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Most airlines are pet friendly, but there are certain rules and orders you need to follow in order to travel with your companion. All basic information that is required to know about traveling with your pet in the Philippines is given in the context. Read thoroughly and get prepared for your flight with your pet.

The Pet Policy of the Philippines (Dogs / Cats):

If a passenger wishes to take their pet with them on the same flight and not in Cargo, they need to know about the policy before traveling. For your reference, the policies for your pet to travel with you are given below.

  • Pets such as birds, dogs, and cats can be allowed as baggage to travel with you.
  • No pets are allowed inside the cabin.
  • Pets should be securely placed inside the carriage.
  • The carriage should be durable, leakproof, and large enough for the pet.
  • If you don't prefer pets as baggage, you can apply for Cargo.
  • Pet fees will be added, and they may vary depending on the routes.
  • Only pets, such as trained and service dogs, are allowed inside the cabin.
  • 1 or 2 pets are allowed inside the crate if there is enough space.
  • The species should be the same if they are put together in a single crate.


Service Pet Policy:

  • Go through the Philippine Airlines Service Dog Policy if you are traveling with a service companion.
  • Passengers must notify 48 hours before the departure about the service pet.
  • Service dogs are allowed inside the cabin.
  • Service dogs should be kept under the seats or can be sat on the passenger's lap.
  • All the service dogs allowed inside the cabin must be well-trained.
  • Service dogs should be muzzled throughout the journey.
  • The carriers for the service animal should be approved by the airlines.


How Can I Bring My Pet from the USA to the Philippines?

Reservation for your pet:

  • You must book 48 hours before the departure of your flight.
  • You can call the customer service of Philippines Airlines and inform them about the pet.


Forms That are Required:

  • Pets must have proper vaccination certifications.
  • The vaccination must be 30 to 12 months old for the pets.
  • Many countries require microchips for their pets.


Requirements for a Service Dog:

  • The service dogs must meet the conditions:
  • Proper medical vaccinations
  • Some countries require microchipping
  • Animal passport or certifications


Age Requirements:

  • Must be above eight months old


To know about the breed restrictions, you can go to the official page of the airlines and go through the pet policy and check for the breeds that are restricted in the Philippines airlines. 

Can I Fly with My Dog on Philippine Airlines?

Yes, you can fly with your dogs on Philippine Airlines inside the cabin with you. To learn more about pet-friendly travel, you can call the customer service team of the airlines and get the information needed.

How to make a reservation?

You can contact the service team within 48 hours and inform them about the service dog or the pet. Make sure you have the required form for your pet, and at the time of reservation, give all the documents needed and make the reservation for your pet.

If planning to make a reservation for your pet in Cargo:

You can call their service at +632 8404-7745 (available between 8 am to 5 pm) 

Or use the email at


How Much Does Pet Travel Cost on Philippines Airlines?

There will be a pet travel cost in Philippines airlines, and it depends on the weight of the pet.

  • Up to 5.0 kg - PHP1000
  • More than 5.0 kg till 10.0 kg - PHP2000
  • 1 till 15.0 kg - PHP3000


If your pet weighs more then you must have to use Cargo air. 

Can I bring my cat on a Philippine Airlines plane?

Yes, you can bring your cat on Philippines Airlines flights. However, you should abide by the pet policy specified by the airline. 

How Much Does it Cost to Bring a Cat on a Philippines Airlines?

Carrying pets on Philippines Airlines flights is subject to the payment of a certain fee. It differs according to the weight of the pet, along with its food and storage case. To know the fee charged by the airline, go through the below list. 

  • 0-5 kgs: 17 USD
  • 5.1 to 10 kgs: 35 USD
  • 10.1 to 15 kgs: 53 USD
  • 15.1 to 20 kgs: 71 USD
  • 20.1 to 30 kgs: 106 USD
  • 30.1 to 40 kgs: 142 USD
  • 40.1 to 50 kgs: 178 USD


Philippine Airline's Pet Travel Requirements

Various rules and regulations are applied on carrying pets as baggage. Passengers with pets such as dogs, cats, and birds are accepted for carriage as baggage in the following conditions:

  • Pets should be accompanied by a passenger who is at least 12 years old. 
  • They should be placed in a sturdy case and water-resistant container. 
  • Passengers must produce valid vaccination certificates and exit or/and entry permits from the Philippine Bureau of Animal Industry and Animal Health Division. 
  • Only trained assistance animals are allowed in the cabin on flights. 
  • To confirm a seat for your pet, reservations are to be done a minimum of 48 hours prior to departure. 
  • Brachycephalic dog breeds are not allowed on Philippines Airlines. 
  • Make sure that your pet is properly vaccinated and in a healthy condition, as there is no oxygen assistance available on the flight. 

Do Philippine Airlines Allow Pets in the Cabin?

Philippines Airlines permits customers to bring their pets on board. But they are not permitted in the cabin and have to fly as cargo. 

Container dimension restrictions

Pets are accepted as checked baggage on Philippines Airlines. Hence, their container dimensions should follow the given restrictions.

  • If the dimension is 203 cm and it weighs up to 23 kg, including the pet, you should pay 200% of extra baggage fees. 
  • Containers measuring over 203 cm and weighing up to 45 kg attract 300% of the excess baggage fee.


Weight restrictions

If the weight concept is involved, the following fee is to be paid for the pet carriage.

  • If the pet and container weight is between 2.2 and 9 pounds, you have to pay 100% of the excess baggage fee.
  • For flights within the Philippines, the pet carriage fee is 20 USD per 5 kg up to 20 kg. In contrast, it is 40 USD per 10 kg up to 50 kg. 


What are the Requirements for a Dog to Travel on the Philippines Airlines?

Although Philippines Airlines allows pets on flights, there are some exceptions when it comes to pet dog carriage. The airline does not permit brachycephalic or mixed breeds of snub-nosed dogs on board. It is because these dogs are susceptible to risks of heat stroke and respiratory problems when exposed to heat or stress.

How Can I Add My Pet to my Philippine Airlines Reservation?

To inform Philippines Airlines that you will be carrying your pet on the flight, you can either call them or do so on the airline’s website. To get to know the online process, you should read below.

  • Go to the Philippines Airlines’ website.
  • Open the Manage Booking section and specify your booking reference/number and surname to get to your booking. 
  • Once your booking details open, you should click the ‘Pet in Cabin’ option. 
  • Follow the further on-screen process carefully. 
  • Ultimately, make the payment of the pet carriage fee incurred. 



You can go through the Philippines Airlines Pet Policy - Fly Your Dog or Cat, and also check the restrictions to make sure you and your pet have a hassle-free journey with Philippines Airlines.

NOTE: Looking for flight booking for dogs and cats so they can directly communicate with Philippines Airlines customer service agent, they help to give you instant booking for your pets. 

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