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    Change your Name on the United Airlines Flight Ticket

    Have you booked a flight with an incorrect name? In United Airlines, you have the option to correct a misspelt name. The changes to a name in the confirmed itinerary is done according to the name change policy of United Airlines. In this airline, you are allowed to make several changes and the name change option is one of them. For more info on the name change and its policy in United Airlines, you can refer to the details of this article. 

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    The Policy of Name Change in United Airlines

    After the confirmation of the booking, if you find that your name is spelt incorrectly, you need to modify it. This is possible only according to the name change policy of United Airlines. Here are some conditions for United Airlines change name on the ticket, which does not require any supporting documents:

    • Correct the spelling of passenger's first name
    • Correct the spelling of passenger's last name
    • Change the name to a nickname or vice-versa
    • Make changes to prefix or title or correct it.
    • Edit a middle or initial name
    • Correct the inverted first and last name of the passengers


    If you have to modify your itinerary as per any of these conditions, you can do it online without providing any documents for the same.

    Significant name changes on United Airlines

    Other than the above-mentioned situations, some times you need to provide the legal or supporting documents for the name change procedure. The conditions are as follows:

    • Divorce decree
    • Marriage license
    • Legal name change document
    • Government-issued identification which reflects both former and current names.


    Request a Name Change on United Airlines Ticket

    If you don't have any clue about how do I change my name on United Airlines, and you want to request a name change, you can proceed as follows:

    • You can browse your Mileage Plus account through passenger profile and then make all the mandatory changes.
    • For the significant name change, you can upload the supporting document.


    Flight Change in United Airlines

    If you want to modify any other info on your itinerary, you can make the changes as follows:

    • Go to the United Airlines official website.
    • On the homepage, under My Trips tab, you can access your itinerary.
    • Provide with your confirmation number and the last name provided on the e-ticket.
    • With all the correct details, you will be able to access the itinerary on your screen.
    • Now, you can make any allowed changes to modify your existing info.
    • Some changes might involve the change fee also. So, before saving the updates, you need to pay the fees.
    • The change fee is calculated according to United Airlines fare rules and includes various factors for calculating the fees. 
    • Once the changes are done, you can save it, and the updated itinerary will be sent on your email.


    With all these steps, you can easily modify your itinerary online, and without much effort. Once you are done, you will get assistance according to the updated booking.

    For further info on United Airline change flight fee, you can get in touch with the United Airlines manage booking. The contact details are provided under the contact section of the United Airlines online live chat. All the support option and support services are available 24x7 to assist you for any of the queries or issues.

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