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Nobody hates discounts, especially on a flight booking. American Airlines should be your first choice if you are looking for a comfortable journey with high-quality services and great discounts. There are several ways to avail of a deal at American Airlines, and the AAdvantage card is one of them, and there are several other benefits too. Some of the crucial points are mentioned below for your help.

  • You earn One Mile by spending USD 1 on a flight journey at American Airlines.
  • You earn Double Miles on American Airlines products and services purchased, paying at restaurants and gas stations.
  • You earn bonus miles for balance transfers, cash advances, checks that is linked to your credit card account, etc. The amount will reflect within 8-10 after you meet the purchase requirements.
  • You also earn one loyalty point per eligible AAdvantage mile.
  • You also save 25% on eligible inflight purchases of foods and beverages.
  • You also get your first checked bag for free.
  • You also get a flat USD125 discount on flight booking after you spend USD 20000 or more in purchases.


Does the AAdvantage Card Give You Lounge Access?

Yes, you can access the American Airlines airport lounges with a Citi AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard. It is the only American Airlines credit card that gives you access to the airport lounges. If you don’t have the card and are enrolled in an American Airlines AAdvantage membership, you can use your Miles and Loyalty points to purchase a pass to get lounge access.

Does an American Airlines credit card give you priority boarding? 

One of the benefits of the American Airlines Credit Card is that it provides you priority boarding if you are traveling with American Airlines, American Eagle, and AmericanConnection carrier-operated and marketed flights. 

How can I redeem my AAdvantage Platinum Select miles? 

You can redeem your AAdvantage Platinum select Miles in a number of ways, as you can upgrade your flight, purchase lounge access, purchase In-flight services, etc., in the ways mentioned below.

Online through the website:

You can conveniently redeem your AAdvantage Platinum select miles online to book a flight eligible to be secured using the reward points. To use the points, replicate the basic set of steps described below.

  • Open the website
  • Click the Booking option at the top of the website.
  • Enter your Arrival and destination point, travel date, and travel class, and search for the award flights you want to book.
  • Pick a flight of your choice and proceed to the payments page.
  • Make the payment using the AAdvantage Platinum Select Miles, and if the booking amount is more than the Miles in your account, you can pay the remaining amount online.
  • Your flight gets booked, and you will receive an endorsement email confirming the same.


By calling a representative:

You can also redeem your AAdvantage Platinum select miles by upgrading your flight by calling a representative. Dial the American Airlines customer care number 800-433-7300 and choose to speak to a representative. Share your booking details with the representative so that they can provide you with the upgrade options using the Miles. Pick one of them at your convenience and pay using the miles. If the price to upgrade is more than the miles in your account, you can pay the remaining amount using IVR mode.

Visiting the American Airlines booking counter:

You can also redeem your AAdvantage Platinum select miles at the airport to book a flight. But first, you have to convert your miles into a coupon code. Visit the American Airlines booking counter at the nearest airport and share your itinerary with the representative to get the flight options eligible for booking using the miles. Select a flight at your convenience and make the payment using the coupon code you have generated. You can also look for any last-minute deal to save more.

How much is the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select Card annual fee?

The Annual charge for Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select Card is USD 99. You need not pay any costs for using the card in the first year. Also, there is no charge or fees for foreign transactions. The AAdvantage card carries an Annual percentage charge of 20.99% to 29.99%.

Hence, the abovementioned ways can help you to learn about the benefits of American Airlines AAdvantage cards. However, if you require more help or have any other query, call them at 800-433-7300 and talk to a representative individually to resolve it.

Gather Crucial Detail Regarding American Airlines Credit Card Benefits

American Airlines provides extraordinary benefits of the Credit Cards issued by CTI or Barclays that you get in partnership with US-based airlines. You can choose the best flights for the reservation using the benefits of the credit card that you earn with the airline. Using these credit cards mentioned below, you can save frequent flyers hundreds of dollars, AAdvantage miles and parks for checked baggage, and get 25% back for inflight purchases while traveling with a U.S.-based airline.

Citi / AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard:

You will turn your expenses into benefits when you choose the World Elite Mastercard and start your journey with 50,000 Bonus Miles just only after spending $5000 within the first three months of opening an account. If you wish to know the further details for this Credit Card, get the information for excellent benefits in the details below.

  • You will get the travel benefits of 25% saving on food and beverage. You will get global acceptance and enhance security with EMV chip technology.
  • Get the mileage benefits and find 1 mile for every $1 spent on a purchase that has no limit to purchase.
  • You will get additional benefits like checking the summary of the last three-month transaction, getting 24x7 personal business assistance, and earning more miles.
  • Get partner benefits like E-shopping, SmiplyMiles, Redeem Miles, Advantage dining, etc. 


Citi/Business / AAdvantage Platinum Select Mastercard:

You will explore the fantastic Citi/business Advantage Platinum Credit card benefits for business and adventure. You get American Airline's advantage bonus miles of around 65000 Bonus miles after spending $4000 in purchases within the first four months of opening your account. It Annual fee is $99, which is waived for the first 12 months. You get more benefits, as pointed out below.

