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It may so happen that at times an error creeps up on the personal details of the passengers on their booked tickets. This may also occur in their name’s spellings, and if such error is indeed present on the names mentioned on the ticket, any of the following things may happen.

  • An error in the first name and the surname has to be rectified at any cost. While one can get away with one or two alphabets mispelled for a domestic flight.
  • Those who are flying on an international trip must get every error rectified in the mispelt name or one may have to abandon the flight due to not being authorised to travel on the plane.
  • Errors in the middle name can be taken lightly since airlines don’t consider the middle name while check-ins and other security routines.


How To Fix Airline Name And Spelling Mistakes?

One can fix the spelling mistakes in their name by contacting the original source from where the ticket was bought. If this is some other vendor, then the passenger will have to contact the same vendor to get the name rectified. But if one bought the ticket from the airline itself, then the airline itself can be contacted to get the name corrected.

Via Website:

  • The official homepage of the airline must have a portal by the name of “My bookings” or “My trips” or something along these lines which can be used to amend one’s booked flight’s details.
  • Click on the said portal and search for the flight using the flight reservation details.
  • Next, wait for the ticket itinerary to be loaded on the screen, and then select “Changes” menu.
  • Under the said menu, look for the amend or edit option to edit the name.
  • Usually, an airline allows changes of upto 3 characters in the name at once, and for the first time editing, such a change is free. It would start charging for subsequent changes in the name.
  • One can then select the save option to confirm and save the changes. An email will affirm the name to be successfully changed.


Via Phone Call:

One can also call the customer care team of the airline and ask for help in rectifying the errors in the name. One should understand that this would be a paid service, and that only a limited number of characters can be changed. The contact details of the customer care team can be found out on the help and support webpage on the airlines official website.

Can You Correct A Name on an Airline Ticket? 

  • One can make a limited amount of corrections on a name on an airline ticket. 
  • However one cannot change the name completely and transfer it to a different person or so.
  • In case of a legal name change, one can call the airline's customer service and provide the legal documents that confirm the name being changed officially, like in a marriage, divorce, etc.


How do I Change my Spelling Mistake on an Airline Ticket?

One can correct any spelling mistakes on a name listed under an airline ticket by either using the “Manage Booking” portal on the airline's website, or by contacting their customer service department. In those cases where the ticket was booked from a different vendor, one would have the call the same vendor to get the names corrected.

How Much Does It Cost To Change the Name on a Plane Ticket?

  • The general price of changing a name on a plane ticket is usually anywhere between $75 to $250, and this fee depends on the flight class, route and destination. 
  • Each of the subsequent corrections would charge higher, and may also have to pay an assistance fee additionally if the customer care was asked to help. 


Furthermore, one can have free name corrections on the ticket within the 24 hours of the flight booking, in accordance with the 24 hour cushion period for a flight booking. One can call the airline’s customer care for any further inquiries and assistance required on name changes.

Seek Guidance To Correct the Name on the Airline's Ticket

Sometimes the passenger is not entirely concentrated, or they are in a hurry while filling in the flight details, and after making the confirmed reservations, they want to make the changes in the bookings. The changes that passengers can allow to make in the bookings after booking the flight are name change, flight change, date change, add luggage, etc. Most airlines allow their passenger to make changes in the name, or if they want to add a middle name, they can also do it. You need to read below to know detailed information about the name change process and policies. 

What Happens If You Forget To Put Your Middle Name on an Airline Ticket?

The passenger does not need to worry if they forgot to add a middle name while making the reservation, but they will have to show the legal documents with that name. Sometimes the passenger does not need to pay any charges, but in some cases, they will need to pay charges.

Name change policies of airlines are below mention. 

  • If the passenger makes the bookings from the airline's official website and wants to change the name within24 hours of bookings, they can do it without paying any charges. 
  • If the passenger wants to add the middle name after the free window, they pay the charges according to the days left on the boarding date. 
  • If the passenger making the changes in the name due to their marriage or divorce happens after bookings the flight, then they will not need to pay any charges. 
  • The passenger can make only a three-letter change in their name, or if they want to change the name, they will have to contact the official representative. 
  • If the passengers book the flight through any official representative of the airlines, then they will have to contact them to add the middle name. 
  • Usually, the amount that passengers need to pay is between 120USD and 150USD and will depend upon the route and destination of the airlines. 


How Do I Add A Middle Name To my Plane Ticket?

The process you need to follow is below mentioned

  • First, visit the airline's official website or open the airline's mobile application.
  • Further click on the manage bookings forms on the right side of the page.
  • Following this, you must fill out the passenger's last name and booking reference number in the available space.
  • Next, you need to open the name tab and click on the change passenger's name. After this, you need to fill out the new name or correct your name, and then you need to attach valid documents with it like id proof, and then save the changes. 
  • After this, you need to open the payment section, and you can see the option of miles, card, or other online methods. You must select the option per your preference and make the payments. 
  • Last you will receive the confirmation mail of changing the name on your registered mail id. 


Do Airline Tickets Need Your Middle Name?

Yes, if the passenger has a middle name in their official documents, which they provide while booking the flight, they will have to add the middle name during bookings. If the passenger has no middle name in their official documents, they will not need to add any middle name at the booking time. 

The above procedure will guide you on how do I add a middle name to my plane ticket. Still suppose if you have any issues, then you can also contact the official representatives of your airlines. 

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