, 4, 7, 8: Tel. 718 656-4870. You can find Travelers Aid Volunteers at the Ground Transportation stages in each terminal.

Frequently Asked Questions

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