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How Do I Contact Tulsa International Airport?

Tulsa International Airport provides an efficient global getaway for business and leisure travelers and operates domestic or International flights. Tulsa International Airport originally started as a civil-military Airport in Tulsa County, Oklahoma. Passengers who want to know How to contact Tulsa International Airport can contact Tulsa International Airport Customer service via Email, Live Chat, customer service number, and Contact form or by visiting the Airport office. You can contact customer service regarding Airport-related services such as public transportation facilities, Rental Cars, Parking, and Restaurant services at TIA and hotels near Tulsa Airport. Customers have to follow them to connect with the customer service of Tulsa International Airport:

  • Dial customer service number 918-838-5000 to speak with the representative.
  • You need to follow a small IVR Process while getting connected.
  • It will take 2-3 minutes to get your call associated with the Customer Service representative.
  • Share the query with details so that customer service will provide the proper guidance.


Passengers can visit the Tulsa International Airport office regarding Airport-related services. To speak to the live person at Tulsa international airport phone number Contact. To contact Airport Customer service, you should have essential information.

  • Tulsa International Airport office Address: 7777 Airport Drive, Suite A-211, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74115.
  • Tulsa International Airport office Phone Number: 918-838-5000
  • Tulsa International Airport Email Address:


Is Tulsa International Airport Open 24 Hours?

Tulsa International Airport is open 24 hours, but the baggage drop and check- In facility may vary according to the scheduled flights. If passengers have a Layover flight, they can stay at Tulsa Airport. It provides several facilities to its layover passengers, such as Free wifi, ATMs, Business centers, Baggage Carts, Duty-free shopping, an Information desk, and luggage storage and locker.

  • Tulsa International Airport provides free wi-fi service inside the Airport. The passenger must provide a valid email address and first and last name to use the Free wi-fi Service.
  • If passengers have a layover flight, Airline provides Baggage storage and locker for the passengers.
  • Twenty-four-hour dine-In facilities are available at Tulsa International Airport.
  • The Airlines offer public transportation facilities, nearby hotels, and accommodation facilities for layover passengers.
  • If you have a 6-7 hours layover and don’t want to stay in a hotel, passengers can rent a car through Tulsa International Airport and explore nearby places.
  • For Rental Cars, passengers must have a National or International Driving License in Physical Form.
  • The Airport is open for 24 hours, and passengers can sleep and stay there overnight.
  • Passengers looking for a parking facility at the AirportAirport can contact Tulsa International Airport customer service regarding parking and booking the parking slot.
  • The Airport also has Valet parking for International Business Class Passengers.
  • It also provides hourly parking.


How Early Should I Get to Tulsa International Airport?

Passengers with Domestic Flights reach the Airport 90 minutes before Scheduled Departure Flight. International Flight Passengers must have reached the Airport 2 hours before the scheduled Flight Departure as the check-In process takes time due to long queues for both domestic and international flights. Baggage drop also takes time to reach the Airport 2-3 hours before the scheduled Departure Flight.

What is the Tulsa Baggage Claim Number?

Passengers can contact customer service numbers for Baggage claims. Dial 918-838-5000 to speak with the Tulsa Airport customer service representative regarding the baggage claim. You can either apply for baggage claim via an online portal. Passengers must visit the official website of Tulsa Airport and click the contact us option. Select the contact form through which you can apply for baggage claim. They will provide you with updates or proper guidance within 24 hours. It’s an easy and quick process that any passenger can use anytime.

Passengers with any customs or cargo-related query can contact the Tulsa International Airport customs office at 918-832-4130. Customers who want to arrange clearance at the business can call on the same number to speak with the customs office representative.

What do Airlines fly into Tulsa International Airport?

Tulsa International Airport handles different airline operations daily. Airlines flying into Tulsa International Airport are Allegiant Air, American Airlines, Breeze, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines. Passengers can check Non-stop Flight routes according to the travel plans on the official website of the Tulsa International Airport.

What Time Does the Tulsa Airport Ticket Counter Open?

There are many passengers that travel via Tulsa airport daily. If you are also preparing a trip and your flight is supposed to take off from Tulsa airport, and you are worried about the ticket counter opening time, then you must know though the airline terminals are open 24/7, the ticket counters operating time depends upon the airline you have a flight booking with. Usually, the ticket counters at Tulsa airport start operating 90 minutes before the scheduled departure of the first flight of the day. Hence it is essential that travelers refer to their airlines to know the exact ticket counter opening time. 

Does Tulsa Airport have a Cell Phone Lot?

Yes, if you are planning to reach Tulsa airport to receive your friends and you are worried about the cell phone lot facility at the airport, then you must be relaxed as the airport provides the facility of a parking lot for the visitors waiting for their passengers.

How To Contact the Tulsa Airport Lost and Found Department?

There are many customers who wish to approach the lost and found section of the airport to report their lost property. If you have also lost an item during your trip and want to contact Tulsa Airport lost and found, Then you must know that if your belongings are lost somewhere at security check, then you must contact TSA: (918) 779-6403. The lost and found department of Tulsa airport is located in room number B218. You can also approach the department by calling the number: (918) 838-5333. Travelers must also note that if their luggage is lost at a parking area, then information can be obtained by using: (918) 838-5470. The lost and found department operates from 8 am to 4.30 pm. 

What is Tulsa Baggage Claim Number?

When travelers reach the airport's lost and found department to report their lost property, they are usually handled a claim number to track the status of their item. You can also find the baggage claim number when you file a report online using the following points:

  • Go to the official Tulsa airport website.
  • Navigate to the contact page.
  • Tap on the claim form link and press the start button to load the form. 
  • Enter your name and email to continue.
  • Fill in the information on the online form and press the submit button. You must also mention the bag-tag number.
  • Once your request is registered, you will receive a claim number at your email address. 


How Many Terminals Does Tulsa Airport Have?

If your flight is scheduled from Tulsa airport and you are wondering how many terminals the airport has, then you must know that the airport has one main terminal. You can find the following services at its terminal:

  • Ticket counters
  • Military lounge
  • Waiting and children's play areas
  • Lost and found department
  • Conference rooms


How Many Airlines Fly from Tulsa?

If you wish to know how any airlines flights fly from Tulsa, then there are mainly six air carrier that provides flights from Tulsa airport, namely:

  • Allegiant airlines: Whose flights operate from Gate numbers A3 and B5. 
  • American Airlines: The flights use A5, A7, A9, and A10 for their operation. You can reach the ticket counter of the airline that operates from Monday - Friday from 3:30 am - 6:15 pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 4 am - 6:15 pm.
  • Breeze Airways: B9 is used by Breeze Airways flights at Tulsa airport. 
  • Delta airlines: Delta uses A4 and A6 for flight arrivals and departures.
  • Southwest airlines: Southwest flights are scheduled from the B1, B3, and B5 gates of Tulsa airport.
  • United airlines: United uses B4, B6, B8, and B10. 


The above-mentioned airlines provide flights to multiple destinations at different times. 

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