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How To Fly With Southwest Airlines During Covid-19

Although Covid-19 pandemic have shaken the world as well as the aviation industry, passenger now has started booking their flight tickets, and flying to their destinations as the lockdown guidelines are getting flexible. However, almost every airline has changed its travel guidelines seating system and has made various types of changes in their services to cooperate with the new Covid-19 travel policies & norms as well as to protect their passengers from the pandemic.

Now, when it comes to Southwest Airlines, the airline has always ensured the best and safe travel for its passengers. Besides the airline has also made some serious changes into its boarding, seating and other facilities. So, if you are also looking for making your reservation plans with the airline, and wish to know about the Southwest Airlines Seating During Covid-19, then read this post further.

How Southwest Airlines Lets You Fly In Its Flights During Covid-19 Pandemic

The following are the major changes that Southwest Airlines has made in its boarding, seating and other facilities.


  • The airline does not let you make a pre-seat selection on your Southwest Airlines ReservationsHowever, you may choose your preferred seat at the time of boarding on Southwest Airlines.
  • Southwest Airlines only allows its boarding in groups of 10 as to maintain the physical-distancing norms and that too on only one side of the boarding poles.
  • However, there are no changes made for family boarding but it is recommended to the passengers that they should maintain the personal space with other passengers during boarding on their Southwest flights.
  • Moreover, you can make your boarding position upgrades by paying the minimal fee starting from $30.
  • Passengers are required to check their temperature and confirm that they are not suffering from fever and showing any other symptoms associated with Covid-19, otherwise, they’ll be denied from their Southwest boarding. Besides, in such a situation, concerned passengers are requested to stay at home or in the 14-days quarantine.
  • Asymptomatic customers are allowed to travel on Southwest Airlines but they are also required to wear a face-covering over their nose and mouth while their travel.



Following are the major changes that you can find on Southwest Airlines Seating During Covid-19.

  • Southwest Airlines has capped the middle set in its flight cabin until October 31 to provide better personal space to its passengers.
  • Customers can pick their seat—if you’re travelling together, you’re welcome to sit together.
  • If multiple travellers are travelling together on Southwest, then they can pick their seats and sit together on Southwest Airlines.


Southwest Airlines Flight Facilities during Covid-19

  • Passengers are required to bring their own devices all charged up while Flying Southwest Airlines During COVID-19, plus if they are flying in the Wi-Fi-equipped planes, then they can purchase the onboard internet services for $8
  • Moreover, Southwest Airlines has temporarily suspended its in-flight services and the meals services are provided for up to 250 miles on selected flights.


Moreover, if you wish to know more about the changes that Southwest Airlines has made in its travel policies, features, and other services, then contact its customer services. The professional representatives will surely help you with your Southwest Airlines reservations during COVID-19

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