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Can We Use the Internet on Singapore Airlines?

As the world is obsessed with being connected all the time, wifi connectivity has become an essential need for airline customers across the globe. Singapore Airlines has grabbed the opportunity to fulfill the customers' needs and give free wifi to the customers. Singapore Airlines fleet has aircraft that are wifi enabled, and the customers can use them to connect with their loved ones. You can read further ahead to get all the details to connect with wifi.

How To Get Free WiFi on Singapore Airlines?

You can get free wifi on Singapore Airlines if you hold a ticket for Suites, First Class, or Business Class or if you are a member of the PPS Club, or if you are a member of the KrisFlyer program.

You can get free wifi on Singapore Airlines by adding the PPS club or Krisflyer membership details on your booking. You have to follow the steps below to add the details.

  • Open the page and click “manage booking”
  • Enter the flight booking reference number along with the traveler last name and click “Manage booking” option.
  • Select the relevant booking and click “add membership details” to fill out the details.
  • Once the details are added to the booking, you will be entitled to free Wi-Fi.
  • When you are onboard a Wi-Fi-enabled aircraft, you have to connect to the “KrisWorld” wifi network on your device while you are in flight mode.

If you do not have a KrisFlyer account, you can sign up for the membership free of cost online using the official website or get in touch with the Singapore Airlines customer service by calling the customer care number and get wifi on board the aircraft.

Can I Purchase a WiFi Plan Onboard?

Yes, you can purchase a wifi plan onboard which is only valid for the sector the plan was purchased on. 

  • For an hour of surfing, you can get wifi access at 3.99$.
  • To surf for 3 hours, the wifi access will come at a cost of 8.99$
  • To get access throughout the flight, you have to pay 15.99$.


Does Singapore Offer Free Wi-Fi?

Yes, Singapore Airlines does offer free wifi to customers on select aircraft, and it depends on the class of ticket you hold.

Does Singapore Airport have Unlimited Wi-Fi?

Yes, Singapore Airport does have unlimited wifi. To access the wifi, you must have a phone number to receive an OTP that has to be entered to start using the service. However, there is a maximum time limitation of an hour at the airport.

What is Complimentary on Singapore Airlines?

Passengers flying First class, Business class, or those who are PPS and supplementary card holders can get unlimited complimentary wifi.

How to Connect to Free Wifi on Singapore Airlines?

You can connect to free wifi on Singapore Airlines by entering the details of your KrisFlyer account while booking the flights or when you are checking in and accessing the inflight wifi.

How Can You Have a Smooth Wi-Fi Experience?

You can have a smooth wifi experience on board Singapore Airlines by following the tips below.

  • You have to enable low data/power mode and disable media auto download.
  • Disable software updates, cloud backups, and background app refreshes.
  • You can avoid gaming and transferring sizable files.
  • The inflight wifi speed and experience can vary depending on various factors like weather conditions, satellite coverage, and the type of activities you may be performing on the device.
  • You can send an email to to make any inquiries about your wifi session.

The information above will be useful if you want to enjoy wifi onboard Singapore Airlines. If you need any other help with your travel, you can connect with the Singapore Airlines customer service team or visit the official website.

Singapore Airlines Offers Complimentary wifi?

You have reservations with Singapore Airlines, and customers want to enjoy complimentary wifi. Yes, Singapore Airlines Offers Complimentary wifi to travelers traveling in Suites, First Class, Business Class, PPS club members, and Supplementary Cardholders. The Airline has issued some criteria for wifi Allowance, which are discussed here.

  • Suits and First Class Passengers can get unlimited wifi Access Privileges.
  • If you travel with Business Class and a passenger holds a Supplementary card, you can also get Unlimited wifi.
  • Premium Economy class customers with PPS and supplementary cards can get unlimited wifi Access; if you are a KrisFlyer member, you will get complimentary wifi 3 hours surf plan.
  • Non-KrisFlyer members are not Eligible for free wifi Access in both Premium Economy or Economy Class.
  • Economy Class passengers can only enjoy a 2 hours surf plan whether passengers hold PPS and Supplementary cardholders else you are a KrisFlyer member or non-KrisFlyer Members.


Does Singapore Airlines have wifi in the economy?

Singapore Airlines offers free wifi to those travelers who hold reservations for Business Class or traveling in Suites, First Class, PPS Club members, and other Complimentary card holders. If you want to know: Does Singapore Airlines have wifi in the economy, the Airline does not allow complimentary wifi service for Economy seat passengers to get the wifi privilege; you should better switch to other classes which offer free wifi Access to their travelers.

How much is wifi on Singapore Airlines?

Generally, airlines provide free wifi Access to their travelers. Still, if a passenger wants Singapore Airlines wifi Speed or any other specifications, we suggest the customers choose the paid wifi service. It will cost you around for domestic or short-haul flights nearby, $8 for 800 miles, and $10 for other flight options prices may depend on the available package options like chat, Pro, Premium, and Surf which you can find in the given data.

  • Chat which includes text on apps like WeChat, Whatsapp, Viber, Line, Telegram, iMessage, and more, will cost you around US $3.39, and the connection is accessible for 2 hours with a 30 MB data limit.
  • Airlines also provide PRO connection which is beneficial to those who need web Browsing and emails with a faster speed and limit of 100 MB of data for the charge of US$9.99.
  • Premium Package provides 200MB of data for US $15.99 with the same speed as the PRO package.
  • You can also choose SURF, which provides the three hours data plan for US$ 15.99 and has the same speed as PRO and Premium.


Suppose you want to purchase In-flight internet and are wondering about the Singapore Airlines Internet Package, explained in the above information. You will quickly know about the package details with their time, data limit, and charges.

Airline Complimentary wifi Speed:

Airlines usually give a medium range of speed where customers need to wait a while to open the web page as it is a little slow. Passengers can expect the Singapore Airlines wifi Speed of 8 Mbps with 1-2 Mbps uploads. If you want good speed, we suggest you buy the internet package from the given choices.

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