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What Credit Score Do You Need For A United Explorer Credit Card?

United credit card allows you to get the reward and miles on your next journey with various facilities on the flight. When you apply for a united airlines credit card, you must have a credit score to get the credit card. Therefore as per united airlines, you need to have a credit score of 670 or above for the top united cards. You can find all the credit cards on the website of united airlines from which you can apply.

How Long Does It Take To Get A United Card?

Once you apply for a credit card, most of the customers are always looking for the time when they get the card. Therefore, in that case, united will issue the credit card within seven to ten working days and notify you on your registered email id. If you do not get the credit card within 20 days at your mail, you can contact the united airline' customer service and speak with the representative regarding your issues. To connect with the representative and interact with them, you can choose the different modes available at their contact section like call, chat, email, or social media in a short span of time. 

Can I Use My United Credit Card Right Away?

Once your credit card is approved, and you will get the confirmation message in your email; in that case, you can use the credit card instantly. To use the card to purchase the united flight services, you need to do the below steps:

  • You need to open the united airline' official website on your device to log in to your mileage account.
  • Then, you need to tap on the mileage plus login tab given at the top of the page to open the account.
  • With this, you need to log in to your account with the correct mileage plus number and password.
  • Once you open your mileage plus account, you will get all the details of your itinerary, miles, and credit card.
  • You need to book any flight of your location with correct travel dates and enter the credit card number which you have received at your mail id for the payment.
  • With this, your united flight will be booked using a credit card and earn the reward for your trip. You can also use the other services of united airlines with the e-credit card number till you receive the physical copy for future use.


How Much is a United Mile Worth?

The United mileage plus program helps you earn rewards and save your money on every next trip. Therefore you can earn the miles through a mileage account and united credit card. The value of the united mile is 1 cent each. You will earn more or less value from each mile, depending on when and how you use the miles. The united mileage plus miles for business class is 2.4 cents to redeem the available flight for the journey. You can get more information about your mileage plus miles with How do I talk to a real person at United Airlines.

How Do I Get 10000 Miles on United?

The term Miles used by United is digital points that you can get with united airlines. Customers can use these miles to achieve different perks like upgrades, flight tickets, etc. You can get these miles through different methods that are listed and explained below:-

Using Affiliated Credit Cards 

There is such time when United tie-up with many credit cardholders to distribute miles to its loyal customers.

  • You must visit their official online website to keep track of all the credit cards on which united airlines is giving miles.
  • If you make a greater number of transactions than the recommended using that particular credit card, you will get miles against each transaction.


Flying with United Airlines

You could also earn mile points while making air travel. Be a loyal customer with the airlines and fly with United airlines every time you fly. Depending upon your ticket price, you will be rewarded with miles.

Buying your miles with United

You can directly buy miles with United airlines by paying directly. At the current price list, you can get 10000 miles for around 350 US dollars. You must buy at least 2000 miles if you want to purchase miles.

Ask Your friends

  • United Airlines also gives their customers an option to receive or send miles to their friends and family.
  • You can easily do so by visiting the official website of United airlines. You can visit the official website link You can then choose from two options listed on the website.
  • Click on request miles from another member and then proceed forward and fill in your friend or family details.
  • You can then ask them to transfer 10000 miles to your United Airlines account.


United Credit Card 70000 Bonus Miles

The delta airline offers 70000 bonus miles and a statement crest of around $50 if you purchase around $2000 with the gold business American Express card within the first three months. The 70000 bonus miles are worth approx. $840 based on the online calculation of 1.2 cents per mile. 

How Much is 60000 United Miles Worth?

United Airlines miles are used for different purposes. Several facilities or perks are offered by United airlines in respect of miles. Every mile point given in your account amounts to a penny. As per various online resources, the united mileage plus miles equals 1.2 cents/per mile. Taking this equation in perspective, you can calculate your miles worth of US dollars.

You can now easily carry out the calculation:-

1.2 x 60000 = 72000 cents which is equals to $720. As explained earlier, you can use these miles for many perks offered by airlines.

How Much are 50000 United Miles Worth?

Keeping the basic calculation in mind, i:e 1.2 cents is equal to per miles, you can easily find out how much 50000 miles are worth it. So to calculate 50000 miles, you can valuate 50000 x 1.2, which will be equals to 60000 cents; hence converting it into the dollar, it will be around $ 600.So you can use these miles for any of your personal use, like transferring it to your friend, shopping, etc.

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