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Make Travel Affordable with United Price Drop Feature!

Traveling to a foreign land is considered to be an expensive affair. Also, it is not hidden that sometimes traveling may also dig a hole in the pocket. And passengers always search for such fare which is affordable and suits the pocket. But after wasting a lot of time on research if you have landed with the lowest possible fare with United Airlines then you shall not get puzzled and book the flight. However, if you discover that the fare in which you are traveling has dropped with the price just before check-in and do not want to lose the opportunity then you may act accordingly. And, to know how to avail the chance of United Airlines ticket price drop then you can refer to the article further.

Look at the Refund Policy When Flight Ticket Price Drops by United Airlines!  

So, you think that you have hit a treasure by getting to know about the ticket price drop of your fare just before your travel? Then you have guessed that right. To make use of this offer you need to be sure that if the prices are dropped on the same travel dates, the same flight timings, same class and then apply for the refund. But before applying for the refund, you need to check the United price drop refund policy and that is stated below. 

Knowing About United Price Drop Refund Policy!

  1. If you notice that the price drop happened within 30 days of booking the ticket then you can contact United Airlines for the refund credit. 
  2. But United Airlines does not allow any changes after 24 hours for the basic economy class. 
  3. Also, United Airline might ask for $50 as a processing fee for the price drop within 30 days. However, if it has been more than 30 days then passengers will be required to pay $200 for domestic and $400 for international processing fees. 
  4. Further, the price drop amount is applicable for any kind of fare or ticket whether refundable or non-refundable. 


So, after knowing about the policy, you may take further steps to and apply for the refund during price drop. Now, if you want to know how to apply for the refund then you can refer to the steps mentioned further. 

Know-How to Claim United Airlines Price Drop!

  1. You can make a phone call on the toll-free helpline number of United airlines reservations. 
  2. And when you get the response from the opposite end you can ask that you are here to claim for United price drop refund policy.
  3. You can wait for a few minutes as your information might be reviewed. And then you will be asked for the best possible resolution.
  4. If you are eligible then they will be refunded the difference back to your account or as a travel credit depending upon the amount of refund.
  5. In case, you are not eligible then you will not be able to use this opportunity.


So, with the help of the above steps and information, passengers can easily make their travel affordable with United Airlines. However, this price drop feature is not known officially hence you might face some difficulties in claiming it.

Contacting United Airlines Customer Support! 

The passengers further are always welcomed to get in contact with United Airlines manage booking. This customer support is 24/7 active and gives all-round assistance to those who require saving their time and money.

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