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Does Royal Air Maroc give refunds?

Royal Air Maroc is known as Moroccan national carrier as well as it is the largest airline of the Morocco Country. Now due to some of the unconditional circumstances the passenger cancels their flight ticket & then wants to apply online for the refunds. Now in that case if you want to know How do I get a refund from Royal Air Maroc so that smoothly & efficiently the refund process gets executed.

So, for that you need to follow these key steps through which you can apply for the refunds online;

  • First of all, you need to visit the official website of the Airline
  • Then you have to search for the refund form from the homepage of the website
  • Once you get the refund form then you will appropriately fill up the details as required (*)
  • First in the form you will provide the details of the passenger like name, address, email ID, city, region, phone number etc
  • After that you will select the ticket information like trip type etc
  • Now you will enter the ticket information like ticket number, origin etc
  • After that you have to just describe the refund request information within 1000 characters & then submit the refund form
  • At last you will receive the text message regarding the refund details.


How Do I Cancel my Royal Air Maroc Ticket?

Sometimes the passenger looks for the flight ticket cancellation then for that you can opt two ways for cancelling the ticket first is online & second is the offline method, but the most used & appropriate way of flight cancellation is online. Now if you want to know about How do I cancel my Royal Air Maroc ticket, so that you perform this task smoothly & hassle-free.

Then in that case you need to follow these below-mentioned steps for the cancel process;

  • Firstly open the official website of the airline with a browser
  • Then use your user ID & password of the login process
  • Now tap on my trip option & enter the reservation 6 digit confirmation code & your last name
  • Now you will have to fill the refund form by mentioning all required details
  • Now just before the submission of the refund form, you need to fill the cancellation reason
  • Then tap on the cancel option within my trip page
  • And your flight ticket will automatically get cancelled without any hassle & you will receive text messages regarding the cancellation.


Royal Air Maroc Cancellation Policy?

In some scenarios, the passenger before cancelling the flight ticket or booking should know about the Royal Air Maroc Cancellation Policy, so that every single point must be remembered about the policy for flight cancellation at Royal Air Maroc.

Then for that go through these highlights of the cancellation policy;

  • Full refund if the cancellation is done via an authorized centre
  • Airline will not charge the cancellation fee if the ticket gets cancelled within 24 hours of purchase
  • And for a full refund passenger must book a flight ticket within seven days.


Royal Air Maroc Cancellation Fee?

For knowing about the cancellation fees you must visit the website of the airline & you get to know about Royal Air Maroc Cancellation Fee, that airline will charge the cancellation fee according to the Royal Air Cancellation policy. And most importantly the fees are charged by evaluating the duration of flight, route, class or service & according to types of ticket you buy, etc.

If any passengers need help so search now How Do I Get In Touch With Royal Air Maroc and get instant help...

Royal Air Maroc Refund Policy


The royal air Morac is known to provide trouble-free flying to its passengers. The airline is to be celebrated for its attractive refund policies and services.

  • As per the airline 24-hour cancellation policies, you get a full refund without any terms and conditions. The value of the refund will not be affected by the nature of the ticket.
  • Passenger's ticket is safe, and they can earn a refund whether they hold a basic fare itself.
  • The airline provides a full refund if the ticket got cancelled before 168 hours of flight departure.
  • If you are a passenger with classic and essential tickets, you will not be qualified for a refund.
  • When the passenger cancels its ticket due to bereavement of family. The passenger will have to submit the death certificate.
  • When the flight is 3 hours delayed, whether in arrival or departure the passenger will be applicable for a full refund
  • As per Royal air Maroc refund policy, passengers with Business flex or Eco flex will have to pay a cancellation fee to gain a refund.
  • The airline will refund if the ticket gets cancelled due to a natural calamity like earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, heavy rain, thunder, worst climate condition etc.
  • As per the refund policy, if the passengers have paid the ticket with a credit card, they will get the refund in 7 business days. Other than a credit card, it will take 20 business days.
  • As per refund policy, passengers will get double miles a refund if the airline doesn't notify them about the cancellation in advance.
  • The passengers are also entitled to a voucher apart from a refund.


What Are The Terms And Conditions For Royal Air Maroc Flight Cancellation Compensation?

If a flight cancels, then the passengers are eligible for compensation under EC 261. As per EC261; you will be eligible for compensation in the below conditions.

You are entitled to compensation; if the airlines confirm the cancellation in less than 14 days from the departure date.

The airline also offers a new replacement, but if the arrival time of the new plane is different, you are eligible for compensation.

IF the cancellation happens within the last three years,

If you are having, confirmed flight reservation

The flight is cancelled, because of the airline itself, due to its operational situation, technical difficulties or airline staff strikes etc.

If you have any of the above reasons for flight cancellation, then as per ECI 261 regulations, the passengers have the right to reimburse up to $700 for cancelling.

What Are The Terms And Conditions For Royal Air Maroc Flight Delay Compensation?

If your flight is departing from the EU or arriving in the EU, it will have to follow the European law that protects passengers in the event of flight delays. The flight delay may be because of any reason. But, if you have reached the airport before 3 hours and your flight is arriving three hours late or departing three hours late, you will be entitled to compensation.

  • As per EC261 when the airline delays, it provides food, drink and access to commendation.
  • The airline will also offer accommodation and replacement in case if it is necessary.
  • When your airline gets cancelled due to an unexpected delay, it will provide you with a replacement. When the replacement doesn't suit you, you may request a refund.
  • Due to flight delay, if you arrived at your destination 3 hours late, you are entitled to get compensation up to $700 per person. You can claim your flight from as far as three years ago.


How Much Royal Air Maroc Flight Compensation?

The compensation offered by Royal Air Morac Flight depends on the distance. For e.g, all flights under the distance of 1500 km may offer, compensation up to Euro 250 per person.

  • Internal EU flights over 1500 km may offer compensation up to euro 400 per person,
  • Non-internal EU flights between 1500-3500 km may offer compensations up to Euro 400 per person,
  • Non-internal EU flights over 3500 km may offer compensation up to Euro 600 per person.
  • As per EC 261, all the passengers entitled to compensation will be treated equally. Whether they are adults, child or whatever they have paid for the ticket, they will get the same compensation amount.
  • Apart from this, you can also calculate your compensation exactly by going to the online website of Royal Air Morac airlines.

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