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If you are willing to get a cheap flight at Spirit Airlines, you can book your seats on Tuesdays. Spirit Airlines launches cheap flight deals late at night on Monday. So if you book your flight ticket early in the morning on Tuesday, you will get a significant discount.

Get Cheap Flights with Spirit Airlines!

Who doesn't like to save some money on their journey? Being the ultra-low-cost airline of America, Spirit Airlines never leaves a chance to save your money. If you have booked your flight with Spirit Airlines, you can get many deals to make your trip cheaper. Below are some common questions that customers seek answers to, Let's check the segments one by one and book your Spirit flight at a low cost.

You should avoid booking your flight on Friday nights following the weekend. As the rush is high during the weekends, Spirit Airlines increases the ticket price. Moreover, you will not get any deals while booking on weekends. That's why Tuesday is the best day to book your flight at a low price.

How Do I Get The Best Price on Spirit Airlines?

If you cannot book the flight on Tuesdays, you can still save some money by following the tips below.

  • $9 Club: Join the $9 Fare Club of Spirit Airlines to get significant discounts on your flight ticket. Depending on your journey, you will get Spirit flights at the best price.
  • Pick Odd Hours: You should always book your flight tickets in the odd hours of the day. Be it midnight or early in the morning, you can book the Spirit flight at a low price and save your money.
  • Use the official website: Always book your tickets with the official website of Spirit Airlines to see the actual price of the flights.


How To Get The Best Deal on Spirit Airlines?

Other than booking the flight at a low price, you can also grab some money-saving deals on Spirit Airlines. You can follow the tips below to get cheap deals on Spirit Airlines.

  • Spirit Airlines publishes all the best deals on the official website. Hence you should check the homepage of Spirit Airlines before booking a flight.
  • Take advantage of the $9 Fare Club to book your flight at a cheap cost grabbing the best deals.
  • Use the incognito app or private search engines to look for the best deals on Spirit Airlines.
  • Always use the Flight Deal Finder button to get the hidden deals of Spirit Airlines.
  • You should use the Promo codes or apply coupon codes to get some additional discount on your booking.


So, by following the above tips, you can get the best deals with Spirit Airlines at a cheap price. Now you can stop wondering about what day of the week is the cheapest to book Spirit flights. You can book your flight on Tuesdays to save money. Moreover, How do I speak to a live person at Spirit Airlines to contact the airline's customer support to know more tips to book a cheap flight at Spirit Airlines.

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