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Norwegian Lost Baggage Compensation

Norwegian Airlines offers top-class services at a reasonable price. Suppose you have booked a ticket with the airline for your journey and lost the baggage in the middle. The airline takes full responsibility for your luggage if anything happens to your bag during the travel. You can read this article to inform yourself about Norwegian Airlines Lost Baggage policies and compensation rules.

Norwegian Airlines takes complete care of your luggage. They try their best to return your bag in the same condition they received from you. However, if anything happens to your bag, like lost or damaged. Travelers can apply for the Norwegian Airlines Lost Baggage Compensation, and they will compensate you with money. Read the points below for the compensation amount in different cases.

  • The Airline will compensate you with approximately 1288 SDR in the local currency for causing any destruction or damage or if they lost your luggage on the airline.
  • The Airline is not responsible for paying any amount to the passenger for any damage caused by travelers on the airline to their handbag.
  • The passengers are entitled to higher compensation after paying an 800 (NOK) supplementary charge. They will get compensation in the amount of 2576 SDR.


How To Report Norwegian Airlines Lost Baggage?

The passengers traveling with the airline lost their baggage while traveling with the airline. The Airline has a lost and found team that collects all the missing items of the passengers with them. A passenger is supposed to contact them for their missing bag. This team will identify your luggage and return it to you. To apply for the lost luggage, follow the process below.

  • Visit the official page of Norwegian Airlines.
  • Move the cursor to contact us and click on it.
  • Find the Lost and Found option on the screen and click to get a baggage form.
  • Complete the form with your booking details, personal details, and contact information.
  • Share the information about your baggage in the comment box to help them identify your bag.
  • Attach the documents, like original receipts, that you will need to claim your luggage.
  • Provide them with an address where they will drop off your luggage and submit the form.
  • The Airline will contact you soon and help you get your bag back.


Note: Make sure to claim your baggage within 21 days of your luggage being made available.

What is the number of Lost and Found in Norwegian?

Sometimes it happens that a passenger may leave their luggage at the airport or they may be unable to get their bag on time. They may be late to reach somewhere, forcing them to leave the baggage for the moment with the airline, or they may lose their bag while traveling with them. If you had to suffer any of the cases discussed here, you could claim to the Lost and Found team of the airline. They keep all the luggage that a passenger may leave behind. There are numerous ways to contact them. A phone is one of them to get personalized support.

Follow the process below to claim your bag on the call. 

  • Dial their baggage claim phone number at +47 21 49 00 15 and join their Lost and Found team.
  • Share the bag details with their representative and discuss your concern further.
  • If your luggage is damaged, ask for compensation.
  • They may ask you to share your account details for the compensation. Provide the details and wait.
  • The Airline will process the baggage or the amount to your shared details. 


Note: The passengers are advised to make them call during their working hours between 9:00 to 16:00 from Monday to Friday. On weekends they open at 10:00 am and close their service at 4:00 pm.

What are the Items Restricted by Norwegian Airlines?

There are some items that are prohibited from bringing on the airline. If you bring such items to the airport, you must leave them behind. Otherwise, the airline will stop from boarding the plane. It is to make sure the safety of the passengers. Here is the list of Norwegian Air Baggage Restrictions items. 

  • People are not allied to take sharp objects and items specifically designed for chopping, i.e., knives, nail cutters, axes, etc. 
  • If you bring any device capable of serious injury to others, like Guns, firearms, toy guns, etc. You will have to submit it to the airline to board.
  • An item that can immobilize others, such as a device for shocking, stun guns, tasers, or animal killers, etc, is to be left behind at the airport to board the flight.


Norwegian Air Baggage Policy

Norwegian Airlines is the most popular airline for making flight reservations among travelers. The airline is a Norway-based, low-cost airline that focuses on providing elite-class in-flight services to passengers. People who have made a flight reservation with Norwegian Air for the first time might want to know about the Norwegian Air Baggage Policy. So, they can carry the baggage per the limits prescribed by the airlines. However, if the customers face baggage-related queries, they can contact the customer support team and ask about the issues. The staff of the airlines is highly trained and professional in providing help to the customers. 

Mention the Norwegian Airline Baggage Policy

The Customers can know about hand baggage, delayed baggage, and Norwegian Air checked Baggage Allowance by reading the points mentioned here below:

  • For the hand baggage: Passengers with all booking classes can carry one handbag for free. They will have to keep it under or in front of the seat. The airlines allow two pieces of handbags along with priority boarding. The size and dimensions of the handbag prescribed by the airlines are 30 * 20 * 38 cm for one under-seat bag, and for one overhead cabin bag, the limits are 55 * 40 * 23cm. The overweight combined weight must be 10 kg. 
  • For the checked baggage: The ticket for which you have made the reservation will determine the checked baggage. The airlines will charge no extra amount for the bag if it is within the limits. The dimensions and sizes prescribed by the airlines must be more than 32 kg or less than 2 kg. The overall combined weight of the baggage must weigh at most 74 kg. The weight limits for the baggage must be 250 * 79 * 112 cm. 
  • If the passenger adds the baggage at least 4 hours before the departure, the airline will provide a 50% discount. 
  • The passengers must not carry restricted and illegal items while going to the airport or boarding the flight. 
  • There will be a specific Norwegian Air overhead Baggage Fee charged by the airlines in case of excess weight. 
  • For the sports equipment and musical instruments, the customer needs to pay an extra amount for the baggage. 
  • If the size exceeds the limits, there will be extra fees, which you can pay online or by cash at the airport during check-in. 


What are the Fees for Norwegian Airline Baggage?

The Norwegian Airline Baggage Fee will vary as per the weight of the bags and as per the destination. You can read the required details related to fees mentioned here below: 

  • If you have made the reservation for the direct flights, you will have to pay $50 to the airline for extra baggage. 
  • If you have booked the connecting flights, the airline's baggage fees will be $100. 
  • As per Norwegian Airlines' policy, if you keep the two baggage items, the airline will charge $16 per kg from the passenger. 
  • You can calculate the baggage fees from the airline's website and make the payment accordingly. 


How to contact the agent by using the Phone number?

People might have queries related to airline services or other baggage issues, and then they can contact the agent by using the Norwegian Airlines Phone Number. You need to dial +1 (800) 357-4159 after listening to the IVR instructions and choosing an accurate number for the issue. The response will be provided soon.

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