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Cebu Pacific is a low-cost Philippines airline that offers economical tickets to travelers making ticket reservations with them to various international and domestic places. If you have made a ticket reservation already, you have to know that there is a process that you can use to obtain your electronic ticket. You can complete your check-in that resolves how to get an electronic ticket in Cebu Pacific. For that, you can complete web check-in, for which the process is explained to you. Also, you can print your boarding pass or take it with you on your mobile if you have completed the check-in process using web or mobile check-in.

The Process to Obtain an Electronic Ticket

Travelers who have made a ticket reservation earlier must obtain an electronic ticket check-in is essential for that. You can complete your check-in earlier than you can complete at least one week before the departure of your Cebu Pacific. You can complete this check-in 1 hour before the departure of a domestic flight and for international ones, you must complete it at least 4 hours before you depart from Cebu Pacific. You must follow these steps to get your electronic ticket for the Cebu Pacific. 

  • First, you have to click on your browser and put the URL of the Cebu Pacific 
  • After that, you have to click on manage, there you can see various options to select from 
  • You have to click on check in and complete your pnr along with your last name or provide your email along with your password to access your Cebu Pacific ticket 
  • After that, you must click on a ticket that you want to check and complete the process 
  •  at last, you can obtain your electronic ticket for your Cebu Pacific 


How To Check if My Flight Ticket is Confirmed or Not in Cebu Pacific?

Cebu Pacific travelers can know if their ticket is confirmed for which they have to check their confirmation they received from Cebu Pacific when they compete for their ticket reservation 

How do I get my plane ticket if I buy it online at Cebu Pacific?

You can easily get your plane ticket if you made a ticket purchase online, for which you must follow these steps:  

  • First, you have to put the URL of the Cebu Pacific 
  • After that, you have to click on manage, after which click on manage booking from there
  • You must provide your pnr along with your last name, which lets you access your ticket reserved recently 


Is it better to check in online or at the Cebu Pacific Airport?

You must consider check in online when compared to check in at the airport since you can complete your web check in the way prior to your Cebu Pacific scheduled flight prior to one week of your scheduled departure. This process is much easier compared to check in at the airport. Also, you can skip the long waiting to complete check in if you web check in or mobile check in for your Cebu Pacific.

Can I Show my Boarding Pass on my Phone in Cebu Pacific?

You can show your boarding pass on your mobile if traveling with Cebu Pacific. This is a must for you to know if you have completed your check in using mobile or web check in and you have not printed your boarding pass Cebu pacific after reaching the counter of check in you can show your boarding pass on your mobile and that is valid, to complete your check in process of Cebu pacific.

Do You Have to Print the Boarding Pass for Cebu Pacific International Flight?

No Travelers who have made ticket reservations with Cebu Pacific for international trips must know they don't need to print boarding passes. However, you can print if you want to. If you have already made check in with Cebu Pacific using mobile or web check-in, you can simply produce your boarding pass on your mobile, which can ensure that you are checked in later on.

Travelers who have purchased a ticket with Cebu Pacific, can obtain your e-ticket after finishing check in. You can check the confirmation of your ticket via your email. Got you must check in using the web or mobile check-in also. It is not compulsory to print your boarding pass for your vacation.

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