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United Airlines Seat Upgrade And Seat Selection

United Airlines is known for its fancy travel policies because of which no passenger can resist making flight reservations. Also other than the reasonable flight fares, there are other perks of traveling with United Airlines. And one of those perks is that you can pick your own flight seats in the United Airlines.

Picking own flight seats in the United Airlines

Traveling on own chosen flight seat is everyone’ desire and you can travel comfortably on the seats you pick for yourself with more space and comfort. And United Air gives accessibility to all the passengers to reserve the seats on which they travel. To find out how do I choose my seat on united airlines, you follow the below given steps.

Steps to reserve seats on United Airlines

1.Reserving seats is quite an easy process, and to select the seats, you can go to the website.

2.Now enter all your flight details such as name, booking number, the number of the flight passengers and then tap on the option of search flights.

3.Now mention if you are making one way flight trip or two way flight booking and then proceed ahead.

4.In case you have signed up for the mileage program then enter the username and then the mileage plus number and press enter option.

5.Moving on, select if you want a window seat or the seat and then select the link of ‘continue to choose seats’

6.Now the seat map will appear from where you can pick your own seats and then if there are any charges on the flight seat then pay and confirm the changes.

7.Cross check all the flight details and then make the payment and you would be done.

Upgrading flight seat in United Airlines

Other than choosing the flight seat, you can even upgrade your flight seat on the flight from lower class to travel with all the luxuries. To know How to upgrade seat on United Airlines, you can visit the airline website and proceed ahead. To upgrade the flight seat, there are two alternatives that you can take the help of two alternatives.

Upgrade with miles

  • If you have signed up for the mileage plus account and have enough miles then redeem them to upgrade your flight cabin.
  • For doing that, log in your mileage account and then enter all your flight details such as city, name, date etc. and then you can select your flight fare preference and pay through miles.


Fight upgrade at the airport

Sometimes people often make the plan of upgrading the flight seat right before the flight departure, and in that case you can try to update the flight seat on airport. To upgrade the flight seat, go on the counter of airline on the airport and try to find out if there is any possibility of the flight upgrade.

And hence with this, you can upgrade the flight seat on the United Airlines. In case of any doubt, you can contact the United Airlines Manage my booking.

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