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When the westjet loses your bag,you need to fill in the claim form then they will pay back to you for your baggage. By the way this is a very rare case because they are best known for their best services and the world class amenities. But still if you are getting any issue, you can go on with this article where you will be able to get all the relevant information which you might be looking. 

How do I claim lost baggage on Westjet?

If you need to make a lost baggage claim on Westjet from the website, you can do it very easily from the website. Moreover, this is preferred by the passengers. Because the application process is very simple. If you want to take some more help, then you can go with this article. Where you will get the whole process is to apply. 

The process is to make a claim for lost luggage on WestJet:

  • To initiate the process of claim of the lost baggage, firstly you have to go on the official website of the WestJet Airlines.
  • On the homepage of the website, you will get the option of the baggage. You need to click on it.
  • In the section of baggage. You have to click on the option of Delayed, lost or damaged baggage.
  • And there you will get the form of claim. There you need to create a claim. 
  • For creating a claim initially you have to fill in your booking details.
  • After completing all this information, you will be able to complete the process of Claim.


So, for your lost baggage make your claim here and get the best solution to get the baggage or the refund for your lost baggage. 

Westjet Lost Baggage Policy

  • The lost baggage department recommends passengers not to carry any valuable items such as cash, jewellery, passport or electronic items, glassware, contact lenses, etc.
  •  And the main instruction according to the lost luggage policy, try to avoid taking your flight with your previously damaged luggage. Otherwise, the damage will increase and the belongings will also be damaged.
  • Also use locks on your luggage that are approved by TSA. When luggage is opened for security reasons, your luggage will be safe from damage. 
  • If the luggage tag comes off, the lost and found team recommends passengers keep a note with the passenger's name and contact so it can be retrieved. 
  • If the lost luggage is not recovered within 21 days, a refund will be issued.


How much do you receive for lost baggage on Westjet?

When you make your claim to the Westjet Airlines service department. They will take some time to look for your luggage but if they do not get it after 21 days, then you can take your refund as a baggage fee and at that time you can get up to 1,288 as per Special Drawing Rights per guest/per bag which meant approximately $2,300.00 CAD in replacement value for the luggage.

So now there is no need is to be confused and assume "What happens if Westjet loses your bag". you just need to keep your stress aside and go on with the process which is detailed in this article. 

How do I get a free checked bag on WestJet?

When you have made your booking with WestJet airline at the time of boarding, you are concerned about the fee charged for the checked bag. Then don't worry, you can also take the checked baggage for free, but there are certain conditions for that. And to carry the free checked bag, look at the below-mentioned points:

  • When you have become a reward member on WestJet airlines, you can benefit from the free checked bag policy. 
  • When you accompany the checked bag policy of WestJet airlines, then you don't have to pay the charges.
  • When you have purchased the ticket, which includes the free check bag, you can also have it for free.
  • When you have the travel voucher or coupons related to the checked bag, then at WestJet, you can get a free checked bag.

Does WestJet Allow One Free Checked Bag?

Yes, WestJet allows one free checked bag, but you have to become a member of WestJet Airlines to get that. The WestJet airline has four different types of reward members, and every reward member can take one checked baggage for free, but you can also get more check bags for free such as:  

  • Primary cardholders:- when you are a member of the primary cardholders, you get only one free checked bag, and for the other three, you have to pay the charges as prescribed for its member.
  • Silver members:- but when you have the silver card of the WestJet airline, then you can take up to two checked bags for free. And when you are carrying more than that, you have to pay the bag charges.
  • Gold members:- free bag policy for the Gold and the silver cardholder are the same. Gold members also get only two free bags and pay for the rest if they carry them.
  • Platinum members:- on WestJet airlines, the premium member is the elite class, and when you belong to this category, you have to pay for the fourth bag, and the other three bags will go for free. 


How much does WestJet charge for a checked bag?

The charges WestJet takes for the checked bags depend on many things, such as the number of bags you have been carrying when you are a member of WestJet; when a member can be charged has been referred to in the above title. When you are over-sizing or overweight, you will also be charged. Here is the list of charges that you have ay fr the bag on WestJet: 

  • When you take one bag, you have to pay 40 to 47 dollars.
  • Having two checked bags, then for the send one, you will be charged around 60 to 70 dollars.
  • When you have more than two bags, it will count in the excess bag and excess bag, including your 3rd and 4th bag, and for that, you have to pay around 100 to 118 dollars.
  • When you have exceeded the prescribed weight or size, you will have to pay between 100 to 118 dollars.

How many bags are you allowed on WestJet?

When you have made your booking with the WestJet airline, you can carry two to four bags. But on the WestJet Encore, you are allowed to take only two to three bags. There are also some destinations where only a tow bag is allowed. And the places include Cuba, Jamaica, and Tobago. So, if you have more bags than the airline prescribed, you can use the cargo option to post the bag at your destination.

Hence, the article is all about the checked bag, and by referring to this, you will have all your answers related to WestJet checked bags. When you have any other queries for the checked bag, you can get the customer service of WestJet airline, and they will help you out.

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