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There are certain chances that the Airline has canceled or delayed your flight due to technical faults, bad weather, or unfavorable conditions. So, in those conditions, the Airline is responsible for giving you the Flight Delay Compensation Malaysia Airlines. So, for the compensation, you need to learn the policy and procedure for that, because while going for it, you should learn it. And to know about it, you can read the guidelines mentioned below.

Malaysia Airlines Delay Policy

Malaysia Airlines does not let their passengers leave for any cost, so they did everything possible. So, if the Airline delays or cancels the flight, they will provide you with every facility to compensate for that. And to learn the Malaysia Airlines Compensation Policy, read the steps below.

  • The Malaysia Airlines passengers will get accommodation at the Airport if the flight is delayed for so long. 
  • Travelers will get another available flight from the Airline if the flight is delayed 3 hours or more than that. 
  • If the flight is at night and it is delayed for more than three hours, then you will get a room in the nearest hotel.
  • Malaysia Airlines will provide the travel voucher to you as compensation which can be used for further flights. 
  • If the next available flight doesn’t match the traveler’s itinerary, then they will ask for a refund from the Airline. 
  • If you cancel your flight, then you will get the refund in the same form of payment. 
  • You will only get the refund if the Airline doesn’t inform you a week ago about that. 
  • If the scheduled departure is late less than three hours late, then you will get the Malaysian Airline compensation. 
  • The amount of the compensation totally depends on the timing of the delta and the distance between your destination and the Airport. 


Mention the Procedure To Claim Compensation from Malaysian Airlines

Passengers who want to apply for compensation want to know How to get Compensation from Malaysia Airlines? So, for that, you go with two procedures, online and offline. In an online procedure, you do not need the help of anyone, it can be easily done by you, and in an offline procedure, you have to contact the customer service agent for that. You can read about both of the procedures as mentioned below. 

Online Procedure:

If you want to get Malaysia Airlines Cancelled Flight Compensation, then you use the online procedure, which is easy and helps you get the refund. To learn the procedure read out the steps below. 

  • Log on to the official site of Malaysia Airlines. 
  • Then enter your login id and password for sign-in. 
  • Now go through the manage booking option and fill up the booking reference number and your last name. 
  • Now click on the flight that you want the compensation for.
  • Now find the fill a compensation form and click on it. 
  • And by providing all the necessary details, fill out that form and submit it to the Airline. 
  • Do not forget to note down the tracking id so that you keep track of your refund from time to time. 
  • But as soon as possible you will get your refund in your given account. 


Offline Procedure:

If the online procedure is not fit for you, then you can also ask for help from customer service to file compensation for you. And for that, you can read the procedure below. 

  • Make a phone call on 1 300 88 3000 this number. 
  • Then listen to the IVR instructions properly and press the number as per the situation. 
  • But first of all, choose your language to speak. 
  • After pressing the numbers correctly, you will be asked by the phone line agent to speak with customer service press this number. 
  • After that, wait till the agent get available, and after that, you can ask to apply for compensation. 
  • They will require some details that you can provide them with. 


How To Claim Compensation for Delayed Baggage Malaysia Airlines?

Have you arrived at the destination, and your baggage is delayed at the airport by Malaysia Airlines? This context can be useful to know what you can do when your bags is delayed. So find the policy of Malaysia Airlines Compensation for Delayed Baggage, are given.

The Methods to Claim Compensation:

The online form:

To get your baggage, or if your baggage is delayed for too long, you need to submit a complaint with the airline, The online form is very simple, and it does not contain any complicated steps. The procedure is given below points for your reference.

  • Open the website of Malaysia Airlines on a new tab.
  • Then you need to press the contact us option of Malaysia Airlines.
  • When you are on the diverted page, you can see the option to contact the service.
  • You need to look for the compensation form of the airlines.
  • Click on the compensation form and give the required details.
  • Once the compensation form is filled and submitted, the actions will be taken as faster as possible.


The feedback form:

You might be thinking if you can file a complaint using the feedback form; yes, you can, and you can also apply for compensation. Use the procedure that is given below as a reference to register the complaint.

  • You need to quickly go to the official page of Malaysia Airlines.
  • Then on the welcome domain, you need to look for the contact us option.
  • Click on the contact option, and you will be diverted to the contact page.
  • Now when you are on the contact page of the airlines, you can see the feedback form.
  • Click on the form and enter the details that are asked.
  • Given the reason and file a complaint.
  • The actions will be taken as faster as possible after the form submission.


You can also contact the service support of the airlines to get Malaysia Airlines Baggage Compensation by filling out the compensation form.

The Compensation Policy of Malaysia Airlines:

To apply for the delayed baggage compensation, you must first know about the conditions to apply. Certain circumstances need to be filled out if the passenger is asking for compensation. As a reference, you can read the points.

  • You can apply for compensation if the flight did not work as per the scheduled time.
  • If the Malaysia flight is delayed for more than 2 hours, you are permitted compensation.


What to do when your bags are delayed?

You need to immediately contact the lost and found support team immediately, as your baggage can also be misplaced or lost. You can use the number of the Malaysia airline, or you can report at the lost and found baggage counter to get help to receive your baggage.

How Much is the Delayed Baggage Compensation for Malaysia Airlines?

The compensation can vary on how long the baggage got delayed and the travel type. You can contact the customer service of Malaysia Airlines to know about the compensation details for your baggage, but basically, the compensation can be up to $1000.


The answer How to claim compensation for delayed baggage from Malaysia Airlines? Is given in the above passage along with the policy.

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