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What is the delayed flight compensation policy of Sun Country Airlines and how to claim it?

Is your Sun Country flight got delayed due to some reasons? Well, a flight delay can happen at any time, and both the airlines as well as the passengers cannot do anything about it. A flight delay is never good as it creates a lot of panic and distress for the passengers and the airlines have its reasons for a flight delay that cannot be neglected by them. But at the same time, airlines like Sun Country do all the necessary things to compensate passengers for the trouble they have to face due to a flight delay. In fact, Sun Country Airlines maintains a separate flight delay compensation policy to hold the trust of passengers. More precise details about the Sun country delayed flight compensation rules and how to claim it all the necessary things are discussed below.

What are the rules for flight compensation on Sun Country Airlines?

Although, Sun Country Airlines cannot do anything about a flight delay that might happen because of some situation that was not in control. However, Sun Country Airlines offer a very fair opportunity to provide compensation to the passengers who are troubled due to a flight delay. Hence if you want to discover the rules stated under Sun Country Airlines Flight Compensation go through the points from below:

According to the delayed flight rules under EC 261, a passenger is entitled to receive between 250-600 Euros from the Sun Country Airlines depending on the distance

Sun Country Airlines is obliged to pay the compensation when flight is delayed due to technical error or any other operational difficulty

Sun Country has to provide the full compensation as per thru les for a delayed flight to the passengers when it fails to send them a notice regarding the same within stipulated time limit

Sun Country Airlines has to provide this financial compensation to the passengers when the flight is delayed up to 3 or more hours than scheduled timing

Additionally, the Sun Country Airlines passengers whose flight is delayed are also eligible to get free food and refreshment

In case the flight is delayed for a longer period then the Sun Country Airlines is obliged to arrange accommodation for them too

How to claim delayed flight compensation on Sun Country Airlines?

Now you know that, Sun Country Airlines handles the passengers whose flight go delayed in a very gentle manner by compensating them for the same. However, if you are still wondering that how do I claim compensation from Sun Country Airlines, collect the right details about the same from below:

  • A passenger whose flight is delayed for more than 3 hours can claim for the monetary compensation by filling the flight compensation form on its website
  • Or Sun Country Airlines passengers who are eligible for a compensation after flight is delayed can directly call them for claiming the financial compensation
  • Passengers who are claiming for delayed flight on Sun Country Airlines must provide all the necessary detail correctly as after a successful verification only they get the compensation amount from them


What is the expected delayed flight compensation amount?

Delayed flight compensation amount that a passenger can expect to get from the Sun Country Airlines depends on the distance they are travelling for. Hence, the expected delayed flight compensation list as per the distance is as given below

250 euros on all flight running for a distance below 1500 km

400 euros for the flight running internally covering distance above 1500 km

400 euros for the flights running non-internally for a distance between 1500-3500 km

600 euros for flight running non-internally and covering a distance over 3500 km

Hence, all the necessary details about the rules determined by Sun Country Airlines for compensating passengers in a delayed flight situation are discussed above. Apart from that, If you are unable to understand one or more thing about the delayed flight policy of the airlines, then you can connect to its customer care center to know more details from a representative handling the queries.

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