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While planning a trip to an international destination with United Airlines the journey becomes long. The passenger wanted to add the food to their booking, but they were not aware of the ways through which they could add food service. United Airlines provides numerous modes, as per mentioned below.

Do You Have to Preorder Food on United?

United Airlines Sell Food and you can add this service by using the instructions as per described below:

  • First, download the United Airlines application on your devices.
  • Now enter your mobile number in the following section.
  • You will get the code on your registered mobile phone. Type that.
  • Now you can use the application on your device.
  • You will see the Manage booking option, and through it, you can add the food services to your United booking.


How Do I Add a Meal Preference to United?

To add a meal preference to United Airlines by using the online process, To use this option, you need to get through the process as given below:

  • Open the official website of United Airlines.
  • On the homepage of United Airlines, you will see the My Trip option. Click on that link.
  • Now tap on the Manage My Trip option. 
  • Write the booking confirmation code and the passenger's last name in the given boxes.
  • Select the ticket on which you want to add the meals.
  • Click on the payment mode option.
  • Now make the payment, and you will get the confirmation message for the meal on your mobile phone or email.


How Do I Request A Special Meal for a United Flight?

United charges for snacks, and to add meals, you can use the calling process. You need to dial the number 1-800-864-8331, and then the call will be transferred to the computer’s automated voice, and then it will assist you with the options. You need to choose from the provided options, and then the call will be directed to the customer service representative. The get connected with United Airlines, you need to follow the steps as per listed below:

  • Press 1 to book the flight ticket.
  • Press 2 to check the name change policies.
  • Press 3 for special assistance.
  • Press 4 to get the special meal.
  • Press 5 for premium check-in.
  • Press 6 to check the departure time of the flight and the terminal.
  • Press 7 to cancel the ticket.
  • Press 8 to direct the call to the customer service representative.


What is Economy Plus Eating on United Airlines?

United First Class gives you food, and you will get complimentary food, a three-course meal with salad, artisan bread, a main course, and a premium dessert. There is some United Airlines food as er described below:

  • The passengers are not allowed to carry liquid of more than 3.4-ounce bottles. If they carry more than that, then they need to submit the liquid at TSA pre-check.
  • If you have special food requirements, then you can request it by using the online process.
  • The passengers in the premium class can take the alcohol for free. If you are not a premium member, then you need to purchase it at United Airlines.
  • If your flight covers a distance of less than 200 miles, then you can ask for a non-alcoholic beverage from United Airlines. For Long-distance traveling, you will get complimentary drinks on the flight.
  • If you travel under 800 miles, then you can bring your own snacks and food. There is no complimentary food available.
  • You can add the food to your booking by using online and offline procedures.


How Much Does It Cost To Take Food at United Airlines?

At United Airlines, you will get complimentary food that will depend on your traveling routes and class. The charges for the food are mentioned below:

  • If you are traveling in economy class and your journey is less than 300 miles, then you can bring your own food. But if you want the food at United Airlines, then you need to pay at least 40 dollars.
  • If you want to take an alcoholic drink, then you need to pay the price depending on your drink and the price mentioned on it.
  • If you are a premium member of United Airlines, then you will get the beverages and the food for free.
  • You can purchase the food at United Airlines by using the miles points, and you will get the food at a low price or for free.
  • You will get complimentary food at United Airlines if you are traveling for more than 800 miles.
  • You are allowed to bring packet foods at United Airlines for free.



You can use the aforementioned ways to add the food service with your booking at United Airlines, and you will serve the best food. You can also go to the official website of United Airlines or contact the United Airlines customer service representative for your queries.

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