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    Flight cancellations are indeed scary and frustrating depending under what circumstances they happens. However, sometimes you just need to cancel your flight no matter how important is your travel plans. When it comes to the cancellation policy of Ryanair, the Dublin-based airline is quite good with its flight cancellations and providing what’s best for the passengers under such unavoidable situations.

    If you have booked your flight tickets with Ryanair and now due to any reason you wish to cancel them then here’s what you need to know about the Ryanair cancellation policy.

    Ryanair Risk-Free Cancellation Policy

    Usually, every airline follows the 24-hours risk free cancellation policy; however, Ryanair is one of the exceptions that do not follow such policy. The airline only allows you to cancel its flight within 1 month prior to your scheduled departure for free. In addition, you will not even receive refund for your Ryanair cancellation.

    Ryanair Flight Cancellation Fee

    Whether you cancel your flight within 24 hour prior to your flight departure or you want your money refunded, you’ll need to pay the Ryanair Booking Cancellation Fees that varies $19-$22 depending on the routes and your flight fare type. Moreover, all the Ryanair flight fares are non-refundable but you can still claim compensation for your canceled flight.

    How To Claim Compensation On Ryanair

     Ryanair does provide compensation for your cancelled flight due to any personal reasons. In addition, if your flight has been delayed or cancelled from the airline’s end then you are entitled for the compensation depending on the kilometers covered by your flight. Here’s how.

    • If your flight has covered less than 1500 KM then the compensation value will go up to $277
    • If the Ryanair flight has covered 1500-3500 KM then the compensation value will go up to $442

    You can apply for the compensation by contacting the reservation center of Ryanair or by visiting its office al website. The customer service experts and on-screen instructions will assist your through the compensation process easily.

    How To Cancel Flight Online On Ryanair

    In case, if you don’t know how to make online flight cancellations on Ryanair then here’s what you can do.

    • Navigate to the official website of Ryanair in your web browser
    • Scroll to the My Booking tab on the top-right and then you can use the following ways to find your bookings  

    o   Google or Facebook account

    o   Reservation Number & your email address

    • Get access to your account and then  select the booking that you wish to cancel
    • Now, scroll to the bottom of cancellation page and then select the Cancel option to make your cancelation
    • Go through the  customer consent page and then Proceed to the passenger identification web page
    • Now, you can submit a document to support your health issues if you are cancelling your Ryanair  flight due to illness
    • Next, review your cancellations and then move on to the refund page
    • Submit the cancellation & refund request and wait for the confirmation

    How To Track Flight Cancellation On Ryanair

    The following steps will keep you updated with your flight cancellations or delays on Ryanair.

    • Head over to the official homepage of Ryanair in your web browser
    • Get access to your account and then select the booking foe which you want to know the status
    • Follow the further on-screen instructions to get updates

    Refund Policy of Ryanair: Important Guidelines

    The following are the important guidelines from the Ryanair cancellation refund policy that you need to know.

    • Ryanair do not provide any refund for its cancelled flight within 24 hours prior to their respective scheduled departures
    • A cancellation fee of $19-$22 is applicable for acquiring refund on the flight cancelled within a month prior to the scheduled departure

     Furthermore, contact customer services to get any other information on Ryanair cancellation policy & other policies.

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