  • Get the travel benefit for first checked free on a Domestic flight, and it is available for up to 4 travel companions on the same booking.
  • Get a quick boarding pass, save 25% on in-flight Wi-Fi purchases and food, and earn the companion certification on AA for domestic flights after spending $30000 or more.
  • Get the Mileage benefits and earn 2 miles for every $1 spent on cable and satellite, eligible airline, car on rent, etc.
  • You can also expect the additional benefits of more miles with purchases, 24x7 personal business, and saving money that increases daily on the booking.


American Airlines AAdvantage MileUP:

When you get an excellent credit score and don’t want to pay any annual fee, you may select the American Airlines AAdvantage MileUp. It enables you to earn 10,000 Bonus miles and receive a $50 statement after $500 in purchases after opening your account within three months. Get some other benefits you can expect with this credit card, especially. 

  • You will earn around 2 miles for every $1 spent at the grocery store, 25% on in-flight food and beverage savings.
  • You will get the complete facility for using the miles and get help for unauthorized users to earn miles on their purchases.
  • Get the loyalty program for the one eligible mile you use during a flight booking and get more benefits.


American Airlines AAdvantage Aviator Red Credit Card:

You can expect the AAdvantage Aviator Red Credit Card that you can use to compare the cards and find more details. It is good to use, and you need to pay $99 as an annual fee after spending $2000 on purchases and earn 60 000 bonus miles within the first 90 days. Get more details in the points below.

  • You can expect the same facility of using 2 miles for every dollar spent on eligible purchases of $1 on all purchases.
  • You will get a 25% back statement credit on inflight WI-FI purchases every anniversary. 
  • You may earn the companion certificate for one guest at $99 and spend $20000 on purchase, and your account will open for 45 days.
  • You will receive the preferred boarding pass and check one bag free if you have a companion membership and traveling on a domestic flight.
  • You can expect a high reward rate after opening your account, spending a determined amount once, and get more benefits.


American Airlines AAdvantage Aviator Business Credit Card:

It is the perfect credit card for earning 50000 miles after spending $4000 in the first 90 days. You can earn bonus miles after spending $10000 in the first 12 months. You can expect similar benefits as explained above and get the companion certificate for one guest at $99 issued each year after your account when you spend $30000 or more eligible to purchase and avoid foreign fees altogether.

How can you transfer Amex Points to American Airlines?

Amex points can be highly valuable with booking a flight to travel. If you want to transfer the points to American Airlines, you will not be able to do so. However, the points can be used in other ways, and you can get the best out of it. You can find the details below on the ways it can be utilized, which can help you save money and effort. You can book an American Airlines flight with the partner airlines like JetBlue Airlines or Etihad Airways to get the best out of the American Express earned points.

As you cannot transfer Amex Points to American Airlines, you can take advantage of the points to book award flights with the airline partners that allow a flight booking using the Amex points. You can make a flight reservation with American Airlines through other partner airlines easily. The process is easy, and you need to select the partner, which will be American Airlines, then insert the number of points you need to transfer. You can finish the transaction by confirming your request. You can go through the information below to get step-by-step guidance.

  • Sign in to your American Express account online.
  • Get to the page "Membership rewards."
  • Click the redemption option "Transfer points."
  • You will get a set of instructions that have to be followed to complete the process of transferring the Amex points to a partner airline.
  • Then make a reservation for an American Airlines flight with the partner airline and redeem the Amex points.


Which Partner Airline will Allow You to Book Flights with American Airlines?

As the Amex points can only be transferred to JetBlue, and it is partnered with American Airlines, you can transfer the points to make the booking for American Airlines.

You may be able to transfer the points to Etihad Airways and then make a flight booking to redeem them.

How much are Amex points worth on American Airlines?

Amex points worth can range between 0.5 cents a piece to 1.5 cents a piece, depending on the way it is used and the type of card you have.

How To Book American Airlines Flights With Amex Rewards Points?

You can book American Airlines flights with Amex reward points by following the steps below. 

  • You have to transfer the reward points to the partner airlines through which you plan to book a flight with American Airlines.
  • Then look for the award space and determine the redemption price.
  • If you do not have an account with a specific airline, you must make one.
  • Link the Amex membership account with the airline's account.
  • Call the airline to learn how many points you may need and complete the booking with the airline representative over the phone.


How To Earn American Airlines Amex Points?

You can earn Amex points on American Airlines by booking with partner airlines and using Amex for reservations. Once the points have accumulated, they can be used to book with American Airlines.

How much are 100000 Amex points worth?

100000 Amex points can be worth up to 650 dollars. However, it may depend on the type of card you have and where you spend it. You will be able to get the best value if the points are used for travel. To get the most out of the points, you can use it as often as possible so that it is utilized before the value of the points goes down significantly.

The information above will help you use Amex points with American Airlines flight booking. If you require any other help, visit the official website or call the American Airlines customer care number.

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