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When you talk about the cost of flight cancellation, you need to consider two scenarios. First is when you cancel your ticket within the 24 hours risk-free period, and second when you cancel your ticket after this period.

If a passenger manages to cancel their flight within 24-hours of confirming a South African Airways reservation, they pay $0 as a fee. Essentially, every ticket, irrespective of its type, will yield a complete refund when canceled in the risk-free period.

In case the passenger cancels the ticket after the rik free period is over, they would have to pay around 10% of the total ticket fare. This % will change based on the ticket type. So if you booked a Premium class ticket, you can expect to pay very little compared to an Economy class ticket.

South African Airways Flight Change And Everything To Know About It

Going through a flight cancellation is not an easy thing. People plan in advance, sometimes months in advance, but when life throws unexpected obstacles, you have no choice but to cancel your flight. 

But if passengers were allowed to cancel their flights anytime for free, chaos would ensue, and ultimately no flight would make enough to keep the airlines functioning. This is why airlines hold different cancellation policies and charge fees from passengers to keep the airline functional.

South African Airways follow the very same approach, keep reading to know what you can expect from such cancellations and everything else related to it.

How do I change my flight on South African Airways?

Life is unexpected, and you might find yourself in a situation where you have no option but to change your flight details. If that's the case, the following steps can help you carry out the process independently. Like most well-known airlines, South African Airways has handed down the power of flight detail modification to the passengers as well. If you want to do it on your own;

  • Open the official South African Airways website. 
  • The manage your booking tile is located on the home screen; click this and fill in the flight details. Fill the details to retrieve the flight whose details you wish to modify. 
  • Once on the flight detail page, select the change/modify button. 
  • Now select the parameters you wish to change. 
  • Net confirm the modifications and pay the fare difference to finalize the changes.


If you feel you are not confident enough to do it yourself, then ask for help through customer support. You can access the support through various channels available in the website's help section.  

If you book through a travel agent, connect with that agency or agent and ask for modification.

South African Airways Change Policy

The airline works around the following policies to ensure that passengers have a smooth and quick flight modification experience. 

  • Passengers can change their flight details for free under the 24-hours risk-free cancellation. Under this, simply cancel the flight and reserve a new ticket for the same price without paying any cancellation fee. 
  • Passengers might need to pay an amount of $10 after the risk-free period is over. As per the ticket details, this price can increase and decrease around this value.
  • Passengers are allowed to make changes up to 72 hours before departure. Afterward, the airline will not allow you to make any changes. 
  • Passengers can't change the origin and destination at the time of modification. They can only upgrade their seat, and in doing so, they would have to pay the upgrade fee.
  • The number of stops and the stoppages should remain the same.


How can I change my South African flight date for free?

If you are a passenger who wishes to make changes to their tickets for free, you should use the 24-hours risk-free period. You can both cancel and modify your ticket under this period for free.

Another is the use of discounts or miles points to reduce the cost of rebooking. If you have enough points, you can get a free date change.

You can connect with the South African Airways support team for further clarification. They work 24/7 and will give you a concise and easy-to-follow solution. You can even ask them to complete your procedure for you.

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