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Swiss International Air Lines AG commonly known or referred to as SWISS or Swiss Air Lines is the flag carrier of Switzerland. It was founded in 18th November 1978 as 'Crossair' and in 31st March 2002 as 'Swiss International Airlines.' It operates scheduled services in Europe and to North America, South America, Africa, and Asia, Zurich Airport serves as its sole hub and Geneva Airport as a major city. It was formed following the bankruptcy in 2002 of Swissair, Switzerland's then flag carrier. The new one was built around what had been Swissair's regional subsidiary.

The different policies for Swiss Airlines for its flight cancellations or compensations for delayed or canceled flight are being set to that the business runs smoothly.

Swiss Air Flights Canceled-

In the case that your air flights get canceled, you can follow the procedure in the following way -  

  • Whether it be a delay or cancellation, you'll be entitled to a compensation.
  • The compensation amount is up to six hundred euros.
  • The process of claiming the compensation can be hectic.
  • Sometime, the airline will refuse to pay as well.


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How to Claim for Swiss Air Flight Delay Compensation?

But in such a scenario, you can get a hassle-free claim with the help of following methods-

To check whether or not you are eligible for a compensation on Swiss air flights cancelled today, you can check in the following ways-

  • Go to the official website of ClaimFlights.
  • Go to the page of Flight Delay Compensation under EU law.
  • In the section of 'Check whether or not you're eligible.'
  • You'll have to input the flight number and flight date.
  • You can check for free, whether or not you are eligible for the compensation.


In the case of Swiss air flight delay compensation, you can check whether or not you are applicable for the refund and thus you can initiate a refund in the above mentioned ways.

Under the law, in both flights getting canceled and flights getting delayed you'll be provided with a compensation.

Entitled To Compensation for Swiss Air Flight Delayed 

In the scenario of Swiss air flight delay compensation, you'll need to keep in mind the following things.


⦁          Whether you arrived at the destination later than three hours.

⦁          The departure or the arrival airport belong to any of the EU member states.

⦁          It was not due to any extraordinary circumstances.


The amount that you can claim for Swiss Air Lines flights delays-

 Length of Delay - Three plus hours, Route Distance - less than fifteen hundred kms, claim amount will be two hundred fifty euros.

 Length of Delay - Three plus hours, Route Distance - between fifteen hundred and thirty-five hundred kms, claim amount will be four hundred euros.

 Length of Delay - Four plus hours, and EU borders were crossed, Route Distance - more than thirty-five hundred kms, claim amount will be six hundred euros.


The amount might vary or get reduced by fifty percent i.e. three hundred euros, for the distance over thirty five hundred kms and when EU borders were not crossed.

Swiss Flight Cancellation Compensation -

In the case where you wish to claim the compensation for flight cancelled, follow these steps -  

The amount to claim for canceled flight is between a hundred and twenty-five euros and six hundred euros, and you are entitled to that if it is canceled without prior notice of at least fourteen days.

1. The length of delay.

2. The Route distance.


After this, you have two options to choose from - 


⦁ You can apply for a refund.

⦁ You can ask for an alternative flight as well.


These are the ways through which Swiss Flight Cancellation Compensation can be claimed.

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