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Flight delays are common, but the situation is worse for the passengers who miss their upcoming flight due to the delay of the initial flight. Though Delta Airlines always makes sure it notifies ticket holders in advance of every flight delay, there are situations in which a flight delay message reaches ticket holders at the last moment. There are many travelers who suffer due to this condition and look for relevant information regarding the same. In the upcoming article, customers can get all the information about Delta Airlines' missed flight policy, terms, and conditions. Also, they can get clear information about what can be done if they ever come across this unpleasant situation. 

What Happens if My Delta Flight is Delayed and I Miss my Connection?

The best alternative travelers have if they miss their flight due to a delayed Delta flight is to rebook the ticket to their destination and claim compensation for the inconvenience caused. Flight bookings can be done online and even after reaching the airport. A description of both is given below:

Rebook Delta Ticket Online:

Online rebooking can be done if Delta Airlines has informed about the flight delay to ticket holders in advance. If customers want to utilize the online medium, then they can follow the steps described below sequentially:

  • Go to the website of Delta Airlines.
  • Click on “My Tips” from the home page.
  • Flight confirmation and passenger details must be inserted to find your ticket.
  • As you hit the red arrow key, you will discover your booking.
  • Once you cancel your ticket, you need to navigate to the booking section.
  • Insert all booking details and tap on the continue button.
  • As you click on the confirmation button, you will be taken to the payment page.
  • If any fee is to be paid, then select your preferred mode and end the process.


Contact Delta Airlines Customer Services to Rebook Tickets: 

Customer services can also be approached by the customers to rebook tickets. For this, customers can dial the phone number of Delta Airlines: 800-221-1212. They will soon hear the voice of an automated voice, who will instruct them to select their language. Post language selection, they must go through the guided instructions. Finally, when the phone is linked to a live representative, they can mention their delayed flight information and ask the representative to rebook tickets. After completing all the steps successfully and finalizing payment, they can get their booking details on their registered phone number. 

Delta Flight Delays: What Can You Do:

Flight Delays are not welcoming situations but are some time or the other experienced by travelers. There are many customers who are stuck in the situation, and they look for guidance about what can be done further. In that situation, customers can not only rebook tickets to their destinations but also claim compensation. Customers must always be aware of the terms and conditions to get benefitted. In the next section, you can expect missed flight policies of Delta Airlines. 

What is Delta's Policy on Missed Flights?

Delta has framed many important miss-flight policies that must be followed by the customers to avoid any last-minute trouble. Some quick highlights are given below:

  • Delta Airlines allows customers to rebook flights if any traveler has missed his connecting flight due to a delay in the initial reservation. Also, they are eligible to claim compensation for this scenario. 
  • There are many travelers who miss their flights due to last-minute inevitable medical conditions; in that case, they are expected to inform the about the condition to the airlines in advance so that Delta can cancel the booking and make a reservation on an alternate flight.
  • If the reason behind missing the flight is the passenger's personal concern, then Delta is not liable for compensation.
  • Some customers make flight reservations using travel vouchers and other promo codes; if such customers experience a flight miss, then they must note that Delta will not provide a refund.
  • If any senior citizen or kid is traveling alone and misses his flight, then Delta provides full facilities, including assistance and accommodation facilities. 
  • When a ticket holder misses his initial flight of round tip reservation then, Delta will cancel the entire itinerary. 


How Long Can a Delta Flight Be Delayed Before Compensation?

Delta flights must be delayed for more than at least 3 hours if any customer wishes to receive compensation. Travelers must also note that the airline will only provide a refund if they are liable for flight delays. 

How do I claim compensation for a delayed Delta flight?

Delta Airlines is committed to compensating passengers for flight delays. If they wish to claim compensation, then they can proceed with the online approach following the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the website of Delta Airlines.
  • To get compensation, it is important for customers to log into their accounts.
  • Now, they must tap on the “My trips” option.
  • Once they find their bookings using booking codes and traveler's information, they need to tap on the compensation form link.
  • As the online form loads, they are expected to fill all the mandatory fields.
  • Also, the reason for claiming compensation must be written in the message box.
  • Customers must also link copies of travel documents.
  • Finally, they must tap on the submit button.


Does Delta Airlines Charge Money for Missing A Flight?

Yes, if a passenger misses his flight due to his own reason, Delta will mark it as a “No-show,” and if any traveler wishes to rebook the ticket, then he is required to pay the flight rebooking fee. This fee might fluctuate depending upon different factors like travel class and the time at which rebooking is done. The approximate amount is $75 - $250

Will Delta Airlines cancel my flight if I miss my initial ticket?

Delta Airlines transfers your itinerary to the next available flight if you miss your initial flight, provided you reach the airport at least 2 hours before flight departure. If you do not inform about a flight miss and your reason is not valid according to the airline's policies, then your complete itinerary will be canceled if you miss your initial flight.

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