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Kuwait Airways has been offering a well-planned meal preference to its respected travelers so that they can enjoy their trip comfortably and have a memorable journey. The services packed in-flight for the travelers are cabin-wide Wi-Fi and a wide variety and selection of menus onboard which also includes special meals. 

Customers even get the option of ordering specially baked cakes in-flight for some special occasions. Now, to learn about the proper procedure for How to select meal in Kuwait Airways, you must use the following section information as you will be gathering an appropriate set of points to select meals of your preference.

Does Kuwait Airways Give Food?

Yes, Kuwait Airways offer appetizing food on their flight. The airline offers inflight and special meals. Passengers are provided the best meals on the flight if they book Economy, First, Business, and Royal classes. It is suggested to inform the airline at least 48 hours before the flight schedule if you have any special food requirements due to allergies to some food ingredients or health reasons.

Does Kuwait Airways give food? The menu includes infant, baby, child, Hindu, and Jain meals, low-calorie or low-fat, low-gluten, and non-lactose meals. Apart from this, low salt meals, seafood, vegetarian, oriental, and non-diary meals.

Quick Steps To Select Meals at Kuwait Airways:

  • To select a meal in Kuwait Airways at the time of ticket purchase 
  • After you entirely mentioned the ticket information
  • You need to tap over add services tab and, from there, select in-flight meals/special meals. 
  • Next, please choose your preferred meal and then add it accordingly. 
  • Now head for the payment of the meals you have chosen and choose the preferred mode. 
  • Last, you receive a confirmation OTP, which you need to enter under the required field, and payment will be paid, and you will receive a confirmation email along with your ticket.


Kuwait Airways Economy Class Food Menu:

At Kuwait Airways, every class preference has been included with meals so that customer can memorize their trip with sheer comfort and experience although, if you have made a reservation and wish to withdraw details for Kuwait Airways Economy Class Food Menu list, you must approach the below section because you will get complete information for assistance from there.

  • It depends on your departure schedule, as breakfast, lunch, or dinner is offered to the passengers.
  • The other economy class main meal comprises chicken, lamb, vegetarian options, and all other meals which have merged with starter and dessert.
  • In addition, soft drinks, juices, coffee, and tea are also provided to travelers.


Kuwait Airways Child Meal:

If you are traveling with your family and have kids onboard to travel, special meals can also be prepared without any obstacles and though in case you need to know about Kuwait Airways Child Meal, preferences are offered in flight for relaxing your children so that you get easy traveling with Kuwait Airways.

  • Children's meal offers a wide variety of food, including nuggets, fish fingers, spaghetti, pizza, French fries, and chocolates.
  • Baby meals include pre-packed baby foods such as fruit, vegetable purees, cereals, etc. Note that baby food and milk are also offered with the option to get heated in-flight with Kuwait Airways, as requested by the in-flight available crew members
  • Moreover for diabetic passengers the meals are get prepared with avoiding high amounts of carbohydrates, starch and sugar, but there are certain sugary substitutes are used for the passenger's health preferences and help them to get through wisely.


Kuwait Airways Breakfast Menu:

Sometimes this happens that most passengers have long-haul flights, and they often land early morning, and they do not have any clue regarding the Kuwait Airways Breakfast Menu, so if you wish to get an appropriate set of information related to breakfast meals offered to passengers in flight then read the below section preferences.

  • Half a boiled egg
  • Cheese and bread
  • Sausage
  • Rosti Potatoes
  • French toast. 


Kuwait Airways Change Meal Preference:

The best thing a passenger can do to execute the Kuwait Airways Change meal preference is to call the airline customer service team experts and order a special meal a day or two before the date of departure. As you share your change meal preferences on-call with the assistant, you will receive proper arrangements made accordingly. However, if you are present on the flight, you can receive appropriate assistance from the available crew staff agents, and in both cases, you should pay for the modifications of your ticket and receive proper guidance from them wisely. 

Do Kuwait Airways Serve Alcohol?

For the convenience of the passengers, most airlines serve alcohol. Do Kuwait Airways serve alcohol? Alcohol is neither allowed nor served by Kuwait Airways, regardless of what destination you are visiting or even a long-haul flight, because Kuwait is an absolutely dry country when it comes to alcohol. It is banned from selling and consuming drinks publicly so you can be punished by law. However, premium wine, champagne, and non-alcoholic beverages are accessible onboard.

