How To Transfer American Airlines Miles For Free?

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    Are you pondering over the transfer of AA Miles? In that case, you have landed at the exact right place. We are about to discuss a few questions concerning miles transfer to offer a better comprehension to travelers as far as AA Miles is concerned.

    How To Transfer American Airlines' Miles For Free?

    Travelers can transfer American Miles to another account but there is a fee that they need to pay as far as the transfer is concerned. Passengers can transfer the Miles on their own by visiting the official American airlines' website. All you need to do is visit for initiating the Miles transfer.

    • The fee charged by American airlines is 1.25 cents per mile. This is the transfer cost. Also, passengers have to pay USD 15 to 40 as a processing fee at the airline for transferring miles to another account.
    • Transfer of miles allows individuals a scope to make good use of their expiring miles as they can transfer the miles to another account and can gift a family member or a friend. 
    • You can also transfer miles if you do not see any redeeming opportunities.


    Can You Transfer American Airlines Miles To A Family Member?

    Opportunities are available to transfer American airline's miles to another account, be it your family or friend. Travelers can transfer their miles to family or friends by paying a fee to the airline. There is a processing fee that is charged by the airline. Also, there are some limitations as far as the transfer is concerned.

    Passengers can connect with the customer service department at the airline to get optimum assistance and help with their questions and queries concerning their flight reservations. Also, one can reach out to the customer service support professionals to get help with Miles transfers at American Airlines.

    If you need to make the transfer manually using the official website, you can refer to the below-mentioned steps:

    • Visit to initiate the transfer process.
    • Select the ‘Transfer Miles’ option from the top menu bar on the page. 
    • A new page will open on the screen and travelers need to enter a few details such as the Mileage account number of the friend or family member along with the number of miles they would like to transfer. 
    • Complete the transfer by paying the transfer as well as the processing fee to the airline using a debit or credit card. 


    How Much Does it cost to transfer AA Miles to another person?

    As mentioned above, there are two transfer costs levied on the passenger trying to transfer miles from one account to another. One is the base transfer cost and the other is the processing charges charged by the airline.

    • The transfer cost for AA Miles is 1.25 cents per mile. 
    • The transfer processing cost ranges between USD 15 to 40. 

    If you are met with certain complications while doing the transfer online, you can always connect with the customer service team for help. The executive from the concerned department will tend to your concerns and will come up with ultimate solutions to help you complete the transfer of miles between the accounts.

    How to transfer American Miles to Alaska?

    When you travel through Alaska Airlines, you earn AAdvantage points and use them when you travel through American Airlines. You are allowed to redeem these miles when you book a flight under American Airlines. Similarly, travel via American Miles earns you points that you can redeem when you travel through Alaska Airlines. The process can sound confusing, but once you read the following, you will change your mind, 

    • You can first open the Alaska Airlines portal and search for flights as per your preference.
    • When you select the fight, pay attention to the details. The flights that are eligible to redeem Alaska miles on American Airlines flights will read ‘operated under American Airlines’; these are the flights that can redeem your Alaska points.
    • At the time of making payment, the mentioned flights will have the option to redeem the points; you can select that before the final amount is displayed and then make the payment as required.
    • In a similar manner, while you are on the American Airlines portal, you can redeem Alaska points on flights ‘operated under Alaska Airlines.’


    How to transfer American Airlines Miles to Qatar?

    You can book Qatar flights through your American miles points, but there is a catch. Booking these flights is not possible through the Qatar website. To book the flight, you first need to find them, and the flights in question will be found through another partner airline ‘British Airways.’

    • Visit the ‘British Airways’ portal, and look for flights through Award Tickets.
    • When you find a flight with the availability of an Award for Qatar flights, you call American Airlines.
    • American Airlines will complete the booking for you.


    This is somewhat a little tedious but will reduce the flight price significantly.

    How to transfer American Airlines Miles to JetBlue?

    Similar to the partnership with Alaska Airlines, you are allowed to redeem the AAdvantage points on your JetBlue flights and True Blue points on American Airlines. The method is always similar. When you visit the website and search for your flight, when you come across a flight that allows you to redeem points on another, you will see the ‘operated under American Airlines’ or ‘operated under JetBlue Airlines’ title written under the flight details. You just need to select the ‘Redeem Points’ option when you make the payment.

    When it comes to point transfer, this provision is not applicable. American Airlines allows you to redeem points when you book, but if you wish to transfer points to another airline, convert them, and then use the cumulative points, that is yet to happen.

    For recent information and updates, get in touch with the respective American Airlines customer service. The representatives have the recent updates and can guide you through complex steps.

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