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Air Asia is the largest Airline in Malaysia, and this Airline schedule operates domestic as well as international flights. If you have decided to board your flight from this Airline, then you should get Airasia Boarding Pass Download on your device after you have made an online check-in; you can also get a boarding pass from the kiosk machine, or get a printed copy from the helpdesk at the Airport after the check-in process, so you can show that pass to the flight security before you board the flight.

Air Asia Boarding Pass Online

There is a process where you can download your boarding pass online through the website of the Airline, as it is known to be an easy and convenient process to get a boarding pass, To know the online mode, follow the steps mentioned below:-

  • Visit the official website of Air Asia from your device.
  • Search for the check-in option and click on the tab.
  • Enter your last name and confirmation number.
  • Then click on continue.
  • Select your seat and provide the baggage information.
  • Submit your details.
  • You will see the boarding pass on your screen; download it.
  • After that, you will receive a confirmation code n your email address.


How Do I Get my AirAsia Boarding Pass QR Code?

You can get your Air Asia boarding pass QR code from the kiosk machine available at the Airport, where you can scan your QR code to generate your luggage tag. to know the process, look at the bullet points cited below:-

  • Locate the kiosk machine at the Airport.
  • Click on the check-in icon.
  • Type your reservation number with your last name.
  • Verify your details and tap on the continue option.
  • Then you will get a boarding pass with the QR code.


But in case you are not able to proceed with the online process. You can also proceed with the different mode, which is an offline mode where you can directly visit the Airport and get your boarding pass from the representative of the Airline after providing your flight information.

Steps: How Do I Get a QR Code for my AirAsia Boarding Pass?

To get a QR code for your AirAsia boarding pass, you will need to check in for your flight online or via the AirAsia mobile app. During the check-in process, you will be given the option to receive your boarding pass as a digital version, which includes a QR code.

Here are the steps to get a QR code for your AirAsia boarding pass:

  • Visit the AirAsia website or open the AirAsia mobile app.
  • Navigate to the check-in section of the website or app.
  • Enter your booking details and follow the prompts to check-in for your flight.
  • When prompted, select the option to receive your boarding pass digitally.
  • Your boarding pass will be displayed, including a QR code.
  • Save the boarding pass to your device or take a screenshot of it so you can easily access it later.


Once you have your boarding pass with the QR code, you can use it to scan into the airport, board your flight, and access other travel-related services as needed.

How Do I Get my AirAsia Boarding Pass PDF?

You can get a boarding pass in different ways, as you can download your boarding pass through the online process and visit the Airport to get one. As the boarding pass is essential to carry to board a flight, if you want your Air Asia boarding pass in the form of a PDF, obey the steps that are located beneath:-  

  • After completing the check-in process.
  • Click on the “view boarding pass.”
  • Then, you will see a “print” and a “PDF” choice.
  • Choose the “PDF” option.
  • Then tap on “Download PDF.”
  • After that, the flight boarding pass will be downloaded to your device in the form of a PDF.


Does the Boarding Pass Need to be Printed by AirAsia?

If you received your E-booking pass during your check-in process, you don't need to print your boarding pass then. You can go straight proceed toward your gate to board your flight. But if you don't have your E-booking pass, then you have to visit the helpdesk located at the Airport and speak to the representative of the Airline, provide him with your flight information, and then he will provide you a boarding pass. 

How To Print Air Asia E-Ticket?

The Airline sends you a flight ticket on your registered email account when you book your flight from Air Asia, you can download your plane ticket from there and get a printed copy to show to a flight representative at the boarding time, and you can also login to the Air Asia app and get your e-ticket after providing your flight information, the steps to get a print of your e-ticket are as followers:- 

  • Open the reservation overview page.
  • Enter your flight details, and proceed.
  • Click on “print e-ticket receipt.”
  • Select the passengers to print.
  • Then click on ”print.”

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