How do I know if my Kuwait Flight Serves a Meal?

The airline's food is mentioned in your flight ticket. Kuwait is known for providing numerous exotic dishes passengers can select from, all supplies are Halal certified onboard, but alcohol isn’t permitted on the flight. How do I know if my Kuwait flight serves a meal? Generally, breakfast, lunch, or dinner items depend on the departure time. The easiest way to find your flight meal is to check the itinerary. 

The economy class main course comprises chicken, lamb, and vegetarian choices, including the starter and dessert. Moreover, juices, soft drinks, tea, and coffee are offered if you want to drink something to refresh yourself. 

How Do I Request A Special Meal for a Kuwait Flight?

Usually, the airline offers the meal depending on the flight schedule. You can check the flight itinerary. How do I request a special meal for a Kuwait flight? Supposed you have any special requirement, you can request the airline by contacting customer support to order the special meal at least one or two days before the departure date. You need to share your requirements, and the arrangements will be made accordingly. Make sure to choose the IVR instructions to connect with a suitable representative. 

Kuwait Airways Vegan Meal

Passengers who need to know about the Kuwait Airways Vegan Meal or any other meal types can contact customer support. If you have booked Business and First class fare, flyers have the option of various international dishes such as appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Besides, you can enjoy the multi-course meal service with Arabic and Western cuisine. In case of any concerns, contact the human representative.

Is WiFi Available on Kuwait Airways?

Now you can work comfortably and connect with your loved ones even on the Air. as Kuwait Airways has launched its wifi facility that allows you to get access to the internet even in the cloud. Now there might be a lot of questions in your mind, so here, along with the answer to these questions, you will get to know about some other things too. So, do not leave this page until you get all your answers. As Kuwait Airways use the on-air internet, which is quite expensive so, there are chances that Airways will charge you high if you book it.

How Much Does Kuwait Airways Wifi Cost?

The wifi cost at Kuwait Airways depends on the duration as well as the prices. But just keep in mind that onboard wifi packages are quite expensive, so, Airways is bound to charge heavy prices for that. Read the prices as provided below.  

  • If the passenger uses the wifi for 30 minutes, then they need to pay 10 USD.
  • In a one-hour duration, the traveler has to pay 20 USD as an inflight wifi charge. 
  • And in a duration of three hours, a passenger has to pay an amount of 40 USD. 


How To Connect to WiFi in Kuwait Airport?

It might happen that when you reach the Airport, your phone connection loses the network, which is why you need to connect with the local, and for that, you are looking for the procedure, As most of the Airport provides free wifi, and any traveler can use it for personal use. 

  • Turn on the wifi button on your device. 
  • And you need to search for the Kuwait free wifi network’ and select that. 
  • Just after connecting, a page will be opened on your device, and enter your provider number there. 
  • And you will receive an otp mentioning it on the required boxes. 
  • Just after that, you have to put in a four-digit numeric password, and then you can connect with the Kuwait local wifi. 


How Can I Add a WiFi Plan to My Flight Package?

The wifi in your flight package can only be added by customer service only. So, if you wish to add that, call them, and for that, you need to go through some IVR instructions that are mentioned below.

  • You can start by placing a phone call on 011 965 2434 5555.
  • Then choose the language in which you want to speak.
  • After that, go through the on-call instructions properly and press the number as per the requirement. 
  • Very soon, you will be connected with the executive from whom you can tell that you want to add the wifi. 
  • They will require some information and then add the wifi to your flight, and you can pay the amount for that by clicking on the link provided in your Gmail. 
  • At last, you will get the information that you have successfully added wifi to your flight. 


Is T.V. Allowed in Kuwait Airways? 

Yes, you can carry T.V. as your checked baggage, but you should have to check the dimensions like one can carry only 50 inches or bigger than that. So, before going through that, you need to check out the Kuwait Airways baggage policy as you will get to know about it.

How Can I Contact the Airline?

To speak with a live representative, dial the Kuwait Airways contact number 1-201-582-9200‚Äč for assistance. The airline is accessible 24 hours to guide you. Visit the website for more details. 

Follow the airline on various social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can get the latest details and updates to book cheaper flights and services such as inflight meals, fares, and seat selection.

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