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You can check in through different methods, which include online and offline modes. The check-in can be done if you have your booking details, and if not, then you can connect with customer service at 080005 01565 for help regarding the check-in process. The Turkish airline makes it easier for you to check in from your preferred location by providing passengers with a digital platform where they can get access quickly. So you can follow this article to gather information regarding the Turkish airline's check-in process. Go through the information wisely so that you can check in quickly without making any mistakes.

Are Turkish Airlines Online Check-in Available?

Yes, the Turkish airline has an online check-in service where you can go through the official site of the airline, and at the check-in ta you can enter your booking details to proceed further to check in yourself and get the boarding pass at your registered contact details. You can either check-in through the webpage of the airline, or you can simply apply on the Turkish application.

How to Check-in Online on Turkish Airlines?

You can check in through the airline's website. The website is available 24 hours and seven day, but the condition is to have an internet connection without any disturbances. You can follow the below-mentioned procedure that will help you check in through the website without making any errors.

  • You can open the official portal of the Turkish airline.
  • Then move to the sign-up page and log in through your valid account.
  • After that, move to the check-in tab and click on it. 
  • The check-in page will display on the panel, and after that, you can enter the booking reference number and last name following that, tap on the check-in button.
  • You are required to follow the on-screen instruction to complete the check-in process, and you can also select your seat from the seat map according to your comfort. 
  • At last, you will get the boarding pass from the airline on your registered email address.


You can take the hard copy out of it or simply keep a soft copy in your system to get the printout done at the airport, but it can cost you some money.

How to Check in with Turkish Airlines' Mobile App?

You can also check in through the Turkish Airlines mobile app, which is portable and can be taken anywhere. It is an application-based program that can be downloaded from the app store. The application is user-friendly and provides you with quick service in case of an emergency. The app needs only the login id to get open so that anyone can perform various flight tasks, including check-in, without any disturbances.

  • You can tap on the Turkish airline app on your phone.
  • Then log in through the app, and the screen will display.
  • Move to the check-in tab and tap on it. 
  • After that, fill in the booking reference number and surname, 
  • Now you can go through the instructions displayed on your phone screen, and you can also select your suitable seat option. And tap on the check-in button.
  • You will receive a barcode on your phone and scan the barcode at the airport check-in counter to receive the boarding pass. 


How to Check in at the Turkish Airlines Airport Counter?

You can also reach the airport desk, where the staff will help you out in the check-in process. You just need to provide the booking details to the person. According to that, airline staff will complete the check-in, and you will get the boarding pass. Now you are all set to board the flight at your suitable terminal.

How Long Before You Can Check in with Turkish Airlines?

The check-in is entirely dependent upon the medium you select for this procedure because check-in can be done in several ways on Turkish Airlines. Though, suppose you are getting hurdles in the best time to check in with your booked itinerary. In that case, you must read the following section passage because from here, you will know the best time to check in hassle-free, and it would be best to read the information for future travel.

  • For online or web check-in, the services start around 24 hours before the scheduled departure and end 90 minutes before the flight.
  • If you select the KIOSK check-in process that is self-service KIOSKS, then this service is also available 12 hours before the flight departure, and it shuts down 45 minutes prior.
  • The last point to consider for Turkish Airlines check-in is that if you proceed for airport check, then you are advised by the airline to reach the airport as soon as possible(3-4 hours) so that you can avoid the chaos of long queues.


Turkish Airlines Check-in Phone Number

If you want to check in through Turkish Airlines' official contact number, then you must use the following number 1-800-874-8875, and you will connect with a live person, and you will be able to discuss check-in.

  • Dial the Turkish Airlines telephone number 1-800-874-8875
  • After which, you need to select the language of your preference and continue with on-call services.
  • You then get to listen to voicemail instructions, and then you have to press the option to check in. 
  • You now have to provide the check-in details to the on-call assistant. 
  • Once you ultimately deliver the details for phone check-in, you will get the confirmation message via text or email.


Although, with the help of connecting representative on-call, you will get assistance quite smoothly from the available live person of Turkish Airlines, and you can ask for further information, which would be regarding check-in.

Turkish Airlines Check-in Policy

Turkish Airlines' check-in policy enables the passenger to quickly get through the airport premises and board the flight. But, if you are not well aware of the check-in policies on Turkish Airlines, then you may face some issues. So, in such uneven circumstances, you must read the following passage for help.

  • Per Turkish Airlines' check-in policy, passengers must complete check-in 1 hour before departure for international flights. 
  • In addition, if you have booked a domestic flight ticket, check-in must be done 45 minutes before the scheduled departure. 
  • With the help of self-service check-in, passengers should reach the airport 12 hours before the departure flight and proceed with the easy steps. 
  • For the airport check-in desk, you must reach the airport for a Turkish Airlines flight around 24 hours before flight departure, and you will meet the ground service staff, and you patiently get through such an event procedure.


How Early Can I Check my Bags at Turkish Airlines?

As per the Turkish Airlines check-in policies, the bag criteria suggest that if you check bags with an online procedure, then you will have to use the online process to add bags, and you must visit the airport 24 hours before the flight departure to complete the baggage process with the airport staff for help.

How Many Check-in Baggages are Allowed on Turkish Airlines?

According to, Turkish Airlines' baggage policy, the passengers are allowed to carry bags according to different classes available on a plane. So, for economy passengers, allowed bags are 2 pieces that may weigh around 50 pounds each, and for business class, allowed 2 pieces for 70 pounds each. However, for more information on baggage allowance, you can go on with baggage policies or discuss the baggage information with the Turkish Airline agent on call for further help.

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