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    Facts you should know about Southwest Flight Change Policy for the Same Day

    Based in Dallas, Texas, Southwest Airlines is an American airline that is known for carrying the most domestic passengers of any airline of the United States. The airline provides the customers with multiple packages and in-flight services that attract the customers to book their seats in the airline. It also makes travel easier for passengers.

    Besides, for the A-List and A-List Preferred Members, the airline provides Southwest same day flight change policy that turns out to be another reason for this airline being the most preferred among all other airlines. However, if you are not familiar with this policy, we are providing with complete details about this service.

    Same-day flight change policy of Southwest Airlines

    • As per the policy of Southwest airlines, the passengers can make changes to their reservations on the same day of the departure of the flight.
    • The changes should be made at least 2 hours before the departure scheduled.
    • There can be a chance that the service might not be available for all types of reservations. So, you are recommended to contact the Southwest Airlines Manage Booking center.


    For Southwest same day flight change, the passengers can also request for the cancelation compensation. The airline can be directly contacted for the required information.

    Making the same day flight changes in Southwest Airlines:

    For the same day flight change, the passenger has to visit the official website and choose the manage booking option. The booking can be retrieved and one can make the changes to the booking. The customer care can also be contacted for the required assistance.

    The passengers are requested to see a customer service agent at the airport for this policy and benefit as southwest does not provide free same day stand-by. These are only endowed free to A-List and A-List Preferred Members who travel prior to the original scheduled departure, on the original date of travel, between the same city or where the seats are available. If the qualification is not met, then the passenger has to pay Southwest same day flight change fee if the seat is available. If A-list preferred member has to travel on a Multiple-Passenger reservation, then free same day standby will not be given for the non-A-List or non-A-List Preferred Members in same reservation.

    So, the passenger can change the flight same day.

    How to do Southwest Airlines Same-day Flight Change?

    Follow the below steps in order do Southwest airlines same day flight change without any hassle

    • First step is to launch the browser and go online and log in into the account of southwest and then click on the sign in option located in the home-page
    • Then enter the ID and password , once user is logged in then they can easily select the option of change  or cancel flight
    • User need to then enter the conformation number with the last name and then press the change flight option.
    • Search for the flight that are in the reservation section and check the boxes on which you need to change the flight and then press on proceed
    • Once this is done user need to then select the option of select new flight and press continue
    • When you select the flight then you will be asked the pay the fare difference
    • After the payment, user will receive a new reservation ticket form Southwest airline


    These were the ways which user change easily change the flight in the same day, if there is any more information is needed on Southwest Change Flight Refund, then contact the customer care number or dial they toll-free number.

    For How Long am I able to Change a Flight with Southwest Airlines?

    The very unpredicted coronavirus outbreak has made a lot of people change their tickets, Southwest Airlines is one of the best airlines that offers the most flexible flight change policy and cancellation policy. The reason for the flexibility in these policies is not just the coronavirus, these were in place for a long time now. No passengers ever figure out the reason behind the flexibility that Southwest Airlines provides to its customers. If you want to cancel a Southwest Airline flight, the customers are never entitled to pay a penny in the name of Cancellation fee, irrespective of the fare type. This feature makes it one of the most preferred airline in the United States. Similar are the rules for changing a flight with Southwest Airline. It is quite simple to modify the reservation and that too online without visiting the airport to make the changes done.

    How to change a flight with cash or points

    The process of flight change with Southwest Airlines is completely free. The below information provides with all the information with respect to How late can you change a Southwest flight. Continue reading ahead in order to get the information. This is not just a policy that has been  put in place due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, but their mainstream objective is to offer customer-friendly policy that you always have if you are planning to fly with Southwest Airlines. According to the southwest flight change policy, while a customer is making a change in his itinerary in any possible way, if in case the flight is less expensive, you’ll receive a difference in the fare. If you have already paid a bigger amount for the flight reservation, the difference should be given in a Travel Fund credit or if you have already used the points, they’ll go straight back into the associated account with Southwest Airlines. 

    This also brings its customers to the point that if the flight goes down in price, you’ll receive a southwest change flight policy wanna get away credit to your points back. You should also re-price your flights, that is, you can get into cash as many times as you like between making the flight and your actual travel dates. This can be done online and typically just takes a minute or two. Or the same process can be done by visiting the Southwest airport.

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