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If you are planning to make a reservation for Etihad Airways and would like to clear out a few doubts before making the reservation but are not sure how to contact the airline's customer service and are unaware of the contact methods, then this article is for you. You can go through the simple steps of each method and reach the agent in the blink of an eye.

How Do I Connect to Etihad Airways?

There are various methods that the airlines offer. The most popular are the phone call service and the live chat service. Other methods, such as the social media option and the email option, can be used to contact the airlines' customer service. The procedure is given below for the phone call and live chat service.

The phone call service:

  • You need to head to the official home page of Etihad.
  • The panel has various drop-down menus.
  • You need to click on the help drop-down menu and then click on the talk to us option.
  • In big, bold letters, you can see, “ Contact us 24 for a day.”
  • Choose your region and get the customer service option.
  • Be attentive to the instructions and press the numbers respectively.
  • Describe your issues and quickly get them solved.


You can get the live chat feature available on the contact page of the airlines. Click on the option and then send your queries in the chat box. Use the points that are given below to know more about the live chat option:

  • Go to the help page of Etihad.
  • Click on the help drop-down menu.
  • Now click on the Talk to Us option.
  • When you are on the service page, you can see the chat option in bold letters.
  • Click on the option, and when the chat box appears, you can send your queries.


How To Buy Etihad WiFi?

You can call customer service beforehand to know about the Wi-Fi charges, or you can just ask the crew members while you are on board, and you can pay on the spot if the Wifi is payable. To call, you can use the above simple steps and reach the customer service of Etihad.

The Price of WiFi on board:

The Etihad Wifi on board price may differ, and every flight that is longer than 7 hours has Wi-Fi service. Review the changes before you board.

Types of Wi-Fi Packages:

Chat-only WiFi - You can use this to send texts to the people who are on the ground. You can use all the messaging applications on board if you buy this package.

Surf online - This package is ideal for business purposes and those who want to send emails, surf, and chat. This Wi-Fi can be used till you reach your destination point.

Up to 7 hours:

Chat service - $2.99

Surf package - $9.99

Longer than 7 hours:

Chat service - $4.99

Surf package - $19.99

To get further details, you can read the Etihad Wifly Packages available on the help page of Etihad. Also, make sure you have your charger and cable for your devices, as the plug is also available on board.

How Can You Connect to the Wi-Fi?

After purchasing the Wi-Fi package, if you would like to know about the Etihad inflight entertainment movie list, you need to go to This is the website to check out all the inflight entertainment options. Not only the inflight entertainment, but you can also make phone calls and the chat service option depending upon your Wi-Fi package.

Can you make a call using the Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can call people on the ground using the WiFi. You need to get the subscription if you are an Etihad member, and if you are a guest, you need to buy the package. For more information regarding onboard Wi-Fi and customer service options, you can visit the help page and also read the faqs of Etihad.

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