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Spirit Airlines Seat Reservation Fee

Explore beautiful places by availing the alluring facilities offered by Spirit Airlines:

Spirit Airlines is one of the most popular airlines that help passengers to explore exotic and beautiful places all over the world. The airlines are American ultra-low-cost carrier airlines that offer greats services to its passengers for traveling to distant places. This well-known airline is the eighth largest commercial airline in North America. It operates scheduled flights throughout the United States and in Caribbean, Mexico, Latin America, and South America. Spirit Airlines operates bases at Atlantic City, Chicago–O'Hare, Dallas/Fort Worth, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and Las Vegas.

Spirit Airlines Charge For Seat Assignment

With a fleet size of 122, Spirit Airlines allow a number of passengers to travel to distant places all over the world. The airlines maintain scheduled services to 67 destinations 67 spread all over the world. The airlines offer services that help the passenger. The headquarters of Spirit Airlines is headquartered at Miramar in Florida, U.S.

Know more about the process of changing the seat with Spirit Airlines and the charges levied for the same:

With the advent of the new policy of ticket reservation, Spirit Airlines now charges its passengers for making an online seat selection. The passengers may pay to assign and select their seats in advance for traveling to their desired destination. Information on Spirit to charge for seat assignments of the tickets booked by the passengers is provided here. For doing this, the user needs to follow the steps listed below:

  • The passenger needs to sign in to the website of Spirit Airlines.
  • After doing this, the passenger needs to click on the manage the booking of the flight tickets.
  • After entering the booking reference id along with the last name, the passenger may continue with the booking of the flight tickets.
  • The traveler may select the option to book seats assign option.
  • The passenger will be charged if they wish to change the seats with which the passengers wish to travel.
  • Finally, the passenger may choose and select a new flight for traveling to their desired destination.


The passengers opting for a seat change will have to submit a fee. All information about the Spirit Airlines seat reservation fee can be availed by visiting the website of Spirit Airlines or by talking to the executives. These are some of the ways by which the passengers may get their seats changed. They need to contact the executives of Spirit Airlines Customer Service for getting the issues resolved in case they are facing any problems while changing the seat.

Know How Can I Avoid Paying for Flight Seats on Spirit? 

Not only the passengers but also the airlines understand and try to offer tickets at a cheaper price, and unlike other airlines, Spirit offers the same. It allows passengers to avoid paying for seats, so their journey becomes cost-efficient. So, below are the different ways by which you can avoid paying for seats, have a look:

  • Reserve your ticket at the airport- If you buy a flight ticket by visiting an airport, you will not be asked to pay for a seat on Spirit. 
  • Avoid reserving seats in advance- If you book your seats in advance, the airlines will impose certain charges, but if you skip choosing your seats at the time of booking, seats will be assigned by the airlines by default.


What Happens if you don't Pay for Seats on Spirit?

There are instances when passengers while making their reservation with Spirit, end up choosing their seats the very moment, and they are charged a cost by the airlines. So, read out the below-mentioned point that will create a precise scenario in your mind, and have a look at the facts:

  • While booking your flight ticket with Spirit, if you avoid paying any cost to purchase a seat, the airlines will naturally provide you with random seats. 
  • These random seats do not give assurance that you will have your seat with your family or friends. ( Can be Considered to be a Passengers Disadvantage)


How Much Does Spirit Charge To Pick Your Seats?

Unlike other airlines, Spirit allows passengers to pick seats at a meager cost, and you can choose your seats at any time before the departure of your flight. So, read the following points that will give you a brief picture of how much you have to incur to pick your seats on Spirit. Have a look: 

  • Seat assignments begin from $5 in Spirit, and this price may vary from route to route and from time to time (as prescribed by the airlines.)
  • If you choose Big Front Seats, you may incur around $40-$50. (depends on flight route and destination.)
  • If you want your seat near the Emergency exit rows, it may cost you around $20-$30
  • And for the seat situated in the middle of the flight may cost you around $12-$18. (price range may vary from route to route. So, make sure to be updated.)


Does Spirit Refund Seat Fees?

Suppose while making your reservation with Spirit, you have paid for choosing a seat, but later you decide to request a refund for the amount you paid for a seat, but wonder whether the airlines offer to refund their seat fees. So, read out the following points that are written and will give you a brief image about the same:

  • There is a concern among passengers about getting a refund of seat fees from the airlines, though the airline does not provide a refundable offer. So, it is advisable not to choose your seats while making a reservation to avoid any extra fare. 
  • In case you feel in doubt, you have an opportunity to get in touch with the airlines on their phone number 1-855-728-3555, and you will be offered a resolution to all of your different queries. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Spirit Charge to Pick Your Seats?

Suppose you are willing to pick your seats on Spirit and you are wondering about the charges imposed; have a look at the points to have a brief idea about the costs imposed by the airline:

As far as the policy is concerned, all seats on Spirit Airlines begin from $5, and then it can go up to $60.

The price range may vary from time to time, so make sure to get connected to the airline's customer executive, who will provide you with updated seat prices.

How Does Spirit Randomly Assign Seats?

One must be aware that the airline assigns you a seat randomly, and to get the answer about this, you are suggested to look at the points mentioned below; please give a look:

Spirit Airlines assigns you a random seat when you will be checking in at the airport.

Assigning seats typically commences by the airline from the back and moves forward.

Secondly, there are times when passengers forget to choose their seats with them, and the airline randomly assigns them a seat.

How To Get A Good Seat on Spirit for Free?

There are some secrets to getting a good seat on Spirit at no cost, and for that, you are suggested to look at some secret points; have a look:

  • Early check-in- You are suggested to check in early from the departure or when the seat assignment map is visible on its official website.
  • Arrive and book- You can also get your seat reserved at the airport, and also it will be offered for free.
  • Allow the airline to assign- If the airline gives you a seat on its own, no charges are imposed, and you will be assigned a random seat. However, the airline does not assure you it will provide you with a seat near your friends or family.

How to Avoid Spirit Airlines Fees and Charges?

There are numerous ways by which you can save your bucks on choosing your preferred seats with Spirit. So, for your assistance, below are the different techniques; please look at:

  • You are always recommended not to reserve your flight seats in advance, and this will help you in saving any fees or charges imposed by the airline.
  • The seat price becomes almost negligible when the airline assigns you a seat.
  • As far as Spirit Airlines' seat election policy is concerned, you can choose your seat for free before departure, except for some seats that are paid for.
  • If you want more clarification on this, you can reach out to the airline to inquire about the prices, service, and other queries related to the same.

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