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Spirit Airlines is one of the top-notch airline's carriers which are highly popular for providing the cheap flight tickets and best in class traveling comforts. But that’s not true because there is a big twist behind the airfare offered by the Spirit airlines on their official website. Well, there is a way of getting cheap airfare tickets which is the only possible when you do it at the airport.

Spirit Airlines tickets are cheaper when you purchase directly at the airport

Yes!! Buying Spirit airlines tickets manually at the airport is very affordable and cheaper as compared to online booking. As per some s researches, purchasing your ticket directly at the airport saves about the $19 per trip.

Whenever you book your Spirit airlines flight online, then the price of your ticket includes with lots of different charges that take your ticket price at a high price. In these charges included government fees, flight price, service tax and many other handling charges which are also called passenger usage charge that might be priced up to $18 on per trip. This charge only foisted when you book your flight ticket online through your phone or the official Spirit airlines website. Because the passenger usage fee is considered as a fee and there is no right Spirit airlines does to pay the 7.5% federal excise tax on it.

How to avoid unwanted charges when booking?

If you want to avoid the extra booking fee, then you can book your flight tickets directly at the airport. Suppose you are booking a ticket for four people for a round trip, then it means your total saving is over $150. Spirit airlines also charge form their passengers to choose a seat, add baggage or adding any additional service in their trip. It is also suggested you pay your bags as soon as possible because Spirit airlines charge more when you check-in at the gate.

What is the best time to buy Spirit airlines tickets?

Actually, there is no specific time to buy Spirit airlines ticket but you can book your flight ticket at least 2 weeks in advance because festival seasons and other holidays take the ticket price at a high level. You can also book your flights on Tuesday and Friday when Spirit airlines update their airfares and also provide some amazing deals on the selected routes. You can also contact the Spirit airlines customer service to obtain the best flight booking deals.

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