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Many passengers prefer to book an Etihad Airways flight to travel to their destination due to their flexible cancellation and refund procedures. If you are traveling to any place using Etihad and you miss your connecting flight and are worried, then you need not worry as Etihad provides you the alternate available flight option if the delay is caused due to a reason under their control, such as servicing of the aircraft. If that does not go with your schedule, then you are eligible to receive a refund, and you can also request compensation.

How To Claim Compensation for an Etihad Flight Delay?

If your Etihad flight has been delayed due to any reason that falls under the control of the airline, then according to their rules and regulations, you can request compensation by following the straightforward Etihad Airways Flight Delay Compensation procedure mentioned below:

  • Start the procedure by visiting the official Etihad Airways. 
  • Now choose your preferred language according to your country.
  • Next, you need to login into your Etihad Airways existing account using your id and password.
  • Now from the home page, click on the option of the help section.
  • Now you will displayed various options; you need to click on the alternative of "contact us."
  • Once you reach the contact page, click on the link to the compensation form.
  • Fill out all the fields marked with stars and insert your reason for compensation in the space provided. If you have your ticket reference number and other documents, then attach them to verify your request.
  • Finally, to end the procedure, click on the submit button located at the bottom of the page.


Etihad Airways Flight Delay Compensation

  • If your Etihad flight has been delayed for 3 hours or more, then you can get a compensation of up to 700 dollars.
  • No matter where you are traveling to, if you reach your destination after the scheduled time, even if your flight takes off at the correct time, you are eligible to get compensation.
  • If a flight delay is caused due to reasons that are under the control of airlines, like a strike by airways staff or aircraft maintenance issues, then they need to pay you compensation; on the other hand, for extraordinary conditions like an air traffic control strike, they will provide compensation.


Etihad Airways Flight Cancellation Compensation

  • If you are traveling with Etihad to somewhere in Europe, then there is good news for the passengers; if your flight gets canceled at the last moment, then according to European regulations, the airline is liable to provide compensation to the customers.
  • According to Etihad rules and regulations, if your flights have been canceled, then you will be provided a seating option on the next available plane, or you can claim a refund. But if your flight gets canceled in less than 14 days of flight departure, then passengers will be provided compensation of up to $700 per individual. 
  • If they provide you with different flights at the same time, then they are not liable to provide you with compensation.
  • If your Etihad flight has been canceled due to conditions that are not under the airline's direct control, like bad climate or technical issues, then they will not provide you compensation.


How Much is Etihad Airways Flight Compensation?

According to the European Union (EU) rules and regulations, all customers, irrespective of their age, traveling with Etihad Airways whose flight has been delayed due to the airline or canceled to their destination will be treated equally for giving compensation. Compensation will be given on the following mentioned basis;

  • Up to 250 euros for all the flights traveling a distance of up to 1500 km.
  • Up to 400 euros for domestic flights over 1500 km.
  • Up to 400 euros for international flights between 1500-3500 km.
  • Up to 600 euros for non-internal flights over 3500 km.


What is the Etihad Flight Delay Compensation Policy?

Etihad has provided a set of terms and conditions to get compensation for delayed flights. Passengers can review the following points to understand Etihad's flight delay policy to get compensation. 

  • Etihad does not compensate the passengers if the flight is delayed due to unavoidable circumstances such as bad weather, political instability, and safety reasons.
  • If a passenger's flight is delayed for more than five hours and you don't want to travel anymore, you will receive compensation for the part of the journey not made at the ticket price cost.
  • Suppose your flight is delayed without any prior information. In that case, you will receive the reimbursement on the unused part of the ticket, and Etihad will provide you with rerouting to your destination at the earliest opportunity.
  • Suppose Etihad offers you rerouting on alternative flights when the flight is delayed and the arrival time of the rerouted flight does not exceed the arrival time of flight books. In that case, the compensation is reduced to 50% of the original ticket price.


How Do I Ask for Compensation for a Delayed Flight from Etihad?

If your flight is delayed and you are eligible to get compensation under the Etihad compensation policy and want to learn how do I ask for compensation for a delayed flight from Etihad, you can get the compensation on a delayed flight from Etihad in the following way.

  • Navigate through the Etihad website,
  • Look for the Help option.
  • Click on Feedback and then on share feedback.
  • Log in with your Booking number, email id, and last name.
  • When you enter the new web page, fill in the required information and finally submit the form.
  • Etihad will contact you and confirm via email upon receiving your form.
  • You will get your compensation within ten business days.


How Many Hours of Delay on an Etihad Flight are you Entitled to a Refund?

Etihad will rearrange a flight for your destination in case of a flight delay. They will refund you if you refuse the reroute flight arranged for your destination. If you are curious to learn how many hours of delay on an Etihad flight are you entitled to a refund, then you will get your answer. Flights delayed beyond five hours are entitled to get a rebate from Etihad. You will get a refund for the unused share of the ticket.

How do I use my Etihad Compensation Voucher?

You can use the compensation voucher from Etihad to book a new flight with Etihad. Passengers can get to know how do I use my Etihad compensation voucher to book their Etihad flight. You can use the following ways:

On the website: To book your new flight with Etihad on the website, please take the following steps: 

  • Visit the Etihad website.
  • Look for the Book my flight option.
  • Go to select the date of your departure flight. 
  • Choose the departure and arriving city.
  • The available flights of Etihad will appear in front of you.
  • Select your flight.
  • Proceed to make a payment.
  • In the payment section, you will get the option to use your compensation voucher. Click on it to add value to your flight.
  • The value will get applicable to your ticket price. Even after this, if the ticket price remains to pay, you can pay it with the help of your card.
  • If the compensation voucher still holds some value, you can use it next time to book your flight.


Contact customer representative: You can contact the customer representative to book your flight and use the compensation voucher to book your flight. Call the customer representative and provide your details for Etihad flight booking.

In case of overbooking, Etihad provides its passengers with Etihad Overbooking Compensation for up to 600 euros. The amount you will receive as compensation will depend on the distance of the flight, ticket price, and cabin you are traveling in.

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