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How to make Porter Airlines Reservations?

Porter Airlines is a regional airline based in Canada and established in 2006. You can book flights in Porter Airlines and fly anywhere in Canada at reasonable price. But if you are traveling for the first time then you can check the basic information related to the airlines and bookings. 

Partner Airlines with the Porter Airlines 

The best part of the Porter Airlines is that while making Porter Airlines online reservations, you can also look through seats in its partner airlines. Porter Airlines partners up with a lot new airlines with which you can get fly to more destinations other than the cities Porter Airlines flies to.

1.Jet Blue Airlines

2.EL AL Israel Airlines 

3.Iceland Air

4.Qatar Airways 

Booking process in the Porter Airlines

If you wish to book flights in the airline then you can take up any one method to confirm the seats. To find out about the details, tap below. 

Online Booking Process

1. To book flights online, open the official website and tap on the booking section.

2. Under the booking section, select flights section and fill up all the flight details.

3. Pick anyone destination where you want to go and from where. Now also pick the dates of traveling and select if you want to make one way flight or two way flights. 

4. Now select the mode of flight payment from the cash, card or miles. If you have signed up for the miles account then you can redeem your award points to book flights.

5. Now mention how many people are traveling including kids and adults.

Offline Booking 

You can also call up on the helpline number of the airline and request the airline to book flights. You can also visit the ticket counter and make reservations.

Airlines fleet 

If you are thinking of booking flights in Porter Air, then have options of choosing flight from the Porter Airlines Fleet that travels up to 23 local destinations within Canada.

Baggage Policy 

1. While traveling in the flight, a passenger has to be very careful regarding the luggage he is carrying. The number of bags and weight of the entire luggage totally depends on the type of ticket and seat you have chosen.

2. Like if you have made reservations in the basic economy then you can take only personal item in the flight and rest all of it has to be carried through check in.

3. And if you travel in business class then you can take two items along in the flight. The weight of the bags allowed in the flight should not exceed more than 9 kgs.

Seating options in the cabin

Every airline gives its passengers an option of picking their own seats and so does the Porter Airlines. Now if you wish to book flights in Porter Air, then you can pick your seats. There is no middle seat in the Porter Air and you can pick your seats from premium, classic and premium plus seats.

Porter Airlines Child policy for travelling 

A lot of passengers travel along with their kids and hence even you can carry an infant with you. According to the Porter airlines Infants and Child policy, infants accompanying should not be more than 2 years of age. However you can carry the infant on your lap and have to produce the baby’s birth certificate at the check in counter before boarding the flight.

Porter Airlines Pet policy 

Passengers can even carry their pets in the airline with the help of pet policy. However according to the rules, you can only carry small kittens or pups along with you. And you have to inform at least 12 hours before the flight departs.

Contacting the customer care team or social media 

Along with so many service and passengers travelling by the Porter Airlines, it’s quite obvious that people will face a lot of issue. And if passengers face issue in their reservation then they can contact the airline for resolving the doubts. And for that you can contact their customer support team. The support team is available 24x7 for fixing the issues. You can call them anytime or mail your issue on the support id. You can also follow them on social media platforms for all kinds of latest updates and deals.

What is the cancellation policy of Porter Airlines?

The general rules for cancelling a flight with Porter Airlines are as discussed below:

  • According to the flight cancellation policy of Porter Airlines a passenger is permitted to cancel a booking within 24 hours from actual purchase without any penalty
  • When a passenger applies for a flight cancellation after crossing 24 hour time limit, then they are charged with extra fee
  • Porter Airlines doesn’t allow the cancellation of flights that are booked with the voucher or points provided by them


What is the refund policy of Porter Airlines?

The rules that are available under the Porter Airlines Refund Policy are explained in the points from below:

  • Refund policy of Porter Airlines determined the conditions for receiving back the money after a ticket cancellation with them
  • Flights that are cancelled by the passengers within 24 hours are eligible for full refund
  • Freedom fare tickets can be cancelled for a full refund by passenger up to 1 hour from departure
  • Flights that are booked under Standard or flexible fare are non-refundable                            


How much cancellation fee is charged by Porter Airlines?

The basic details about the Porter Airlines Cancellation Fees, is discussed in the below points:

  • Porter Airlines charges 25 dollars as cancellation fee when passengers cancel a standard fare ticket outside the 45 days from scheduled departure while others are free
  • Fees is 50 dollars for cancelling a flexible ticket within 45 days, while the fee is 100 dollars for cancelling standard ticket in same time


What is the Porter Airlines cancellation policy update for COVID?

Recent updates for the Porter Airlines Cancellation Policy COVID are as enlisted below:

  • Porter Airlines has updated the flight cancellation policy in favor of passengers due to the Coronavirus pandemic
  • Porter Airlines is suggesting the passengers to wait up to 48 hours before cancelling a flight with them as the penalty you have to pay might get cancelled later
  • Porter Airlines waiver policy is changing depending on the dynamically changing conditions of COVID outbreak
  • All the flights are cancelled by the Porter Airlines up to 29 July and they are suggesting the passengers to make future plan for it


Moreover, you can directly connect to the Porter Airlines customer care portal for knowing all the recent updates for the flight cancellation with them that changing due to COVID-19.


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