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We all love to travel through a medium which is faster, reliable and secure. What’s serves the purpose better than Airlines. Airlines are one of the best media of transportation which allows us to connect with our key destination in time efficient manner. Apart from that, it helps in reaching million tons of cargo from one part of the world into another playing a key role in the modern economy. There are various types of airlines serving different passenger needs. Some airlines functions within a region are termed as regional airlines while some travel to the International destination is termed as International airlines. Each one of us prefers the airlines depending upon one’s use. But the role of regional airlines in connecting with various key locations is quite important. One such major regional airline which helps in connecting with various parts of the American region is Spirit Airlines.

Can you change the person on a plane ticket spirit?

Spirit airlines are one of the major regional airlines connecting with major tier 3 and tier 4 cities of America.  The airlines are quite popular among the passenger in those cities, mainly due to the kind of service whether in terms of reasonable ticket pricing, customer service as well as passenger seating availability and so forth. There are various other benefits too, which are provided by the airlines in terms of baggage facilities, catering services as well as seating arrangement and so forth. It takes special care of the old age, pensioners, Retired military official as well as students by providing extra rebates in the cost of ticket pricing. As usually traveling with any airlines, the customer does face certain issue while traveling through it, one of the complex problem faced by the passenger is Spirit Airlines transfer ticket to another person. A user can take the assistance from the customer service or follow these simple procedures:

1. First of all, the user needs to go to the spirit Airlines websites.

2. Then click on the Travel Info at the top of the bar.

3. The further user needs to click on the Modify or cancel a reservation button.

4. Enter your ticket details and then click on Enter.

5. Spirit Airlines does provide the facility to change the ticket name to some other person and individual (1805-372-0680).

6. In order to change the ticket name, the user must take into consideration that they are eligible to name change prior to 7 days departure of the flight ticket.

7. In case, if the person name is similar and having a spelling issue then they can directly contact their customer representatives.

8. If there is a legal name change, then directly talk to their representatives by calling at the phone number.


The passenger needs to notify the concerned authority in case of name change either through the email service or through the phone number.

In case of any further help or information regarding Modify or cancel a spirit airlines reservation then the user needs to directly call at the Reservation center or at the Spirit Airlines Manage Booking, which can be easily founded by going to the Their customer care representatives will make sure that all your customer grievances are noted down properly and an immediate solution will be provided to you in no time. They work 24*7/365 days in order to make sure that their customer issue will be resolved properly.

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