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Krisfler is a rewards program of Singapore Airlines. There are many passengers who wish to redeem their already existing Krisflyer miles for their flights. If you are also looking for relevant information, then you can use the important detail given below. You will also get the details of using your miles for different purposes. 

Can I Transfer KrisFlyer Miles?

If you have collected Krisflyer miles and you are wondering how to redeem them, then you can use the online steps that are described below and continue:

  • Visit the official website of Singapore Airlines.
  • Go to the pps club/krisflyer section from the top of the menu bar.
  • Now tap on the “use miles” option.
  • Soon you will find the option of “Redeem miles.”
  • Finally, you will be shown a link, Where you need to search for your flight information also you must enter your details like, your Krisflyer account and password, and tap to purchase a ticket or for travel upgrades. 
  • Finally, your miles will be redeemed for flight bookings.
  • You will soon obtain booking information on your registered email address.


How Can I Earn Miles for Someone Else Flight Krisflyer?

There are many passengers who are unaware of the process to earn Krisflyer flight miles for someone else. If you are also looking for similar information, then you must note that if you have set a redemption nominee, then you will get miles for them. Apart from this, you can only get miles to only your account. You are not eligible to earn even a single mile if you are not added to that booking. You can also not transfer your existing miles to another frequent flyer program member. Travelers must also note that they cannot purchase miles if they do not have any value to book tickets; however, they can still redeem them for award tickets. 

Where can you use your existing Krisflyer miles?

Apart from using your Singapore Airlines miles for flight bookings, travelers can also make use of them for the following purposes:

  • You can use them to experience local adventures, to visit different locations, and experience various tourist attractions.
  • You can also use your existing Krisflyer miles for hotel stays or to rent a car to your destinations. 
  • You are also permitted to purchase different items from using your existing miles. 
  • You can contribute your miles to the Singapore carbon offset program.


How To Earn Krisflyer Miles without Flying?

Sometimes Singapore Airlines passengers look for ways to earn Krisflyer miles without traveling; if you are also one among them, then you must be aware that apart from receiving miles every time you travel via Singapore Airlines or any partner airline, you are eligible to earn miles by following any of the following ways:

  • You are eligible to earn miles on the ground: There are approximately more than 200 airline non-partners like car rental providers, card providers, and hotels that provide miles to travelers. If you become a registered Krisflyer program member, then you can enjoy these benefits. 
  • If you use Krishop to purchase any product from the comfort of your office, home, on a flight, or even at a cafe. 


What airlines can you use KrisFlyer miles on?

Apart from using your Krisfler miles on Singapore Airlines for flight bookings, passengers can also use them for the partner airlines Alaska Airlines, Vistara, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia, and Juneyao Airlines. You can make a reservation on any of the airlines mentioned above to purchase tickets or even for flight updates. 

Can you convert KrisFlyer miles to cash?

Sometimes some miles holders also search for whether they can convert their Krisflyer miles to cash. They must note that though there is no direct way to convert your miles to cash, you can still mix your cash and miles to purchase various services or enjoy your trip. 

How To Transfer KrisFlyer Miles to Nominee?

KrisFlyer miles can be used to book a flight with Singapore Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Vistara, and many more. You cannot transfer your miles points to the nominee, but you can use your miles points to book a flight for them. If you have a nominee registered to your account who wants to book a ticket, then you have to go to the official website and redeem the points from the booking screen.

Can I Transfer KrisFlyer Miles to the Family?

You can only transfer miles from a child to an adult account. However, you can add the family member as your nominee to book a flight ticket for them. Once you have added your family member as your nominee, you can book a flight ticket for them at any time using your miles points. You can add five people as your nominee, but once you have added them, you cannot change it for six months. Adding a nominee is free; however, removing them might cost you some charges. If you have any problem and need help with something, then reach out to customer service, and they will assist you with the information and guide you through the process.

How Do I Add a Nominee to KrisFlyer Miles?

If you want to add a nominee to your KrisFlyer account, you can easily do it through the official website. You can add five nominees to your account and cannot change them for six months. If you want to know about the process to add the nominee, then you have to follow the mentioned instructions:

  • Get to the official website and sign in to your account.
  • Head to the "Profile" section on the page.
  • Then click on the "Redemption Nominees" option.
  • Tap on the "Add nominee" button.
  • Enter the nominee's name, date of birth and provide the passport number.
  • You can also make them an authorized nominee who can make redemption bookings and make changes to your ticket.


How Can I Redeem KrisFlyer Miles for Family?

When you book a flight ticket from the official website, you can redeem your KrisFlyer miles points and make the reservation for the nominee. You can also use the points to upgrade the seat. If your family member is already added as your nominee, then you can use the following steps to redeem the miles points: 

  • Open the official Singapore Airlines website.
  • Make a new booking and choose the preferred destination.
  • Choose the date for the departure
  • Then you have to enter the passenger information 
  • There you will get the option to redeem the KrisFlyer miles for a nominee.
  • After that, pay the amount of the ticket and download the flight ticket.


How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Krisflyer Miles Nominee?

To remove a nominee from your Krisflyer list, you must know that you can not remove them for six months since they are added, and after that, you have to pay some charges. The cost to remove the nominee is $30 or 3000 miles points.

You can pick up to five only if you have added redemption nominees. Thus, there are some odd circumstances when you wish to remove the nominee you previously added with KrisFlyer, and for such a purpose, you will have to pay out a charge. For example; for the 3000 KrisFlyer miles, the cost will be $30, and it will get changed accordingly.

How Do I Change my KrisFlyer Nominee?

Suppose you already added a KrisFlyer nominee to your existing account and now wish for the change of the name of the nominee you added. The process to add/change the nominee is free and can be done online without any obstacles.

  • You need to first log in to the KrisFlyer account by the preferred browser.
  • After which, if you want to change or replace the nominee name, then select the profile tab
  • Now, choose the field of name, and you can here quickly get the option to change the existing name with the new one and mention the new one's complete information, like date of birth and full name. 
  • Once you have changed it on the official page, tap over submit button. 
  • In the end, you will view the page once again as you will be able to get complete information accordingly.


How Much Does it Cost to Buy KrisFlyer Miles?

If you need to buy KrisFlyer miles, you will have to pay a charge that starts from $40 for 1000 miles, and as you go high for the miles amount, the cost will vary accordingly, and it may go high to $500, approximately.

How Many Nominees Can You Add to the KrisFlyer Program?

Travelers are allowed to add up to 5 redemption nominees, who are allowed an additional option to upgrade and get the redeeming it for the services like upgrades and other facilities and services. Moreover, the cost to add or change is free, and you can process it on the official site page only according to your preferences. 

Thus, these are a few of the best pieces of information you can retrieve directly from the KrisFlyer official site for enacting the proper procedure to add/change adequately. 

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