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Is There Any Baggage Size Restriction On Lufthansa Airlines While Check-In?

Many times the passengers who are traveling with the Lufthansa airlines sometimes feel the need to carry an extra bag with them because of the size restriction put by the Lufthansa airlines. So basically, the size of the baggage allowed to be carried usually depends on the class of tickets. Baggage size or size restrictions typically vary with the ticket of the passenger.

  • If its Economy class: 23 kg per 50 lbs.
  • In Business: 2 x 32 kg per70 lbs.
  • In Premium Economy: 2 x 23 kg per 50 lbs.
  • If its First Class: 3 x 32 kg/ 70 lbs.


In general, the baggage that is allowed should be measured up to 158 cm/ 62 inches in total includes length, height, and width. A Lufthansa airline always restricts the bag that exceeds 32per 70lbs kg in weight due to health and safety reasons for the passengers. It is seen that in domestic airlines, while Lufthansa airlines check-in baggage size restricts to a single dimension with 62 linear inches in total. But maybe in an International airline, it may vary somehow, but in Lufthansa, the 62-inch size is worldwide use.

How Much Does Lufthansa Charges For Extra Baggage On International Flights?

Economy Class (in EUR/USD/CAD)

  • Routes within Europe 50/ 57
  • North Africa, Central Asia, and countries on the eastern Mediterranean coast 75/ 86
  • Short intercontinental routes 100/ 115
  • Medium intercontinental routes 120/138
  • Long intercontinental routes 150/172/180
  • Routes to/from Japan 100/150/150


Premium Economy Class(in EUR/USD/CAD)

  • Routes within Europe 100/114
  • North Africa, Central Asia, and countries on the eastern Mediterranean coast 150/ 172
  • Short intercontinental routes 200/ 230
  • Medium intercontinental routes 240/276/360
  • Long intercontinental routes 300/345/450
  • Routes to/from Japan 300/450/450 


Business Class And First class( IN EUR/USD/CAD)

From Routes within Europe50/ 57 and North Africa, Central Asia, and countries on the eastern Mediterranean coast75/86, for Lufthansa extra baggage fees international flights Long intercontinental routes 150/173/225, Routes to/from Japan 200/300/300

Does Lufthansa provide Baggage Allowance?

Usually, it is seen that Lufthansa provides the allowance of the one bag with size restriction to be allowed to carry with the passengers that the passenger can carry with them Lufthansa hand baggage allowance, without any additional fee to be charged for that allowance because they believe that less the baggage is more comfortable the journey will be. But the allowance may vary from the class of tickets.

  • Economy class- 1item that the passenger can carry on that is the baggage should be up to 8 kg.
  • Premium economy class- 1item that the passenger can carry on the baggage should be 8 kg.
  • Business class- 2items that the passenger can carry on that is the baggage should be up to 8 kg.
  • First class - 2items that the passenger can carry on that is the baggage should be up to 8 kg.


How Much Does Lufthansa Charge for Baggage?

The amount charged by the Lufthansa airlines for the baggage usually depends on the class of ticket it belongs to. If the passenger wants to know how much the Lufthansa charge for baggage, they can see the below-mentioned information.

  • For the First checked bag, the amount is $30 for size upto 62inches in total that included
  • For Second checked bag the amount is $45 for size up to 62inches in total.
  • For the Third checked bag, the amount is $150+ for size upto 62 inches in total.
  • For the Fourth(+) checked bag, the amount is $200+ for size upto62 inches in total.


Baggage Allowance Policy on Lufthansa International Flights

Several passengers carry a lot of luggage while traveling, which the airlines do not allow. Lufthansa Airlines is one of the big airlines in terms of facilities they provide to their passenger while traveling and at the airport. Sure, passengers have several queries related to their weight and size of baggage. So if you have the complete information regarding this them, it is excellent, but if you want to know about them, you need to read below.

How Many Bags are Allowed on Lufthansa International Flight?

  • Many passengers have this query because the bags that passengers can carry will depend upon their seat type and class of the cabin. 
  • So if you are traveling in economy class, you can take one bag with a weight of not more than 25 kg. 
  • If you booked the ticket in the business class, then the weight of your luggage is not more than 30 kg, and you can take two bags. 
  • If your flight ticket is premium class or first class, then you can carry not more than three bags, and their weight is not more than 32 kg each. 


Does Lufthansa Allow 2 Checked Bags?

Lufthansa airlines allowed their passenger to take 2 checked bags only if they purchased the ticket of business class, premium class. If the passenger is traveling through miles, they can also carry two bags, but if the passenger is booked the flight economy class, they cannot carry two bags.

Is Lufthansa Strict with Baggage? 

Lufthansa is not strict with their baggage or luggage policy, but they are very straightforward. If your luggage is excess overweight, you need to charge an additional luggage fee. According to their policies, your luggage is in the proper size to fit in the flight compartment.

Lufthansa Baggage Policy

Baggage policy is so important because it will give the information to passengers about how much luggage they can carry and if they want to take additional luggage then what amount they need to pay. Often passengers do not have complete information about the baggage policy of Lufthansa airlines; they can read the below statements to know the complete information. 

According to Lufthansa's baggage policy, the weight of your luggage will depend upon the route of the flight, bookings class, and membership status. 

For Economy Class

A standard checked bag is not more than 158/63 in size and 70 lb to 32 lb. If the weight is exceeded and you still want to travel, you will have to pay additional charges.

You can also take one carry-on bag, which will be no more than 55x40x23.

For Business Class

You can carry two bags, and the size of each bag will be 70lb or 32 kg

The size carry-on bag will be 57x54x15; if the size is more extensive, then the passenger will need to pay fees

For Premium Class

If passengers book the premium class ticket, they can carry three bags, and their weight is between 70lb or 33 kg.

Carryon bag size is 57x54x15, which will allow Lufthansa airlines to take in the flight.

How much is extra checked baggage on Lufthansa

  • If you are going domestic and you booked a flight in economy class, then you will have to pay an amount between $70 to $85
  • If you plan to take any long route, you need to pay an amount between $275 to $300. 


With the help of the statements mentioned above, you can solve the queries like How many bags are allowed on Lufthansa international flights. Still, if you face any difficulty, you can contact the official representative of Lufthansa airlines. They will help you and provide you with the solutions to your query. You can contact them at any time as they are available 24 hours.

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